Milk and muscle


The days when milk was able to replace the bodybuilders with modern sports nutrition have sunk into oblivion. Then it was considered the most powerful stimulator of muscle strength. Surely now adherents of modern bodybuilding condescendingly smile. In fact, how simple cow milk can affect extreme sports records? Can milk really contribute to muscle growth?

At first glance, it seems that no. Still, there are many small nuances in this matter. Power records, when as a sports nutrition used steamed milk and chops, so no one is beaten. And the life expectancy of bodybuilders has become much lower today. So, for example, George Gakkenshmidt lived up to 89 years, and Armand Tanni with success was engaged in bodybuilding and in 90 years! Not in our favor speak and countless diseases, which suffer bodybuilders already at 40-year-old age. This is not about minor troubles, but about oncology and early heart attacks. However, it is worth to clarify that the milk here is not meant to be a store, but a steam, which is said to be "just from under the cow".

In the last century, athletes and doctors unanimously affirmed that steamed milk is a real panacea for athletes engaged in bodybuilding in earnest. Doctors prescribe milk even to ordinary people as an indispensable medicine. However, in the new millennium, this product in bodybuilding still did not find its application. The reason for this lies in the fact that athletes, recalling the instructions of bodybuilders of the last century, decided to drink boiled milk.

In times of industrial production, when cow's milk is repeatedly poured from the tank into a container during processing, it is saturated with microorganisms that provoke souring and also pose a threat to human health. During the pasteurization pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed, so this milk is stored longer than the pair. Nevertheless, heating of pasteurized milk does not pass without a trace for most active substances – they are destroyed.

And nevertheless, physicians consider pasteurized milk to be beneficial to the body. British scientists at one time conducted more than three hundred studies of the effect of such milk on human health at the request of the government. Officials believed that the animal cholesterol contained in milk is harmful to the heart. And studies have shown that cholesterol in milk does not increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, how many liters of milk do not drink. On the contrary, regular use of pasteurized milk reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. The fact that among the regular consumers of milk the percentage of the disease of intestinal cancer is one of the lowest among the public was especially interesting to the public.

Milk and muscle

Pasteurization of milk practically does not harm the proteins contained in it – casein and whey. Both types of protein in pasteurized milk retain the same natural ratio, which is characteristic of fresh milk – 20: 80. Casein and serum act synergistically, improve digestion. Therefore, bodybuilders are recommended after training to take whey with "slow" casein. Such casein does not slow down the assimilation of amino acids, which affect the synthesis of protein in muscles, but, on the contrary, improves this process.

Serum is a water-soluble protein containing many unique amino acids that have side branched chains. Such chains in medicine are designated by the abbreviation BCAA. Examples of such amino acids are valine, leucine and isoleucine. The amino acids BCAA are most abundant in the human muscle protein. The most important among them is leucine. Bodybuilding activities stimulate protein synthesis (growth of intracellular protein), but the "key" that opens this reaction is the leucine molecule. After the intake of powdered whey, a sharp release of leucine into the blood takes place, as a result of which the protein synthesis rapidly develops. It should be noted that leucine itself has nothing to do with anabolics. Such functions are opened in it after a hard workout. Therefore, it is recommended that bodybuilders take powder whey immediately after bodybuilding sessions. If you take the serum and half an hour before training, this will allow you to increase its anabolic effect several times!

Whey protein – the "champion" for the time of assimilation. Therefore protein synthesis, launched by leucine, receives an abundance of building material in the form of a huge number of amino acids. It seems that there is no sense in interfering with "slow" casein with "fast" serum, however casein, which has the property of sticking together in the intestine into lumps, releases from its composition both individual amino acids and peptides (compounds of several amino acids). Peptides have the functions of independent compounds. Among them, you can meet the casokinins, which increase the ability of blood cells to penetrate into the capillaries. There are similar peptides in serum. Therefore, the combined use of casein and whey multiplies this effect and enhances the capillary blood flow. And, consequently, the synthesis of protein in the deep layers of muscle tissue also increases. However, before the true anabolic milk pasteurized is still far away. If only you do not decide to stir in a glass of this product a large spoonful of whey.

Do not confuse sterilized and pasteurized milk. You already know that heating milk has a harmful effect not on all types of microorganisms. Sterilization is a deep thermal treatment of milk, in which it is heated to a temperature of 140 degrees. No microbes can survive in such a temperature. Sterilized milk is stored for several months, but it does not bring any benefit. Saying unscientific language, such milk can be compared with ordinary water, in which several spoons of dried milk product are dissolved. But if you use several liters of fresh milk during a strength training, then the growth of muscle mass and strength will not take long. In addition, the use of fresh milk increases the level of general health, without which it is impossible to force and other sports records.

What is the feature of fresh milk? Science has found that it contains specific immunoglobulins that enhance immunity, as well as natural antioxidants and cytokines. Cytokines are formed in our body, however in small quantities, but their properties are truly unique: they are connected to the stem cells of the genetic apparatus, converting them into muscle cells. Scientifically speaking, stem cells are formed in the spinal cord, along with the blood they move around the body and are transformed, if necessary, into cells of any tissues of the body. During strength training, the fibers of muscle cells are broken. Their healing occurs under the influence of stem cells, which are controlled by cytokines.

During boiling, a large number of cytokines are destroyed. If you drink fresh milk, then their number will come, and therefore the growth of muscles will accelerate. Today, science has described several types of cytokines, but a complete list of the functions of each of them does not become possible to determine now. The role of each cytokine is universal. They can often change each other, and also have a joint impact. However, scientists in America have made an incredible discovery. From mammal colostrum, which is formed in the first weeks after childbirth, they were able to isolate cytokines that stimulate protein synthesis. It was proved that it is due to cytokines that such rapid growth is observed in babies of all mammals. And while they do not receive and do not receive from the outside anabolic hormones. If such cytokines are introduced into the bodybuilding organism, which already has the process of muscle growth, which was launched by special exercises, then an increase in muscle mass of incredible volumes is obtained. Scientists have experimented with rats that received daily cytokines obtained from colostrum, and their physical size increased almost twofold in a month of experiments!

The research was initiated by Scott Connelly, the head of the popular MET-Rx company, which acted solely in the interests of athletes. The created drug "Progeneks" will soon begin to be tested on people. Connelly says that the world will soon see "real monsters of muscle mass".

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