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Menu, pros and cons of a liquid diet

Get rid of excess kilograms and cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and toxins will help the drinking diet.

The idea of ​​a diet, like most others, came from medicine. Those who received jaw injuries patients were allowed to take only liquid food inside.

After a few days it was noticed that even with low physical activity they continued to lose weight.

Nutritionists who took such a type of food for a note calculated that it is not more than a month to sit on a diet, because apart from a noticeable loss of a kilo, you can considerably weaken the immune system and undermine your health.

The essence of a tough diet for weight loss

The basis of the diet is drinking food. From the diet is excluded all solid and shaped.

In other words, you can only consume what you can drink. It also excludes alcohol, soda, sweet drinking yoghurts, compotes – i.e. all sugar-containing drinks.

Occasionally you can pamper yourself with coffee. In this case, the choice is made in favor of ground, as ordinary soluble coffee negatively affects the walls of the stomach, and with a drinking diet will cause an absolute dissonance of digestion.

It is forbidden to add sugar, including sweeteners, into drinks. Salt should also be discarded, as it delays the withdrawal of fluid from the body.

To achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to limit the consumption of liquid products to two liters. The amount of drinking water can not be limited.

  1. Efficiency (you can throw up to 10 kilogram).
  2. Variability (you can choose the products yourself).
  3. Multifunctionality (in addition to losing excess weight, slags and toxins leave the body).
  1. Severe tolerability (to sustain such a diet regime 30 days under the force is not everyone).
  2. Damage to health (drinking diet is a big stress for the body).
  3. Impressive list of contraindications.

As with any diet, this food has its own set of contraindications:

  1. Pregnancy.
  2. Lactation.
  3. Diseases of the digestive system.
  4. Renal dysfunction.

Variants of drinking diets and an approximate menu for a day

Especially popular among drinking diets is drinking-chocolate diet. When it is observed, one tile (100 grams) of bitter chocolate (without sugar) is allowed to be consumed daily.

However, you can use chocolate exclusively in the form of a drink, that is, pre-melted. An alternative can be cocoa, made from pure cocoa powder and milk with a low proportion of fat.

Simple water is allowed to drink without restrictions, but from other drinking products must be discarded.

The duration of such a diet should not exceed 7 days, and after its completion, it is necessary to follow the exit rules.

The duration of the traditional drinking diet can be 1, 7, 14 and 30 days. The choice of the length of time depends on the assessment of one's own willpower, as well as on the desired results.

One-day drinking diet or day off

To the unloading day, you must prepare yourself correctly. One week before the one-day diet, add more liquid foods (liquid cereals, soups, vegetable purees, juices) to the diet.

Try to exclude from the diet all harmful foods, and also minimize the consumption of coffee.

Thanks to this training, surviving one day exclusively on drinking foods will be much easier for you.

On a day off except for two liters of water, you can drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice diluted with water one to one.

Do not rush food immediately after the end of the unloading. Introduce familiar products also smoothly and gradually.

Otherwise, you will stretch the stomach even more by overeating, and for satiation you will need more food.

Such a one-day shake-up will allow you to calm down your flaky appetite and unload the digestive system.

It is recommended not to repeat the drinking day more often than once a week.

The rules of the seven-day diet do not prohibit independently making a drinking diet for a day, but a greater effect will be achieved with the distribution of different drinks by day.

An example of a seven-day drinking diet menu:

  1. Monday – sour-milk drinks (kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt without sugar).

With a diet of two weeks should also adhere to the principle of dividing the food by day. However, a uniform distribution of fruit, vegetable, dairy and broth days is necessary to reduce the burden on the body.

It is worth noting that the first 7 days are considered the most difficult in a drinking diet. The second week is already much easier and without emotional disruptions.

Within two weeks, you need to monitor the daily caloric intake of consumed foods. Depending on the initial and desired weight, the daily norm should be 1200 – 1600 kilocalorie.

A full-fledged thirty-day diet implies a complete rejection of solid foods for a whole month. This is quite a serious test for the body and the nervous system, because the first half of the term you are waiting for headaches, fatigue, depression and irritability.

With a long-term regimen of such nutrition, you need to consume vitamin-mineral complexes and carefully listen to your body.

Separation of drinking products by day is not necessary. It is recommended to cook hot soups, puree, to consume warm teas compotes, so as not to let the digestive system finally fall asleep.

  • experiment with flavors (stir pear and spinach, pumpkin and ginger);
  • add color (use bright vegetables such as carrots, celery, pumpkin);
  • cook nicely (pay attention to the serving of the dish, decorate the drinks with a mint leaf or milky foam);
  • always carry water with you;
  • a week before and two weeks after the end of the diet, take tests.

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Here's a great example of pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes, which will add color to your hard 30 days:

  • pumpkin – 250 gram;
  • zucchini – 150 gram;
  • carrots – 1 piece;
  • celery – 2 petiole;
  • tomatoes – 3 pieces;
  • the head of the onion – 1 piece;
  • Garlic – 2 cloves;
  • olive oil – 3 st. spoons;
  • spices – to taste.

In the heated frying pan pour the oil, as soon as it warms up, throw in it finely chopped garlic. After garlic will give oil its unique flavor, you need to get the garlic from the oil.

Baked vegetables are rubbed in a blender to the state of cereal. Transfer the resulting mixture into a saucepan, add garlic oil to it and cook for 5-10 minutes on medium heat until boiling. A couple of minutes before you can add spices.

In the soup, if desired, you can add milk or low-fat cream, then it will get even more nutritious. You need to do this before cooking.

You can serve pumpkin soup with a basil leaf in the center of the plate.

Exit from the diet is not less important than the diet itself, because at this stage it is important to correctly, systematically and consistently return the body to the usual for us food style.

First you should add to the diet only liquid porridge (semolina, oatmeal). At the next stage, you can include in the diet soft curd casseroles without sugar, cottage cheese, omelets, fish.

Then it is allowed to add cheese, vegetables, soft fruits (pear, banana). At the last stage, you can include meat, nuts, dried fruits and other solid foods.

Throughout the output and after it should monitor the daily intake of calories. For girls with a sedentary lifestyle and an average weight of 60 kg, it should not exceed 1600 kilocalories.

It is also important to remember that the diet should serve as an incentive to revise the habits and transition to proper nutrition.

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I want to lose weight I can not pull myself together I think it's better not what not to eat at all only to drink 1 day in a week

7 days on drinking. in plans to withstand all 30 days! plumb line for a week-3.5 kg, but I would like more. This diet helped a lot! Now I do not suffer from pains in my stomach from constant gluttony.

A good drug, most importantly – do not overdo it with a dosage, which seems to have been a couple of times.

Hey. I even did not know that there are such drugs for slimming, and it's very good to make them in syrups, pills, tablets.

And women also 3-4 times a week doing exercises?

Exercise for stretching is only for those who are professionally engaged in their body for example bodybuilders.