Monodiettes for weight loss


What is mono-diet? This is a kind of food system, which is based on the use of one product. For example, vegetable mono-diet implies the use of one cabbage in various variations. Such discharges are useful for the body, they are aimed at cleaning the digestive tract, removing excess fluid and fat deposits. The duration is no more than 3-5 days, for which you can reset to 7 kg of excess weight.

There is a huge number of such weight loss systems, everyone can choose their favorite product and eat it throughout the diet period.

The most effective mono-diets

Fish. Suitable for almost all people, this is the source of essential amino acids, minerals and trace elements. It can be boiled, stewed, soared, baked, grilled without oil, salt and spices are not recommended. You can pour fish lemon juice and eat in pleasure. There are no restrictions in its use, the main thing is not to combine it with potatoes and other high-calorie foods.

Duration of the diet no more than 3-x days, loss in weight up to 4 kg.

Contraindications: liver disease, stomach ulcer, as well as during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Monodiettes for weight loss

Apple. Not only helps to reduce weight, but also effectively cleanses the body, removes toxins and toxins. These fruits strengthen immunity, block the development of cancer. In apples, a lot of fiber and iron. In a day you can eat up to 1,5 kg of fruit, drink clean water, for three days you can reset to 4 kg.

If there are no contraindications, a person tolerates a good diet, then "sit" on it is allowed up to 7 days, a significant loss of excess weight is guaranteed.

Buckwheat. This cereal quickly saturates the body, I want to eat less, and therefore, losing weight turns into pleasure! The benefits of buckwheat are huge, it helps the intestines to restore the microflora, normalizes blood sugar, removes harmful toxins from the body.

Cook the product right, pour a glass of buckwheat with boiled water and leave overnight, and in the morning you can start to use it. On such a mono-diet is allowed to sit up to 14 days, the expected result is over 10 kg of excess weight.

Contraindications – gastritis and pregnancy.

Cauliflower. It can be used all year round in both fresh and frozen form, it contains many microelements, vitamins and minerals. Promotes strengthening of immunity, it is easily digested by the digestive system.

Head cabbage should be poured with boiling water and boil a little. Drink tea without sugar. For three days you can lose more than 3 kg.

Monodiettes for weight loss

Rice. Groats are very nutritious and healthy, they are prepared, because buckwheat, in three days you can lose weight by 2 kg. Rice is delicious and rich in important trace elements. A wonderful adsorbent, cleans the walls of the intestines and removes toxins.

Kefir. For lovers of sour-milk products, such a mono-diet will be a joy. For one day, drink up to 2 liters of low-fat beverage, you can still eat a couple of apples a day. Efficiency for 3 days to 5 kg.

These effective slimming monods are designed for rapid weight loss, after the end of losing weight, you need to properly manage your diet, eat food in small portions, 4-5 once a day. Do not overeat, especially before going to bed. This will again not gain weight.

The most effective mono-diet for weight loss are based on low-calorie foods that benefit the body and allow for a period of losing weight to keep the body in tone and not lose useful vitamins and minerals. It is important in these days to drink a lot of fluids, and when you feel weakness and discomfort you need to stop dieting.

Monodieta – reviews and results

I was sitting on a buckwheat mono diet 5 days, lost weight on 6 kg. The result is worthy of my diligence.

My efforts were rewarded, for 3 days on a vegetable diet, I lost weight by 5 kg. Everything is super!

I was losing weight for the holiday, I had to get into the dress, I did it, but after very quickly these kilograms returned to me, because I really like to eat sweets!

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