Menu with a diet of alternation of protein and carbohydrate days

In anticipation of the summer everyone tries to get rid of extra pounds, but the process of losing weight takes time. Methods of weight loss are many, but the choice becomes difficult. Thanks to television and advertising on the Internet, the Malysheva diet and the Ducane diet are popular.

Diet Malysheva, means rapid weight loss for 10 days with the use of fasting days. It is not safe, not only excessive fat can burn, but water and muscle mass are eliminated. The Ducane diet is an alternation of protein and carbohydrate days, divided into 4 stages: attack, alternation, anchoring and stabilization.

In losing weight and in athletes, the diet of protein-carbohydrate alternation is popular, or shortly BEACH. The alternation of protein and carbohydrate days is aimed at getting rid of excess weight without losing muscle mass. During BEACH, a person does not experience stress and feels comfortable mentally and physically at the expense of a correctly drawn up menu.

The task of this type of diet is the burning of fats, not at the expense of muscle mass. The alternation of protein and carbohydrate days is weight loss with a good result or a diet without harm to health.

The basic principle is the alternation of days of consumption of proteins and carbohydrates. In the first two protein days, the body receives a high protein content, but is limited in carbohydrates. By the end of protein days the body will consume the energy reserve – glycogen, and in order to maintain the tone and strength, the body consumes fat stores. The effectiveness of the diet will be visible already in 2 days.

Diet of protein-carbohydrate alternation

The diet of protein-carbohydrate alternation is to lose weight, by drying the body. BEACH was developed as a weight loss program for athletes during the drying period before the competition. But over time, the alternation of protein and carbohydrate days has become popular among ordinary people who drive fat, tk. This type of weight loss is simple and effective. The combination of diet and exercise, will increase muscle mass and remove excess centimeters.

Losing weight is useful if you start exercising from the first daysа, when fats are burned, and the level of glycogen in the body falls. Strive for sports to fall on carbohydrate or mixed days, it will help to avoid fatigue.

Alternation of protein and carbohydrate days – a diet where the body does not suffer from lack of protein / carbohydrate, food will be balanced and does not cause harm to health. For the time of the HEAD, the feeling of hunger is minimized, and this facilitates the process. The diet is not aimed at reducing weight through loss of water, and thanks to the burning of subcutaneous fat, so weight loss has been noticeable since the first days. Over time, the body adapts to new restrictions, and the person did not experience mental discomfort. After the termination of a diet the probability of returning of the lost kgs is minimized, if to leave from it correctly.

Fundamental rules

To ensure that the protein-carbohydrate sequencing diet is effective, it is worth sticking to certain rules and not violate them:

  • Diet alternation of protein and carbohydrate days should last no more than a month, the maximum period of 3 months. After this interval of time, weight loss is more difficult, because the body adapts;
  • It is necessary to follow the TRAILER schedule. Scheme for obtaining the results: 2 protein days (use of 3-4 protein at 1 kg of target weight), 1 carbohydrate (5-6 carbohydrates per 1 kg mass, which you plan to achieve), 1 mixed day ( by 2-3 g protein and carbohydrate at 1 kg.). Then the circle repeats;
  • Dinner always consists of protein, regardless of the stage;
  • Nutrition in the alternation of protein and carbohydrate days, fractional, the best option – 5 meals a day at a certain time;
  • Carbohydrates are different: complex and simple. AT simple includes: sugar, flour and confectionery, sweets, bananas. They are excluded from their diet with BEACH diet. Carbohydrates are obtained from natural cereals;
  • During BUCH it is necessary to forget about carbonated drinks and juices;
  • In protein days, we saturate the body with useful vegetable fats – avocados, olive oil, nuts. Animal fats – cheese, butter, sour cream, etc.
  • Drink 1,5 – 2 l. water during the alternation of protein and carbohydrate days.

How to calculate the menu for yourself?

To start compiling a menu, consider the factors: age, weight, physical activity. How to calculate the menu for yourself with a diet of protein-carbohydrate alternation?

By the formula: 655 + (9,6 x WEIGHT) + (1,8 x GROWTH) – (4,7 x AGE) calculate the rate of calorie intake per day. Example: 655 + (9,6x80kg) + (1,8x165cm) – (4,7x32g) = 1570 Kcal. Multiply the result by the activity coefficient:

  • k = 1,20 – low activity;
  • k = 1,38 – light workouts 1-3 per week;
  • k = 1,55 – moderate workouts 3-5 per week;
  • k = 1,73 – intensive 5-7 per week.

It turns out 1570 x 1,20 = 1884, if the goal is to lose weight, then subtract another 500 and get 1384 Kcal. Those. the proposed menu of alternation of protein and carbohydrate days is included in the frame +/- 1000 – 1500 Kcal.

The next step of alternation is to determine what is the norm of protein and carbohydrate for a diet. We put the goal – the desired weight. Take 60 kilogram, on protein days at a rate of 3-4 g should eat 3 * 60 = 180 g protein. Carbohydrates – 25, fat is reduced to 25-30. In carbohydrate days, we increase carbohydrate intake to 6 (6 * 60 = 360) and shorten the protein to 1-1.5 a day. On mixed days, the quantity should be equal, according to 2-3 each, and not more than 30 g fat.

There are a set of calories. Alternation of protein and carbohydrate days are of different types. If you are given hard days without carbohydrates, then shorten the protein days, but do not forget that these days there is burning of subcutaneous fat.

The right menu

The network has already laid out a huge number of menus for WHEY, which makes life easier for those who lose weight. On our example, we will consider an approximate menu for owners of 60 kg., On it you can calculate the diet for yourself.

Menu with diet alternating protein and carbohydrate days:

200 gram, coffee or tea (without sugar);

  • snack: an omelet from 4 proteins;
  • lunch: baked / boiled / steamed chicken breast (200 gr.) + vegetable salad (cucumber, tomato, 1 spoon of olive oil);
  • 2 snack: baked / steamed nonfat fish (200 gram);
  • dinner: cottage cheese – 150 grams.
    • 25-30 g. Dried fruit + 100 gr. oatmeal on water (dry cereal, not fast cooking) + teaspoon of honey;
    • banana or apple;
    • potatoes (baked or boiled)

      400 g. + Cabbage and carrot salad

      200, you can add olive / linseed oil;

    • pasta

      50 (dry) + apple + spoon of flaxseed oil;

    • cottage cheese (

      200) + dried fruit (

      • oatmeal (on water) – 100, milk 1,5% – about 100 ml, egg boiled;
      • apple / pear / banana;
      • chicken breast, beef, turkey – (200) + baked potatoes (200) + salad (tomatoes, cucumbers) – no more than 150 g. + olive oil;
      • omelet from 4 proteins;
      • lean fish for a couple (200) + 200 g. beetroot salad.

      There are small portions, and try not to overeat. Divide the day into 5-6 meals. After 18: 00 can eat, but only protein and preferably for 1-2 hours before sleep.

      To not lose weight dropped after a diet of alternation of protein and carbohydrate days, and weight loss was not in vain, it is worth knowing about the correct way out of it. Weekly eat as in mixed days and return to the usual menu, without the abuse of harmful sweets.


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