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Menu for the week with a white diet for weight loss

The motto of this diet could be a phrase – the color of slimming "white". This is the main set of products of this therapeutic diet. It includes:

  • dairy products of low fat content;
  • chicken's meat;
  • fish;
  • eggs of quail, chicken;
  • cereals – rice, oat flakes, bran;
  • a variety of sweet fruits, excluding sour berries, citrus fruits;
  • vegetables – cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, fresh herbs;
  • beans;
  • the wine is dry.

The white diet may seem artificial. However, it is effective, simple, effective, fully balanced.

White diet for weight loss

Diet white is a low-calorie protein diet with a restriction of fat, except salt, sugar. The source of carbohydrates are vegetables, various fruits, rice, oatmeal. The basis of the nutrition system is dairy products of low fat content. That's where the name comes from. The source of protein is also chicken fillet, fish, eggs. There is a lot of similarity to the Ducane system in the period of protein-vegetable combination. The white diet also allows fruit.

White diet due to low caloric content, limited choice of foods, a small amount of fat should not be extended beyond seven days. It is effective for losing weight. It is possible to reliably relieve four to five kilograms of unnecessary weight. Power is provided in the regime four or five times a day. For ¼ hour before the start of the meal you will need to drink 200 ml. non-carbonated mineral water, which allows you to muffle your appetite.

What is a white diet?

The white diet is a low-calorie nutrition system that allows you to quickly remove excess weight. The principle of four, five-fold power split, the rule of taking water with a fifteen-minute interval before eating will help to disperse the metabolism, fix the result for a long time, it is easier to tolerate the restriction of calories. The dietary basic protein, milk can also include chicken fillet, white fish, different vegetables, sweet fruits.

A sufficient amount of protein keeps the muscles when losing weight. Dairy products of low fat content, fiber, fibers of food vegetables, fruits improve digestion. A large amount of calcium significantly improves the condition of teeth and bones. White diet is indicated after teeth whitening, is effective for harmless weight loss. Such a nutrition program is well tolerated, but has minor contraindications, including:

  • allergies to dairy products or lactose intolerance;
  • diseases of the stomach, intestines;
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period.

Like any low calorie diet, it is not recommended for children.

List of allowed products

Consider what you can eat on a white diet? A list of products for the white diet is headed by low-fat dairy products. When losing weight in the menu it is necessary to include:

  • cottage cheese five percent;
  • kefir, ryazhenka, yogurt, yogurt with fat content of less than four percent;
  • milk is one and a half percent;
  • a variety of cheeses.

A number of sources recommend fully fat-free dairy products. However, without fat, there is no assimilation of calcium, vitamins E, D. Therefore, it is more rational to use low-fat milk products. For an additional source of protein, you can eat boiled fish fillets, chicken breast, fillets, quail eggs and chicken.

The source of carbohydrates, the food system uses:

  • dried bread, biscuits;
  • whole-cereal porridge – oatmeal, rice, buckwheat.

The diet system for a white diet includes beans, a variety of cabbage, zucchini, potatoes, radish, mushrooms. Widely uses dried fruits, fruits (sweet apples, peaches, pears, bananas, apricots).

As drinks with weight loss, it is usually recommended to use mineral water without gas, decoctions of dogrose, flax seeds, unsweetened green, black tea.

The list of allowed essential products for a white diet is strict and excludes:

Instead of sugar, you can use a small amount of honey. Alcohol is excluded, but there is an extreme option, including dry wine – white or red. As a sauce, sour cream is used.

Menu for the week

Diet for weight loss is white – the menu for the week of the most popular dairy option.

  • for a couple of spoons st. oatmeal with raisins and cottage cheese of low fat content, fermented milk 200 ml;
  • medium-sized banana, yogurt;
  • tea green, a couple of eggs are steep, curd 0,15 kg. with sour cream;
  • yoghurt, apple.
  • rice porridge, a little honey;
  • fermented peas, peach;
  • cheese cakes 0,2 kg., milk;
  • small banana, yogurt, homemade ice cream.
  • cabbage stewed with a spoon of h. sour cream, milk 200 ml .;
  • fermented woman with three plums;
  • milk oatmeal with honey;
  • four boiled eggs quail eggs, hard cheese forty grams, milk.
  • omelette, cracker with cheese hard, mineral water glass;
  • a handful of dried fruits;
  • boiled chicken fillet, cabbage stew;
  • fruit salad, kefir.
  • buckwheat milk porridge, small banana, green tea;
  • a pair of baked potatoes in a uniform;
  • bean soup, vegetable salad;
  • rice boiled, baked fillet of hake.
  • cabbage stewed with a spoon of h. sour cream, milk 200 ml .;
  • a burger with a pear;
  • milk rice porridge with honey;
  • four boiled eggs quail eggs, hard cheese forty grams, milk.
  • rice pudding with honey, yogurt;
  • cottage cheese with prunes, a little sour cream;
  • Two hundred grams of fish are steam, mashed potatoes are seventy grams, cabbage lettuce, milk;
  • kefir, apple-banana puree.

The white power system allows other menu lines. Example with dry wine:

  • toast wheat, cheese, a glass of dry wine;
  • cottage cheese 0,2 kg., three crespa wheaten, a glass of white wine;
  • a couple of slices of cheese;
  • a hundred grams of cheese, a little dried bread, a glass of wine.
  • a piece of dried bread with cheese, cottage cheese 0,1 kg., kefir;
  • Boiled beans with stewed vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, sweet peppers and red onions);
  • sweet fruit;
  • chicken soup with boiled beans.
  • baked chicken fillet 100 gram with boiled rice;
  • Peach with milk;
  • vegetable salad with boiled rice;
  • rice boiled with fruit salad.
  • vegetable salad with boiled chicken fillet;
  • boiled chicken breast with apple;
  • buckwheat porridge with stewed chicken fillet;
  • carrots and mashed potatoes with boiled fillet;
  • chicken broth with vegetables and 50 gr. chicken boiled.

Conclusions: Reviews and experience show that the white diet is suitable for rapid weight loss, reducing the stomach. Weekly weight loss at a level of three to five kilograms.

  • Fragility of food, sufficient choice of products allow you to carry a white diet relatively easily.
  • A large number of fermented milk products is beneficial for digestion.
  • This nutrition system strengthens the teeth, improves the skin. It does not cause harm to health. The time between repetitions is about a month.
  • Additional advantages include simplicity, availability of ordinary products, ease of use.