Mediterranean diet for weight loss

The Mediterranean diet is a special style of food, where the national cuisine of many countries crossed. The basis of diet in this way of life should be seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as fish and seafood. In favor of the effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet with weight loss speaks for the fact that the inhabitants of this region are distinguished by excellent health and longevity, in addition, among them, it is very rare to meet obese people. How to ensure a stable weight loss, and what products should be included for this purpose in your diet, which corresponds to the principles of proper nutrition on the Mediterranean diet – this will be discussed in this article.

What is the Mediterranean diet and what does it include?

The principle of the Mediterranean diet, which allows fast correct slimming without harm to health – is the regular consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, greens and seafood. The rules of the Mediterranean diet are as follows:

  • all products included in the diet are subjected to minimal heat treatment;
  • most of the daily diet should be fresh vegetables;
  • To eat during the day should be often, but in small portions;
  • in the diet should be present seasonal greens;
  • You can only eat white lean meat, completely exclude pork;
  • pasta should be made from hard wheat varieties;
  • For dinner or dinner, it is allowed to drink no more than 2 glasses of wine;
  • dried fruits and nuts can be eaten no more often than 1 times a week;
  • in the diet must necessarily be fresh sea fish and seafood;
  • Salt should be limited, instead of using more aromatic herbs and spices;
  • during the day should drink a lot of simple still water.

The Mediterranean is a region that is rich in fruits, traditionally they drink wine and eat fish. People adhere to the simplest rules of eating, preparing simple meals from fresh products.

What foods can I eat?

The nutrition pyramid developed by nutritionists with a Mediterranean diet that provides weight loss looks like this:

  • The lower basis of the Mediterranean diet is: vegetables, fruits, cereals, beans, olive oil, herbs, herbs, spices;
  • The second stage of the pyramid consists of: fresh fish and seafood;
  • third stage: Cheeses, yoghurts, eggs, white poultry meat;
  • enclosing the stage of the pyramid of the Mediterranean diet: low-fat red meat (veal, beef), which can be consumed not more than once a week.

To adhere to the principles of such nutrition was easier, you can make a menu in advance in advance, and strictly follow it.

What can not be eaten?

The list of prohibited foods with the Mediterranean diet, slowing the process of losing weight, looks like this:

The Mediterranean diet assumes strict observance of all dietary rules.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet

Nutritionists say that the Mediterranean diet to reduce cholesterol is suitable for everyone. This method of nutrition – a real godsend for diabetics, forced to constantly limit themselves in something. This type of food is diverse, it is not monotonous and does not bother after a few days. You can adhere to this method of losing weight indefinitely, without feeling at the same time deprived of various goodies.

What is the benefit of the Mediterranean diet for weight loss and recovery of the whole body? Thanks to this style of food you can:

  • saturate your body with antioxidants;
  • reduce the risk of diabetes, cancer of the rectum and mammary glands;
  • prevent cardiovascular diseases;
  • normalize blood pressure;
  • reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases of emphysema and bronchi;
  • prevent the development of Alzheimer's in the elderly;
  • just significantly improve the quality of life.

The Mediterranean diet has a beneficial effect on the state of human health.

Menu for the week

The Mediterranean diet in Russia is very real, since most of the necessary products for it can be bought at any domestic store, or in the usual market. To adhere to this style of food, you can use such an exemplary menu for each day:

  • breakfast – fresh fruit and muesli;
  • snack – yogurt with a banana;
  • lunch – grilled vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, sweet pepper);
  • a snack – a fruit salad dressed with lemon juice;
  • dinner – grilled fish hake with vegetables (tomatoes, broccoli, sweet peppers).
  • rye bread with mozzarella and tomato;
  • a serving of vegetable salad with yoghurt;
  • baked on skewers meat of lamb and vegetables (sweet peppers, tomatoes, eggplant);
  • grapefruit and boiled rice;
  • a slice of rye bread, avocado, mozzarella and tomato.
  • fruit salad (apple, papaya, banana, orange) and yogurt;
  • Crispy bread with ham and hard cheese, cucumber;
  • a serving of vegetable stew and baked pike perch;
  • fruit juice;
  • seasoned with olive oil vegetable salad and boiled chicken breast.
  • bread with butter and ham, fresh fruit;
  • Greek yogurt and banana;
  • pasta with baked turkey meat and vegetable salad with arugula;
  • mozzarella with rye bread;
  • baked with vegetables fish – pike perch.
  • boiled eggs (2 pcs.), bread with ham and greens;
  • homemade yogurt with berries;
  • stewed chicken and pasta, tomato juice;
  • bread with mozzarella and arugula;
  • grilled vegetables with lamb.
  • muesli with yoghurt and banana;
  • a sandwich with ham and greens;
  • baked chicken and vegetable salad;
  • banana;
  • pasta with shrimps and squid.
  • portion of oatmeal with raisins and a glass of yogurt;
  • grapefruit;
  • rice with vegetables and baked veal in sweet and sour sauce;
  • fruit yoghurt filled with fruit salad;
  • Baked fish stuffed with vegetables.

Presented menu for a week with a Mediterranean diet is quite diverse, and the dishes are hearty and tasty.

Recipes for every day

There are some recipes of the Mediterranean diet adapted to Russia, for the use of which the most basic products are required. They will not only provide weight loss, but also will make you feel healthy and full of strength man:


To prepare a dish you need:

All the vegetables are cleaned and cut into cubes, add crushed garlic and onion, grind in a blender until smooth. Add salt and vinegar, mix. There is a gaspacho cold.

Salad with cheese and vegetables

To prepare a dish you need:

Cut fresh cherry tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, avocado, add peanuts and rukola, grate hard cheese, season with olive oil (you can add cheese for piquancy).


To prepare a dish you need:

Boil the pasta, then prepare the dressing – mix the boiled peas, grated cheese, greens and pepper, add lemon juice and olive oil, mix everything. Pour over the pasta with dressing, decorate with arugula.

Salad Basmati

To prepare a dish you need:

Boil Basmati rice, then add pre-cooked and sliced ​​dried tomatoes, nuts, sliced ​​feta cheese, spices and olive oil. Mix everything, before serving, decorate with mint leaves.

Fruity smoothies

Stir in a blender 1 banana, a handful of fresh berries (1 glass), add an 1 glass of fresh orange juice, whisk at a high speed. Serve chilled in a tall glass.

Features of the Mediterranean diet for men

This method of weight loss is great for men, as it includes meat dishes, as well as dishes made from seafood. Nutrition on the Mediterranean diet is very satisfying, while it is allowed to drink alcohol in the form of several glasses of wine. If you follow the Mediterranean diet for a long time, you can not only lose weight, but also significantly lower the level of cholesterol, and also regulate the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Menu for the week

Menu of the Mediterranean diet for a week for men with losing weight:

  • a sandwich with ham and hard cheese;
  • baked beef and tomato salad;
  • a glass of juice;
  • baked salmon with cheese and vegetables (tomatoes, broccoli, sweet peppers).
  • a sandwich with avocado and ham;
  • boiled rice and veal, grilled vegetables (sweet peppers, tomatoes, eggplant);
  • yoghurt and banana;
  • baked fish with tomatoes.
  • boiled eggs and ham with cheese, greens;
  • Baked fish with rice and vegetable salad (tomatoes, broccoli, sweet peppers);
  • banana and berries;
  • baked chicken with cheese.
  • an omelette with greens and tomatoes;
  • pasta with veal and vegetables (tomatoes, broccoli, sweet peppers);
  • vegetable salad with arugula;
  • lamb on the grill, vegetables and greens.
  • a sandwich with ham and cheese;
  • boiled rice and baked fish with vegetables;
  • a handful of berries and yogurt;
  • veal in garlic sauce and rice.
  • muesli with milk;
  • gazpacho and pike-perch on the grill;
  • banana;
  • boiled rice and baked chicken breast.
  • a sandwich with avocado and ham;
  • lamb baked with cheese and vegetables;
  • a sandwich with hard cheese;
  • turkey in wine sauce with grilled vegetables and herbs.

Weight Loss Results

If you carefully follow the Mediterranean diet and follow the pre-made menu, you will soon see positive changes in the figure. Many people practicing this method of nutrition could drop from 4 to 7 kg. in Week. The result of the Mediterranean diet depends on the initial parameters of losing weight.

Photo Before losing weight and After:


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