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Morning exercise is good for losing weight and overall well-being

Awakening in the morning is the time when the body needs help, it needs to be started and set a positive attitude for the whole coming day.

Benefits of morning exercise and its effect on the process of losing weight

Morning gymnastics has numerous positive effects on the general condition of a person:

    • gives a push to the awakened, eliminating the remnants of a sleepy state at all;
    • revitalizes the processes occurring in the body, accelerating the exchange of nutrients;
    • has a preventive effect on the musculoskeletal system;
    • corrects the shape of the body;

  • helps maintain the youthfulness of the skin and its beauty;
  • beneficial effect on the circulatory system;
  • organizes the behavior of a person, forcing him to obey certain disciplinary and sports standards;
  • temperes the body and increases the body's defenses;
  • increases energy and invigorates;
  • accelerates the mental processes of the brain;
  • adjusts to positive and improves mood;
  • increases tone, and this, in turn, leads to a chain of other good side effects, one of which is weight loss.

Gymnastic exercises in the morning is a fruitful fight against extra kilograms. Physical exercises are indispensable in the process of losing weight: you can limit the nutritional diet and decrease in size, but to give your forms elasticity will help only the load.

Daily charging will gradually, what is important, form a beautiful body. Regular procedures will become familiar and desirable.

Doing morning exercises for losing weight: the basic rules, preparation, motive

The effectiveness of the complex of gymnastic exercises in the morning depends on the fulfillment of the corresponding requirements for this process.

Among the main ones are the following rules:

  1. Opening your eyes in the morning, stay a little in bed, do a stretch, deliberately, but calmly wake yourself up.
  2. A glass of warm water (you can with olive oil) start your digestive tract system.
  3. After that, you can perform classes in your mode, a few minutes after you woke up. All the exercises you just need to enjoy and feel your body.
  4. One of the main conditions in the charging process is the temperature regime and a well-ventilated room, in which there is enough oxygen, and in the warm season the best place for performing gymnastics will be the street.

This factor is the most important for the beneficial conduct of classes and the preservation of health.

  • Required is a pleasant level of comfort at the time of classes, which is achieved through comfortable sportswear.
  • Classes should be diverse, but performed according to a clearly worked out scheme: from simple to complex.
  • The key to your success is to develop a systematic approach to this event.
  • Preparatory measures before the performance of the sports complex include the morning warm-up, which takes no more than two to three minutes. It is a very important factor and should not be neglected.

    Light, smooth movements will adapt the body to the upcoming load and avoid all possible injuries.

    An additional measure of regular physical activity is the process of motivation. This is 50% of what you will daily become for morning exercises.

    Highlight for yourself the main points that will give a real push and overpower your laziness:

    • Understand the value of no problems with overweight;
    • visualize for yourself the ideal proportions and step-by-step to them;
    • make a personal choice of a piece of music or videos that you will not only enjoy doing, but you will love and will try to repeat it again and again;
    • create a group mood – share with your loved ones, acquaintances, spend real competitions with them, it helps a lot;
    • spend a kind of qualifying round among all types of morning exercises, make a kit or individual program of those exercises that are important and necessary for you and only then proceed to their implementation, that is, indicate the limits of the load on different types of muscles.

    Complex effective morning exercises for weight loss

    Practically any physical education classes is an effective complex for weight loss. The main thing is that the exercises are easy to use and easy to remember.

    The first exercise, which excites the whole body, is the stretching along the body.

    After that, you can start direct loading, starting the exercises from the top and dropping down, watching while breathing (inhaling, exhaling – mouth):

      1. First we knead our neck, doing the right-to-left inclinations, up and down.
      2. Then a small load is applied to the shoulder joints, rotating them in one and the other side or lifting up and down.
      3. Further, do the torso of the trunk back and forth (touching the floor), stretching the lower lumbar section.
      4. Lateral slopes will allow to form a well-defined waist.
      5. Then we remove the stomach. Bending our legs at an angle of 90, we put them on a hill, rise and fall, shaking the press in this way.

      When you exhale, the body goes up. You can add an exercise "bike" to it.

    1. In the end, give a load on the legs, performing a series of sit-ups, attacks from each leg back and forth, or jumps (ordinary or rope).
    2. In addition, you can perform push-ups from the floor, which strengthens the pectoral muscles and shoulders.

    The number of exercises at the initial stage should not exceed ten per one approach. Over time, their number may increase.

    Training can be complicated and modified.

    A complex of morning exercises from the functional exercises can be learned by watching the video.

    The duration of the morning exercise, the correct process of its completion

    Observance of the time allocated for early studies is of no small importance. Training should be conducted at approximately the same hours.

    The time interval, allocated after sleep for physical exercises should not exceed half an hour. You should start with 5-15 minutes, increasing the tempo daily and increasing the amount of time given to this process.

    The process ends with vigorous movements. After the charging is completed, be sure to perform stretching exercises of loaded muscles, do respiratory gymnastics and take water procedures (preferably contrasting ones), they will cause a feeling of bliss and satisfaction with yourself.

    After such a morning, everything will necessarily happen.

    Additional types of morning exercises

    The popularity of a healthy lifestyle and its combination with optimal physical loads became the reason for the development of many types of morning exercises. In addition to classical exercises, common in sports and well-known since childhood to everyone, today there are new directions that have been assigned to the charging group.

    How to twist hulauchup for weight loss find out on our website.

    About squats for weight loss legs can be read in the article. Technique and types of squats.

    The benefits of fish oil for weight loss here.

    • walking tours;
    • yoga postures;
    • different directions of meditation.

    Each of them differs from usual exercises, first of all, by the pace, these exercises are quiet, they give the chance to relax and be alone with oneself.

    Walking has a gentle effect and is exceptional when the load on the joints is contraindicated.

    Hiking is also useful for the cardiovascular and immune systems of the body.

    Performing asanas in the morning will allow you to tune in to the right way and will help develop good flexibility and balance.

    Concerning meditation, it is necessary to select individual practices that will help to gather and find harmony within oneself.

    Starting to develop the morning habit, you should remember that charging is still a small complex of effective exercises that allow you to easily wake up and stay active throughout the day and do not turn it into a full-time activity.

    Then the process of weight loss during morning exercises will be a pleasure.

    Be persistent and patient!

    A set of exercises for morning exercises will help you to master the video.

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