Menu after stroke


Correct menu after stroke is an important moment for the healing of the body. And then almost all body organs, digestive tract, gallbladder, liver, kidneys, spleen, a genital field will certainly functionality appropriately. So when your body is preparing to fight, they have a powerful immune system, then the treatment period is much less uncomfortable.

The primary principles of menus after a stroke

For food preparation, it is very important to apply sunflower, rapeseed, olive as well as soybean oil. A lot of kinds of seafood and also fish, contra-indicated shrimp, along with caviar. A small piece of lean each day should never exceed – 120

It must be abandoned any kind of bakery foods. It is far better to try to eat dark bread from grains, oat bran, corn flour. Try to eat much more fruits and vegetables of organic growth (when possible).

With a menu after an ischemic stroke, the most effective drink will probably be filtered drinking water, together with green tea with no sugar. Alcoholic beverages after a stroke are actually totally disallowed in any doses!

Example menu after stroke

  • Breakfast: a glass of milk with honey, two pieces of rye bread.
  • To snack, you can eat a green salad with a slice of black bread, drink a glass of slightly boiled tea.
  • Lunch: Soup with vegetables on beef broth, mashed potatoes, fruit salad with lemon wedges.
  • Have dinner two tomatoes, a slice of black bread smeared butter and sprinkled with dill. A glass of low-fat kefir.

menu after stroke

Salt is the cause of hypertension

It is important to reduce the amount of salt in the menu. Salt promotes fluid retention and increases blood pressure, and puts stress on the vessels of the brain. Instead of it, it is possible to put in dishes grasses and spices which do not contain salt.

Menu for ischemic stroke


Articles related ischemic stroke
  • oatmeal
  • dried fruits
  • not strong tea.


  • a light salad with herbs
  • a piece of black bread.


  • soup with lean meat or fish
  • mashed potatoes
  • fruit salad.

Afternoon snack:

  • low-calorie cottage cheese
  • a glass of juice.


  • boiled chicken
  • a portion of buckwheat porridge
  • a glass of juice.

The actual Menu after stroke for every day should contain a limitation of animal fats all things considered these components are capable of you to provoke a plus a stroke.

Such a proper food list patient after a stroke will permit him to quickly reestablish life forces and be rehabilitated after an illness. It is important not to ever include canned food in the store, semi-finished products, ready-made sauces, soups, and when seeking products, look at the packaging to manipulate the sodium level, the principal source of table salt.

A wholesome balanced diet after stroke and a scored lifestyle – an excellent reduction of all diseases!

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