Melon diet for "delicious" weight loss

One of the most effective methods of weight loss is a melon diet. At its carrying out it is possible to reach appreciable total soon enough.

Melon diet for weight loss and its features

The melon diet helps excellently purify the urinary system and the kidneys, which is due to the diuretic action of melon. Since weight loss in melon is classified as a mono-diet, the duration of the dietary course should not exceed seven days. For one week of a melon diet, you can get rid of five extra pounds.

Among the main features of the melon diet can be identified the following nuances:

  1. Melon can create a lasting feeling of satiety, because it perfectly satiates the stomach and therefore the melon diet is not accompanied by a feeling of hunger.
  2. Melon pulp contains a large volume of plant fiber, which cleanses the body of harmful toxins, toxins and excess salts and thanks to this body is significantly healthier.
  3. Consumption of melon contributes to the development of additional energy, increase vitality and rejuvenate the whole body.
  4. Melon is a natural splinter of fat cells. Under the influence of the melon of their body, heavy animal fats and harmful cholesterol are excreted. Regular consumption of melon prevents the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

Menu and reviews about the melon diet

The seven-day menu of the melon diet is not different in variety. The daily ration consists of 1-1,5 kg of fresh melon. The total amount of daily volume of melon should be divided into five portions. All meals should have equal intervals between each other. In the intervals between meals you can drink ordinary water without gas, green tea or herbal decoctions. The total daily liquid volume should be approximately two liters.

The melon diet for weight loss reviews has basically only positive. Excellent taste of melon, lack of hunger and remarkable result – all this in combination makes the melon diet quite popular.

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Reviews about melon diet

I was sitting on a melon, and on a watermelon diet. The first one I liked more. From watermelon is not full, so you can eat it a lot, and the sense of it is not enough, only to go to the toilet. Melon in itself is very fond of, it is hearty, tasty and healthy. Eat at one time a lot is not possible, at least I can not. For a week it turned out to be minus three kilograms. A good diet for those who quickly need to lose weight.

I liked the melon diet. It's not the first year during the melon season that I effortlessly lose extra pounds. Of the benefits of this diet can call it, melon is not expensive and very tasty. I like that after you eat a couple of melon slices, you do not feel like about 3-4 hours. I lose weight for a month on a melon diet for 3,5-4 kg. All lovers lose weight delicious, this diet will be in your heart!

It seems to me that the melon diet is one of the most pleasant ones I've ever sat on. I adore melons, they actually help to lose weight without any special effort, and quite quickly. I had literally weeks to get rid of four kilograms, and I do not need any more. In addition, the problems with the chair have gone, this is an added plus, I believe.

In principle, I never had any serious problems with excess weight (weight 55 kg with an increase of 168 cm), but sometimes I have such "lazy days" when I climb onto the couch, surrounding myself with cookies and donuts, and can from him Do not get up the day 2-3. And for these two or three days I can easily collect as many extra kilograms. Reflection in the mirror does not change much, but the tight things do not sit so comfortably, and it's very felt. That's when you need a week and a half or two to go on a diet, but you do not want to limit yourself, especially in the cold seasons, you want something tasty. Here comes to me a melon diet. Melons can be full, and yet it is sweet and raises the mood no worse than chocolate. On average, for 2 weeks, I get to reset 2-3 kg, and I do not need any more). A melon diet is a great way to lose weight quickly without spoiling your mood)))

Girls, I threw off on a melon diet 4,5 kg per week! For me it's generally good! The first day is a bit unusual, I want to eat something else, since the second day I'm used to eating enough melon, it's sweet, no sweets! The body cleans very well after melon, purification will continue throughout the week. Then I felt so light, this is something! It looked better, the mood is excellent! I recommend everyone try a melon diet, it's easy and incredibly effective!

On a melon diet decided to sit down in the summer – yet melons are cheaper, and you can always buy. That a melon has a less diuretic effect than a watermelon, felt on the second day. Tried it twice already a week with a difference of a month and a half, I can say that 5 kilo has not been thrown off, but it's gone 3,5 and 3 kg – very good! Another advantage – improved skin, though I still drank lots of water and green tea. From the minuses – now I just hate melon.

Girls, I advise this diet! During pregnancy, gained excess weight. I could not lose weight for a long time. My friend advised me to read about the melon diet. And, to be honest, it's just a miracle diet! For the first month, it took almost 5 kg, a lot of water was in the body. I will continue to sit on it, I do not feel hunger, I like melon very much. Maybe further weight will be a little slower to leave, but most importantly, that the ice has started.

I wanted to lose a couple of kilograms, read a lot about the methods of losing weight and, in the end, sat down on a melon diet. It was summer, and it was not a problem to buy them. I really like melon! It is delicious, sweet (replacing sweets) and nourishing: after it for a long time did not feel hunger. Honestly, pleasantly surprised! Has thrown out 3,5 kg for a week so also the organism was cleared. I advise!


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