Menu for the 3 phase of the Dukan diet

The third phase of the Dukan diet is called “consolidation” or “consolidation.” The person who entered this stage has already achieved weight loss to the desired level. The main goal of the third phase is to fix the results, that is, it is necessary to make sure that the weight achieved is stable on a permanent basis.

The menu becomes more diverse in comparison with the two previous phases. Products can be used more high-calorie, but the general rules of nutrition provided by the program of Dukan’s weight loss are strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the lost weight will return back.

Duration of the 3 phase “fixing”

To determine the duration of the “fixing” phase, it is necessary to make simple calculations. To do this, multiply the number of lost kilograms by 10. For example: a person lost weight by 8 kg, so 8 * 10 = 80. This means that the third phase should last 80 days. And the first 40 days will need to adhere to one menu, and subsequent 40 days – a different diet.

The “fastening” phase is divided into two equal stages in the number of days.

To get the desired effect, you must follow the following rules:

In a day you can eat on 1 portions of fruit. Under the ban fall bananas, cherries and grapes.

For a day you need to eat exactly 2 slices of bread made from whole-grain flour.

It is allowed to eat cheese, but not more than 40 g per day. You need to choose cheeses of hard varieties.

In the first half of the “fastening” phase, grains and pasta are introduced, which can be taken into food not more often than 1 times a week. When the second half of the “fastening” phase comes, macaroni and cereals can be consumed 2 times a week. Serving volume – 250 g. Croups also include beans, couscous, brown rice, lentils. Or you can replace them with a portion of potatoes.

In the first half of the “fastening” phase, it is also allowed 1 once a week to eat pork or lamb. In the second half of this phase, such meat dishes can be afforded 2 times a week.

Also, 1 once a week in the first half of the phase is allowed to arrange a “holiday”. It involves eating the main dish of meat and cereals, it is still allowed to eat dessert and drink wine (1 glass).

The protein day in the third phase is only 1 once a week.

Every day you need to include in the bran menu – at least 2 tablespoons.

Daily walks are a prerequisite for the third stage. They should be regular and last at least 25 minutes.

It is important to observe an adequate drinking regime.

Permitted and Prohibited Products for the 3 Phase

The “fastening” phase allows you to include in the menu all the same foods that a person used to eat during the “cruise” phase. However, the third stage of the program of losing weight implies an extended menu. Now on the table may appear bread, potatoes and other products that were previously banned.

In the first half of the third phase, the 1 portion of the starchy products 1 is diluted once in 7 days and one festive meal:

Products containing starch. Eat 1 once every 7 days. The serving volume should be small and not exceed 220. You can prepare a dish of lentils, macaroni, rice, couscous, bulgur, legumes, peas, potatoes. It is allowed to cook Italian porridge with polenta from corn flour.

Bread. In a day it is permissible to eat 50 r rye-wheat bread from whole-grain flour (no more than 2 pieces).

Cheese. The maximum fat content of cheese should not be higher than the mark in 20%. The daily allowable amount of cheese per day is 40.

Fruit. You can eat any fruit, but in a limited amount – no more than 200 g / day. Cherries,  dried fruits, grapes. Do not eat more than 1 fruit per day. If they are small in size, for example, if it was decided to eat apricot, then 2 fruit is allowed per day.

Groats. White rice – 125 g / day.

Buckwheat without adding oil – 200g / day.

Meat products. 1-2 times in 7 days can be consumed in food pork (lean portion), ham, bacon, lamb.

Festive Meal. Dessert in the menu can be added 1 times in 7 days. You can not do this during a protein day. It is allowed to eat a salad with dressing from mayonnaise, a cake (a small piece), or some other product that falls into the list of banned.

In the second half of the third phase, two festive meals and two dishes containing starch are allowed per week.

Products with starch in the composition. Dishes from the menu, which is described for the first half of the third phase, but now they can be afforded 2 times a week.

Festive Meal. Prohibited products can be consumed 2 times in 7 days, but it is important that these days do not go one after another. Between them, you need to take a break.

Other. You can fill the shirataki noodles with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. In a day you need to drink at least 1500 ml of water. Necessarily throughout the day to eat 2 tablespoons of bran.

So, the third phase called “fixing” involves eating only protein foods only once a week. The remaining six days you can eat vegetables and fruits.

Breakfast – cottage cheese casserole, berry-based sauce, sugar-free coffee

Lunch – fish soup, a slice of bread with bran

Dinner – casserole from vegetables, boiled fish, green tea

Breakfast – porridge on milk with 0% fat content, coffee

Lunch – pasta, a piece of cheese

Lunch – chicken cutlets, vegetable salad

Dinner – kefir with bran

Breakfast – scrambled eggs with ham, cake with bran, coffee with milk

Lunch – borscht on vegetables, baked chicken breast, tea

Lunch – berries – 200 g

Dinner – souffle from cottage cheese, yogurt with low-fat content

Breakfast – sour cherries, baked apple, green tea

Lunch – soup with beans, pork goulash, vegetable ragout, coffee

Lunch – Mimosa salad, salmon fillet baked

Dinner – kefir with the addition of bran

Breakfast – cottage cheese with yogurt, green tea

Lunch – pancakes made from bran flour, coffee

Lunch – omelet from 2 eggs

Dinner – fish baked in the oven, any warm drink

Breakfast – boiled rice, chicken cutlet, cocoa

Lunch – borscht, zucchini pancakes, tea

Lunch – seafood salad, kefir with bran

Dinner – soufflé with lemon zest, tea with herbs

Breakfast – cakes with berry sauce, coffee

Lunch – chicken broth, boiled egg, a slice of bread, and drink in a warm form

Lunch – mushroom soup

Dinner – yogurt with bran

Why is 3 the “fixing” phase so important?

The phase “fixing” is very important in order to fix the results. It allows you not to gain weight again. When the calorie content of the diet is cut, a number of chemical reactions are triggered. As a result, the feeling of hunger increases, the rate of cellular reactions slows down, the weight freezes, the body goes into a state of rest.

People who adhered to the Dukan diet, claim that after the end of the program, they were able to consume products at 10% more, but the body at the same time learned only the right amount of calories. Nevertheless, this is not the case for every person. Some people who lose weight according to Dukan’s method, say that after the completion of the second phase, appetite significantly increases, you want to eat sweet foods, and the body begins to accumulate fatty tissue.

The third phase is necessary precisely in order to control such undesirable consequences. Otherwise, the departed kilograms will quickly return back. The duration of the third phase is explained by the fact that the correct eating habits need to be fixed.

It is worthwhile to understand that the kilograms lost during the slimming program are the result of the fact that the body was starving. He could not provide himself with fat reserves. Therefore, the cells are in anticipation of when they will again receive calories, to send them again “into fat.” It may even happen that any eaten fruit will be deposited in fat stores. Therefore, the weight begins to increase, and the liquid, as before, will accumulate in the cells.

Pierre Ducan proposes to get rid of such unnecessary kilograms of one protein day a week. Weight due to this will stop or go to lose. That’s why the third phase of the Dukan diet is so important.

The information on the site is intended for acquaintance and does not call for independent treatment, the doctor’s consultation is obligatory!


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