Menu for the 2 phase of the Dukan diet

Dukan Diet is one of the most popular author’s weight loss programs to date. Adhering to this system of weight loss, you manage to get rid of 10-20 kg in a short time. “Cruise” is the longest stage of the diet. During this period it is allowed to alternate protein foods with vegetables and a number of other food products. Therefore, transferring the phase of “cruise” is not too difficult for the slimming one. The pattern of alternation may look different, which largely depends on the preferences of the person himself.

At the end of the “cruise” phase, it will be possible to achieve the weight that is considered ideal. It can be calculated if you go to the official website of the Dukan. There is also a graph of weight loss. If we consider the average figure, then the average weight loss rate is about 1 kg per week. This is a pretty good indicator, especially given that the kilograms were collected all my life.

To get rid of 10 kg of excess weight, it will take about 60-75 days. However, do not forget about the individual characteristics of the body. There are periods of “stopping” the weight when it practically does not decrease, or weight loss is very slow. Despair and panic are not worth it since this process is quite natural.

You can alternate products during the cruise phase by different schemes, for example, 1 / 1, 2 / 2 and even 5 / 5. On the final result, this is practically not reflected. However, the chosen 5 / 5 scheme is considered more time consuming and tedious. Therefore, even the author of the technique recommends his followers to choose the scheme 1 / 1, constantly alternating protein days with protein and vegetable. Some of the slimming people stop on the 2 / 2 scheme, since the menu, in this case, will be easier to make, and the cooking process will not start to tire.

Dukan also proposes to lose weight in the phase of “cruise” according to the scheme 2 / 5 (Monday and Thursday – protein days, and the remaining protein-vegetable) and according to the scheme 2 / 0 (two protein days and two days without diet). In the first case, it will be possible to get rid of only a couple of extra pounds. The second option is more suitable for those people whose fat deposits are mainly on the hips, and the face, bust, and shoulders are thin. If you follow the rhythm of 2 / 0, you can get pretty good results for the lower part of the body.

Permitted products for the cruise phase

The phase of “cruise” involves the use of the following products:

Cucumbers and tomatoes.

Cabbage and lettuce.

It is allowed to include carrots and beets in the menu, but they need to be consumed in limited quantities.

Macaroni containing 0 kcal (shirataki noodles).

No more than 2 tablespoons of bran per day.

Soy yogurt or skimmed yogurts.

The meat of low-fat varieties.

Seafood: crustaceans, mollusks, etc.

You can also change your menu with some other products that are not prohibited in the cruise phase, but you need to use them in a limited amount:

Soy flour – no more than 20 g.

Ketchup – no more than 1 st. l.

Yogurt with pieces of fruit, but without fat.

Starch corn – no more than 20 g.

Yogurt with a fat content of 3% – no more than 30 g.

Cheese with fat content 7% – no more than 30 g.

Sausage from poultry meat – no more than 100 g.

Rhubarb and sorrel – no more than 100 g.

Soy sauce – no more than 5 g.

Cocoa without sugar (fat content 11%) – no more than 7 g.

The day is allowed to eat no more than 2 additional product from the list.

You can also use salt, spices, vinegar, mustard, gelatin, yeast during cooking. It is allowed to add a citrus peel and baking powder, bouillon cubes, which have zero caloric content. You can enhance the taste of dishes with the help of flavors and sweetener.

Prohibited products for the cruise phase

Under a strict ban during the “cruise” phase, products such as:

Roots containing starch, for example, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.

Butter and vegetable oil.

Cereals: rice, corn, etc.

The meat of wild animals.

Monday: Protein-Vegetable Day

Breakfast: chicken egg

Lunch: cabbage stew, sausage without fat

Afternoon snack: tea with two “live sweets”

Dinner: chicken nuggets and cucumber salad

Lunch: baked trout with cherry tomatoes

Dinner: chicken broth, Dukan cake

Wednesday: Protein-Vegetable Day

Breakfast: cottage cheese casserole 1 / 2 portion

Lunch: fish rods, cabbage salad

Afternoon snack: profiteroles by Dukan, tea

Dinner: two sausages, sweet pepper, tea

Lunch: fritters from the chicken fillet, kefir

Afternoon snack: Dukan cake and a piece of cheese

Supper: mushroom soup with mushrooms

Friday: Protein-Vegetable Day

Breakfast: scrambled eggplant, leaf salad

Lunch: boiled chicken breast, beetroot salad with yogurt dressing

Afternoon snack: cottage cheese casserole, tea

Dinner: vinaigrette, sausage

Lunch: chicken cutlets, Dukan cake

Afternoon snack: crab sticks, mint tea

Dinner: fish soup

Sunday: Protein-Vegetable Day

Lunch: tomato soup, fish, oven baked

Snack: tea green, profiteroles by Dukan

Dinner: boiled turkey fillet, eggplant baked

No matter how strong the will of man, virtually no one is insured from disruption.

If this happens, then it is necessary to adhere to the following tactics, which will correct the situation:

After a breakdown, the next two days must necessarily be pure protein.

Salt in the diet should be limited to a minimum, which will not hold up excess water in the body.

Water should be drunk a day at least 2 liters.

On the night rest, you need to spend more time than usual.

Walking is necessary to devote at least an hour a day.

Sometimes it happens that a person adheres to the Dukan diet, but the weight stands in one place.

To remedy the situation, it is necessary to understand why this happens:

It is possible that vegetables rich in water are used for food. Weight stays in place due to the fact that the fluid is retained in the cells, not fat. To correct this situation, you can try to reduce the amount of salt consumed. If the cause is determined correctly, then during the protein days, the weight will necessarily go away.

At 65% of women before the beginning of the next menstruation, the weight is added. This is a physiological process, the increase is due to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. Therefore, for the result to be noticeable, it is necessary to limit the use of water and salt. It is not necessary to depart from the planned diet plan.

If the body receives little liquid, the liver will begin to work to replenish its reserves, but the metabolic processes, on the contrary, will slow down. Accordingly, weight loss will proceed less intensively. Therefore, you need to drink water in the recommended volumes.

Sometimes the weight “rises” due to the fact that a person begins to abuse extra food. To correct the situation, they should be abandoned for a few days at all. You can start to dilute the dishes in the next period, but very limited.

When a person consumes too little food, the body begins to make reserves for future use. As a result, fats are not burned but accumulate.

The information on the site is intended for acquaintance and does not call for independent treatment, the doctor’s consultation is obligatory!


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