Monodiet: benefit or harm

Not far off the beach season, and the theme of weight loss, thin waist, tight hips and, of course, diets are becoming more relevant. Unfortunately, most of us, dear ladies, instead of persistently and persistently changing their diet from any way to the correct and balanced, prefer to go the shortest way. As it usually happens: suddenly (!) We find out that the beloved dress does not converge at the waist, or the trousers are no longer beneficial to emphasize the graceful line of thighs, but emphasize the non-elegant bulges . "Oh, the horror, we must urgently change something!" – we decide we and . amicably we sit down on the next fashionable in this season superdiet. But tell me honestly – did you see at least one living person, to whom the diet helped once and for all? Commercials do not count! Let's get together with "Culinary Eden" to understand this question and decide what mono-diets are, what are their benefits and harm, and why they have become so popular.

Actually, mono-diets are the usual unloading days that have grown to indecent proportions. And if the unloading days, carried out with the mind, bring only benefit, long mono-diets can cause significant damage to our body.

Monodiet – is the use of any one product for several days, and in strictly limited quantities. It can be, for example, a kilogram of apples, a liter of milk or kefir, a glass of rice boiled on water without salt, a half kilogram of watermelon or 300-400 grams of cottage cheese, stretched for a day. Even a chocolate mono-diet was invented! Nothing else is there. Only there are no restrictions on water, you can drink it as much as you like (although in the world network there are diets that limit even the amount of water!). Monodiet gives the chance to get rid of several kilograms in a very short time, which is especially liked by those who like quick results. This is a visible benefit.

And now about harm. The human body is constantly updated balanced (if not to climb into the "default" settings) system. There is a constant process of replacing the old cells with new ones. Cellular composition of the human body is completely renewed in six months! Stopping this process means death. That is why it is so important for us to receive a variety of nutrients. But in nature there is no product that would contain everything or almost all the necessary vitamins, micro- and macro elements, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other substances necessary for normal life of the organism. Therefore, in those days when you eat one particular product, refusing the normal variety, your body begins to look for these substances in itself – and finds them in the muscles and internal organs. And the fat that you want to get rid of is mostly spent on maintaining energy. The process of losing weight occurs quickly, but not at the expense of losing fat, but by reducing muscle tissue.

There is one more "underwater stone" mono-diet. When the calorie content of the diet drops more than at 30%, the metabolic processes or, in other words, metabolism are slowed down in our body. Than it is dangerous? In the early days of the diet, weight loss processes are going pretty fast, pleasing us with results. Loss of weight occurs, mainly, by draining the "excess" liquid, releasing the accumulated deposits of stool and reducing the amount of incoming food. But then comes a time when the body finds a balance between its own needs and the incoming calories, while the metabolism is sharply reduced. Our wise organism goes into a "sleep mode", so to speak, in which all processes are slowed down, as in animals falling into a long hibernation. At this stage, most of us just decide to stop dieting and return to the "normal" diet. The goal is achieved! And here begins the most interesting (read – terrible): after several days of Jesuit tortures our organism perceives the former diverse and abundant food as an opportunity to stock up food for a "black day". Having eaten and satisfied the basic needs, he postpones "extra" calories and puts them in all the secluded corners of our body, converting them into . fat. And if you take into account that the muscle mass during the sitting on the mono diet is significantly reduced, it becomes problematic to spend the former calories on physical activity. Hence, even before 30% of incoming calories goes into fat. In a couple of months we have such a picture: the kilograms of muscle mass lost as a result of sitting on the diet turned into kilograms of fat, the metabolism slowed down, physical activity decreased, and the organism, frightened to the limit, perceives any delay in food as the beginning of hunger and deferred all more and more fat. Is this our goal?

Believe me, no self-respecting dietician will offer you a long mono-diet as a panacea for all ills. The question of "mono-diet: benefit or harm" is not even worth it, because any doctor knows what such misalignments in nutrition are dangerous. For example, rice mono-diet can lead to a thickening of the bile and the formation of stones in the gallbladder. Grinded rice contains little protein, and this inevitably causes a decrease in hemoglobin in blood. Oatmeal mono leads to the appearance of iron deficiency and, as a consequence, the development of anemia. Buckwheat diet, despite the unconditional usefulness of this cereal, can not provide the body with the right amount of nutrients, which leads to anemia, dizziness and other symptoms of hunger. Curd mono-diet, on the contrary, it loads the body too much with protein. As a result, the gastrointestinal tract is malfunctioning, which leads to impaired absorption of protein and calcium. Kefir almost does not contain carbohydrates. In addition, it can cause either constipation or diarrhea. Watermelons absolutely do not contain fats, which means that fat-soluble vitamins will not be absorbed. The lack of fat in the diet violates the renewal of the body cells. bananas have a pronounced fixing effect. Violation of the motility of the gastrointestinal tract is fraught with an increase in toxins in the body. Easily digested carbohydrates of bananas dramatically increase the level of glucose in the blood, which can cause hypoglycemia. Consuming more than 1,5 l of pomegranate juice per day doubles the risk of stones in the kidneys, bladder and gall bladder. Excess carrots leads to yellowing of the skin, causing the so-called "carrot hepatitis". Apples do not contain protein, but they have a lot of carbohydrates. Long use of protein-poor food causes changes in the endocrine system and the higher nervous system. Raw vegetables can cause depletion of the liver and pancreas, as well as strike a blow to the enzymatic systems of the body. This can happen to those citizens for whom raw vegetables are slightly whether not a celebratory dish, appearing on a table extremely seldom. The same reaction in unaccustomed to them people can cause and fresh juices. In addition, they stimulate appetite, causing a feeling of hunger. In the juice there is no fiber, it affects the intestines. And the acids contained in the juices can irritate the gastric mucosa. Monodiet, limiting the use of water, is dangerous by the thickening of blood and the appearance of blood clots. The lack of liquid does not allow to properly remove the decay products from the body.

Here are such horror movies. Monodiets are dangerous not only the above-described consequences. As a rule, all recommendations on the "right" holding of a mono-diet end with tips to take pharmacy multivitamin preparations – they say, to support the body in difficult dietary days . But chemical vitamins can not be eaten as candy, you must always consult your doctor before using them. Otherwise, you can cause significant harm to yourself, because in nature everything is balanced. The slightest deviation from this equilibrium is fraught with troubles, which are not suddenly manifested, but accumulate gradually. For example, an excess of vitamin C removes vitamin B12 from the body and causes its deficiency. Fat-soluble vitamins have the property of accumulating in the body, which is dangerous for poisoning. And there are so many such subtleties that only a highly qualified specialist can deal with them. But it's so boring – to go to the doctors .

Summing up. Monodietae are harmful, it is unequivocal (c). So what do you do? Do you really have to live with hated extra pounds, suffering physically and mentally? In fact, there is a way out. Nutritionists say: "Choose for yourself a diet on which you can" sit "all your life." In other words, consciously choose a type of food that, in the end, will bring your body in order. No victims, no restrictions (except for the restriction of all kinds of harmfulness), no torture. To lose weight, you need to eat – this is such a paradox. Only you need to know what is. On our site there is a whole section devoted to healthy nutrition, do not be lazy, look through the pages, perhaps you will be able to find something really useful and interesting. Finally, there are a few basic rules for literate rationing:

• Eat a variety. In this – a pledge of your well-being. It is a varied diet that will satiate your body with all the necessary nutrients.

• The size of a serving at a time should not exceed 250 ml – this is not so small, given that you will have five such servings.

• Drink more. But not tea-coffee, but pure water. Buy a really good filter or water activator or buy good bottled water and drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Water is necessary for removing the products of decay, toxins and toxins from the body.

• The amount of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet should not be less than 50%. Salads, raw soups, smoothies – you can come up with a lot of useful and delicious dishes!

• Discard store sauces, canned food, semi-finished products and other products, stuffed with all kinds of chemistry. Thus, you will make a huge step towards harmony and health.

And if you still want to torment yourself with a mono-diet, then arrange yourself weekly unloading days. Once a week, by all means. That is, on Friday evening, prepare an easy dinner, on Saturday, spend a day of unloading with one of the products (do not forget about the water!), And on Sunday do not levy on harmful delicacies. You can do unloading on one particular product from among your loved ones, and you can alternate them. Let the weight will not decrease as fast as we would like, but he will not return back, taking with him a couple of pounds in reserve, just in case.

Eat differently and correctly and be healthy and slim without mono diets!

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