Metabolic Diet – a complete nutrition system for a shapely figure

Modern nutritionists agree that the cause of excess weight does not always lie in overeating or lack of physical activity. Very often, a fast set of extra pounds is a consequence of a hormonal failure in the body, when fat-releasing hormones are produced in more quantities than fat-burning hormones. The inability of the body to process calories with the same strength, leads to the deposition of some of them in the form of fat cells, constantly increasing in size. To correct this situation, the metabolic diet is called for.

The whole truth about the metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is the complex name of metabolic, clinical and hormonal disorders, which are the risk factors for the onset and development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. According to endocrinologists, such a metabolic disorder spreads with the speed of the epidemic among people of different ages. Today, every fourth person suffers from this ailment, while 10 years ago the number of cases was 70% lower. Not so long ago it was believed that the metabolic syndrome is typical for middle-aged people, mostly female.

However, recent studies conducted under the auspices of the American Diabetes Association show that this disease shows very steady growth among adolescents and young people. On a global scale, the number of young people facing this disease is estimated at about 2,5 million. Thus, the metabolic syndrome is one of the most urgent problems of modern medicine associated with the wrong way of life. Nevertheless, to perceive such a diagnosis is pessimistic, yet it is not worth it. After all, you can get rid of the metabolic syndrome in the initial stages simply by changing your lifestyle and choosing the right diet.

How to recognize the metabolic syndrome?

As mentioned earlier, the metabolic syndrome in the early stages is easily reversible. To not miss the moment, it is worth knowing the main signs of this ailment.

You should be alerted to the following symptoms:

  • The waist circumference is more than 80 see in women, and over 94 see – for men.
  • A constant desire to eat something sweet, after eating it feels a rush of new strength, which quickly passes.
  • Frequent flashes of rage throughout the day, disappearing after eating.
  • Any skipping of food causes weakness and drowsiness.
  • The use of meat food causes a desire to sleep, and the reception of sweet sates with energy.
  • Frequent thirst and night sweats.
  • Increase and increase heart rate after eating sweet.

How to prevent metabolic syndrome?

  • It is necessary to abandon the excessive presence of fat in the diet.
  • You should consume less sugar – no more than 6 teaspoons per day, taking into account the "hidden" sugar.
  • It is necessary to eat more fruits and vegetables – about 500 grams per day.
  • Try to maintain weight in the normal range.
  • It is necessary to move more – to pass for a day at least 10 thousand steps.

Metabolic Diet: The Path to Beauty and Health

One of the main methods of treating metabolism, along with increasing the level of physical activity and refusal to smoke and alcohol, is a special diet, which is significantly different from the usual methods of losing weight. In the metabolic syndrome, there is a significant increase in the intake of fatty acids in the blood, which causes atherosclerosis and liver pathology. Therefore, the metabolic diet should primarily ensure a decrease in the level of fatty acids in the blood and at the same time promote weight loss and lower blood pressure.

Employees of the World Health Organization, already for several decades studying the cases of metabolic syndrome, have developed their own version of a diet that has a positive effect on the hormonal system. The main principle of such a diet program is to reduce the caloric content of the diet.

Diet in the metabolic syndrome is a completely balanced diet, including in its composition all the necessary substances to the body and not having any contraindications. This dietary method allows you to limit the synthesis of fat accumulating hormones (estrogens and insulin) and stimulate the production of fat-burning (testosterone, somatropin, adrenaline, etc.). To adhere to such a program can be an unlimited amount of time, without risking at the same time to exacerbate chronic diseases or harm their health.

In order for the metabolic diet to produce the expected results, a number of rules must be observed.

Golden diet rules for metabolic syndrome

  • Refusal of fried food in favor of baked dishes;
  • Limiting the use of salt, canned food and semi-finished products.
  • Reducing the consumption of meat and animal fat (dishes from low-fat meat can be consumed no more than once a day, and no more than six times a week).
  • Prevalence in the diet of cereals, vegetables and fruits, pasta from hard varieties of wheat, cottage cheese and fermented milk products, bread from wholemeal flour.
  • Inclusion in the menu of products rich in magnesium – nuts, beans and dried fruits, which contribute to the maintenance of the cardiovascular system.
  • Exclusion from the diet of easily assimilated carbohydrates (the daily dose of sugar should not exceed 20 grams).
  • Use of food in small doses, at least 6 once a day.
  • Slow and slow meals. Scientists have noticed that people with metabolic syndrome, eat too fast. As a result, nutrients do not have time to be absorbed into the blood in sufficient quantity, causing a feeling of satiety only when the stomach is full.
  • To prevent unpleasant sensations from flatulence in the first weeks of dieting, it is recommended to take enzyme preparations.

Metabolic Diet: The algorithm for conducting

In a diet with metabolic syndrome, there is no clear list of permitted or prohibited products. But in it there is a special table with products that are distributed according to points depending on their caloric content. Knowledge of the mode of consumption of these products, allows you to make a variety of menus to your liking, which will not cause hunger and, at the same time, ensure a uniform weight loss.

Products table by points

The metabolic diet is carried out in three stages, compliance with which plays an extremely important role in this process.

1-th stage – shake the body by burning excess fat. This stage lasts several weeks, with the presence in the diet of only those products that have 0 points. At this hard stage, it is allowed to maintain the body with olive oil and a multivitamin complex.

2-th stage – the achievement of regular indicators of weight loss. This stage involves five meals a day at certain times and with a set number of points for each meal.

  • Breakfast – no more than 4 points, food intake from 8 to 10 hours of the morning;
  • Lunch – 2 points, from 11 to 12 hours.
  • Lunch is 2 points, from 14 to 15 hours.
  • Snack – 1 point, from 16 to 18 hours.
  • Dinner – 0 points, from 18 to 20 hours. To activate the production of the hormone – fat burner and loss of excess weight in the dream, you need to eat protein food for dinner. The second stage is completed when the desired weight is achieved.

3-th stage – consolidation of the results. The so-called output from the metabolic diet involves adding an 1 score to each meal, except for dinner. With further weight loss, it is allowed to add a second more in a week. When weight loss is stopped, the food system should be returned to the beginning of this stage.

The menu of the metabolic diet is compiled on the basis of the table of products. Recipes for dishes can be found on the Internet or in cookbooks.

In general, the metabolic diet has received exceptionally positive feedback from both doctors and their patients. Judging by the numerous reviews, this diet is complicated and effective. In the first two weeks of such weight loss you can get rid of 10 kilograms of excess weight, further results will depend on the initial figures and individual wishes of the person.

Video about the treatment of metabolic syndrome

Video about metabolic syndrome

Reviews about the metabolic diet

Decided to try this metabolic diet, while at the 1 stage. First of all, I stopped adding tea to sugar, I get used to drinking it like that. I eat mostly vegetables, green salads, boiled chicken and fish that are lean. Of seafood, I love only squid, but before, I always cooked them with eggs and mayonnaise, and what to replace it now, until I came up with . You can certainly try sunflower oil. Vinegar is also an apple home diluted 1 tsp water and drink once a day. And so I struggle with a constant desire to go to the refrigerator late at night, even close the kitchen key . Straight angry at myself for a weak willpower ((

And how much food do you eat per day?

With the problem of metabolism is unfortunately familiar not by hearsay (((As many tried to fight it with different diets – convenient for me in terms of what is more tasty, but then realized that this is not a ride!

There were too many nuances, that's why I switched to the ballroom system.

At first it was not easy to remember what and how many points, how much I ate and how much more I can. But over time, and did not notice that the calculation was already on the machine and there was a system that now does not bother. The main thing is that the result appeared – it became much better to feel yourself! After all, metabolism is not just your weight – it's a bunch of different problems that prevent you from fully enjoying life!

After birth, recovered to 26 kilogram and my weight was 78 kilogram it with my growth of 165 centimeters. I thought that eventually everything would go into the hole, but not here – it was. Decided to try a metabolic diet. Frankly, the first time it was very difficult to deny yourself sweets and fried potatoes, but saved seafood, which I just adore. For the first month I dropped 7 kilogram. For today (I adhere to this diet five months already) I weigh 63 kilograms. This diet really works. I recommend to all.

Since adolescence, I started having a problem with being overweight. What I just did not do, and I did sports and tried not to eat after six, but alas, it almost did not give results. Then I went to the endocrinologist. The doctor having checked up my analyzes has told or said, that at me the hormonal background is raised and the metabolism is broken, then he advised exactly such a diet as described in the article – Metabolic. Now I'm sitting on it, I've already dropped 5 kg, I'm very pleased.

Hello. My story, I think, is painfully familiar to many, after pregnancy and childbirth I scored 30 kg. I began to weigh 97, the depression began, and began to argue with my husband. At one point my girlfriends cleared my brain and I decided to take care of myself, for the sake of the family. With a small child, you will not find much time for sports, so the diet was an outlet for me. I tried many diets, but I broke down, I made zealots (((I once heard about a metabolic diet and decided to learn about it as much as possible. GIRLS, this is a real way out! It's very convenient that you decide what and when you have, the main thing is that the required number of points is observed! No hunger strikes, varied food, it gives me strength, has already dropped 9 and I'm not going to stop here!

Hello. My story, I think, is painfully familiar to many, after pregnancy and childbirth I scored 30 kg. I began to weigh 97, the depression began, and began to argue with my husband. At one point my girlfriends cleared my brain and I decided to take care of myself, for the sake of the family. With a small child, you will not find much time for sports, so the diet was an outlet for me. I tried many diets, but I broke down, I made zealots (((I once heard about a metabolic diet and decided to learn about it as much as possible. GIRLS, this is a real way out! It's very convenient that you decide what and when you have, the main thing is that the required number of points is observed! No hunger strikes, varied food, it gives me strength, has already dropped 9 and I'm not going to stop here!

I have a very big weight. I'm gaining weight quickly because of great stress, and I'm "jamming" it, at least some "pleasure." Now the desire to lose weight does not leave me for a second, I know, it's my own fault, but what can you do. Recently, I have taken myself in hand and sat down on a metabolic diet, has passed until the 2 stage, but the result is very good – the desire to lose weight has increased even more!

I was recommended this diet by the doctor, and not even for weight loss, but for the stomach, because here it is necessary to eat 6 once. Well, to lose weight, of course, it was necessary. In general, I tell you, the most normal diet! There is no desire, the products are delicious, first with balls is complicated, but then the calculator in the head wakes up and everything on the machine is done. Down with 15 kg (4 already gone.))))))

Good day! I want to share my story and confirm that the metabolic diet really works !! What I just did not try, and with the doctors by the way, too, consulted, but even if the weight and left, he always came back, and there was nothing I could do about it. I realized that I have a metabolic syndrome, when I confessed to myself that I depend on the sweet, it's like doping for me. I decided to try a metabolic diet, and after a little more than six months came to the desired figure. Now the rules of this diet have become the basis for my nutrition, I am very pleased – the weight does not return! Little girls, try and be beautiful!

Metabolic diet was chosen not only for weight loss, but for removing all harmful and unhelpful from the body. Already in the first days due to a sharp reduction in the consumption of fried, salty and fatty meat, the well-being improved significantly. Stomach also said thanks for the fact that he began to feed 6 once a day, not 2-3 and what to get. So far, only the beginning of the diet, and the result was not long in coming!

I had such a problem: I became pregnant and gained 30 kg during pregnancy. I could not lose weight for a long time. Tried to go in for sports (run and fitness) – result: for 2 month I throw off. five kilograms and no more than a gram – the weight is just slowed down, and that's all, despite the fact that I did not eat after 6 evening and did not at all eat flour or fat, etc .. And my friend advised me on this diet, which she used it herself. And what I want to say: I'm sitting on it for a month and lost weight by 9 kilogram and continue to lose weight further.

The girls decided to try the Metabolic Diet and share experiences with you. Will have to give up fatty and fried foods, eat less salt, and start playing sports. The diet has no contraindications. Problems with metabolism are familiar to me unfortunately since childhood. In the first month, I managed to lose 4 kg, and I will not stop on the achieved result, since I not only lost a little excess weight, but also balanced all the processes in my body and I feel wonderful, the load on the liver and stomach decreased. So girls do not be afraid of anything at first will be difficult, but you get used, it's worth it.

Proteins stimulate the production of testosterone and adrenaline. And I have a question: will this not affect the appearance? well, in the sense, will not the extra vegetation on the body start to grow and will there begin a profuse sweating? very worried about this issue.

tell me please, what volume of food should be consumed per day in the first stage of the diet?

Can anyone please answer one question! If it is indicated that I can eat an 3 score, this means that I can only eat those products from this category? Or it is possible to combine those products, that from a category 1 point and 2 points = 3 points?

You will not be in the morning alone, there is a youth from the table at 4 points)))

It's interesting, but how much does the balm consist of weakly salted salmon? I'm dying for it terribly, but I do not know if it's possible or not, I'm still at the first stage!


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