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Mild diet for pregnant women

During pregnancy, a woman should be extremely careful about nutrition and the quality of foods. This is necessary for the normal course of pregnancy and the full development of the child. But this does not mean that a pregnant woman is allowed to eat everything and more. It has long been denied the fact that a woman who wears a baby under the heart should eat for two.

Feeding pregnant

It is difficult to overestimate the role of nutrition for a pregnant woman and a growing fetus. The future mother, only having learned about her situation, is obliged to minimize the consumption of harmful foods (fatty and fried, fast food) and give preference to products that contain protein, fiber, vitamins.

The food should be high-grade. But do not immediately lean on all sorts of dishes. Getting up from the table, it is better to feel slight hunger, but not heaviness from overeating. The most optimal variant is a fractional food, when it is necessary to eat small portions, but often.

At different times there are differences. In the first trimester, when all the baby's organs are laid, it is necessary that all the necessary vitamins and trace elements come to it. In the second trimester diet can be somewhat adjusted. The emphasis is on protein products, which is useful with the active growth of the baby during this period. Nutrition in the third trimester of pregnancy should be based on foods that contain vitamins and minerals. They contribute to a good growth of the child's bones, development of the nervous system.

Diet for pregnant women

Diet for pregnant women – this is not fasting and tight restrictions, it is, rather, the basis of proper nutrition. Optimal to eat 4 food – 5 once a day. It is important to consume enough vegetables, fruits, and products that contain protein.

Daily pregnant woman should receive:

  • 100 – 120 g protein (lean meat, eggs, fish, natural yogurt, milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, cheese);
  • about 100 g fat;
  • in the first half of pregnancy 300 – 400 g carbohydrates, in the second half their number should not exceed 300 g;
  • 1,5 l mineral water.

Breakfast should be most satisfying and high-calorie. For dinner it is better to leave light foods. But do not starve yourself if you really want to eat. Choosing low-calorie foods, and not sweet pastries, harm to health and a figure you will not cause.

Unloading days for pregnant women

For 9 months of pregnancy, a woman is gaining about 10 kilogram. If the gained weight does not exceed this mark, then after giving birth, there will be no need to resort to rigid diets. It is much more useful to eat right at once, to arrange unloading days, this will allow you to quickly come to form after giving birth. Especially, a set more than 15 kilograms can adversely affect a woman's condition, as the load on the spine increases.

Unloading day is enough to arrange once a week or after a good festive feast. Observing this regime, the body will quickly get used to and will "wait" for a day of light nutrition. More often it is not recommended.

How to arrange a fasting day

An obligatory criterion of any unloading day is 2 liters of water. This helps maintain the proper balance of minerals. In addition, a sufficient amount of ordinary water contributes to a better body cleansing.

For a fasting day during pregnancy, it is worth choosing a single product. It can be fruit (better apples), vegetables, juices or sour-milk products. For a variety of diets, you can alternate the unloading menu.

There is a little trick as it is easier to move a day off. The whole day the woman should have some important occupation. After all, if nothing to do and just sit at home, then thoughts will only be about the food that the refrigerator is full of. A useful lesson will be diverted from "hungry" thoughts.

In order not to harm the child and not expose himself to danger, before any experiments with nutrition must necessarily consult with a doctor. He will help to adjust the diet and recommend the best option for a fasting day. Also, be careful if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract and any other chronic diseases.

Unloading days. Reviews

I arranged for myself a day off on Wednesdays. Most liked cottage cheese and milk. For a day there was enough 1,5 a liter of milk (low-fat) and 500 g of cottage cheese. At the end of the day, of course, already tired of cottage cheese washed down, but the result suited.

When the weight began to grow rapidly in the second trimester, the doctor recommended to arrange a fasting day on green apples. In this case, saw also 1,5 – 2 liters of water. Weight gain has a little stopped, plus there was an excellent state of health!