Methods of rapid weight loss in the Old English diet for five days


Methods of rapid weight loss in the Old English diet for five days

The Old English diet is an unusual regimen with a strict list of eligible foods. The diet menu is designed for only five days in order to quickly get rid of a few extra pounds before an important event.

The Old English diet means a strict low-calorie diet, but the set of acceptable foods will surprise those who dare to try their hand. Losing weight comes on the background of inclusion in the menu of natural and useful carbohydrates, proteins and a limited amount of fat, as well as the complete elimination of complex carbohydrates from the diet. The daily intake of food for the Old English diet is about 800 calories.

Different sources suggest two versions of the emergence of a diet with such a characteristic name. Some romanticize the Old English diet, saying that its limited menu had a strict purpose – to maintain harmony and grace to young aristocrats at a time when leanness and pallor were highly valued by the higher society. Others refute this, assuring that "Old English" it is only because of the regular appearance in the menu of strong black tea and a standard set of traditional English cuisine set of products. Anyway, the name is intriguing, and The Old English diet promises weight loss from 3 to 5 kilograms for 5 days, depending on the starting weight of losing weight.

How to eat and what are the advantages

Methods of rapid weight loss in the Old English diet for five days

The Old English diet is a five-day regimen, built on four diurnal meals, and eliminating complex calories from the menu. It should be understood that in such a short time it is possible to reset only recently gained kilograms, which is great for preparing for important events.

The food provided by the Old English diet consists of a small list of foods that can not be diverted from:

In what the benefits of the Old English diet? First, the availability of products – they are sold everywhere, and they are easy to prepare. Secondly, daily included in the menu is bread, butter, enough fatty meat, eggs – that is, in fact, menu mode allows you to eat delicious and do not deprive the body of the most important nutrients. Permitted food is quite high in calories, but it is due to them that the normal maintenance of all processes in the body is maintained. In addition, the list of products includes elements that help the body to remove accumulated slags and toxins, which means, the diet is aimed at improving the slimming.

What are the disadvantages of the Old English diet? In addition to the permitted food products, there is nothing more to eat. Pamper yourself with only black or green tea, and it can not be sweetened or diluted with milk. The maximum relief that occurs in some sources is the addition of a jam of blueberry or strawberry jam with a minimum sugar content.

It is important to understand that The Old English diet is a set of dietary restrictions for the purpose of rapid weight loss, which means that there are no allowed products in any quantities. Basic meals assume small portions only four times a day, the last of which should be no later than eight in the evening. "Desserts" are limited to tea. Jam can be used as an additive to a dish in limited quantities and only once a day. Adding salt to food can be minimized, but it is better to exclude salt from the diet altogether for a while – so you can help the body quickly get rid of excess water, and therefore quickly lose a few extra pounds. And the last rule of this diet – drinking clean drinking water from 1,5 to 2 liters per day, which will "expel" the accumulated slags and toxins much faster.

How much can you sit on the Old English diet? Such a strict diet can be observed for five days, and then gradually leave it. Compliance with strict menu can be repeated only through 1-1,5 months, and not more than three times a year.

The Old English diet is designed for people who are ready to observe a five-day strict diet regime consciously, purposefully and without any indulgence. In return, losing weight gets impressive results of losing weight.

Important: compliance with the Old English diet is contraindicated in people with chronic kidney and liver disease, as a sharp decrease in consumed carbohydrates and an increase in the number of proteins can disrupt the work of the organs. In addition, a similar menu Do not choose pregnant women and young mothers.

Menu of the Old English diet

Methods of rapid weight loss in the Old English diet for five days

Since the diet of this diet is limited, from the slimming is not required manifestations of culinary fantasy and hours of labors in the kitchen. The menu of the Old English diet for 5 days assumes four small meals a day, strictly formulated by diet, and each of which necessarily includes a cup of tea. Also, all afternoon snacks for five days consist only of tea.

  • oat porridge on the water;
  • low-fat chicken broth, a slice of wheat bread;
  • a cup of tea;
  • a slice of rye bread and butter.
  • a tablespoon of jam;
  • chicken drumstick cooked without skin;
  • a cup of tea;
  • a small portion of cooked beans with tomatoes.

After strict adherence to the menu of the Old English diet should be gradually introduced into the diet boiled vegetables, then you can enter fresh vegetables and fruits. Harmful and fatty foods should be completely excluded from the menu for another two weeks.

The role of tea in the diet

Methods of rapid weight loss in the Old English diet for five days

Some sources claim that the Old English diet restricts slimming not only in the choice of food, but also in the varieties of tea. So, for example, it is strictly forbidden to include in the menu a drink mixed with milk, or herbal infusions. Some people say that you need to drink only strong black tea. Others advise to include in the daily menu green tea, which contains more useful substances, which helps very much to overcome strict limitations in nutrition.

The properties of this drink speak for themselves: increasing the metabolic rate, removing toxins and toxins from the blood, accelerating the process of heat exchange in the body, reducing blood sugar, and stimulating the natural.

Results of the Old English diet

Methods of rapid weight loss in the Old English diet for five days

Strict adherence to the menu of this hard express diet can not only help lose weight before an important event, but also have a positive effect on all body functions due to the cleansing and accelerating metabolism effect. The main thing is not to forget that for more than five days to observe such a meager diet can be dangerous to health.

Reviews call different numbers of possible outcomes, from 1,5 to 10 kilograms for five days of the Old English diet. This regime meets the same rules as most other diets: The more excess weight in a person, the faster the first kilograms of water and recent fat leave.

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