Motivation for sports for girls

Modern life flies especially fast. Everyone is constantly in a hurry, hurrying, trying to find all possible ways of promotion, establishing a career, completely go to raising children. Such a position does not imply a healthy lifestyle, because every day thoughts are only in a strictly defined projection: how to earn more money and get ahead.

This attitude emerged in the capitalist period of the social system. Money rules the world, and this is the law. The current position of the adherents of this is to give strength without looking back. Just think how much health, inner energy and strength each of us produces only to become a step higher in the financial plan!

The issue of a healthy lifestyle is especially acute among girls and women. Representatives of the fair sex always want to look irresistible, as natural beauty is the key to a good mood, the ability to easily establish contact with a new person, satisfaction with their appearance. However, not all girls have given nature a balanced metabolism, which plays one of the most important roles in maintaining the body and spirit in tone. To date, about 65% of women spend their working hours in offices where there is no normal care for themselves. In this case, we mean a normal separate food, rest.

It so happened that in recent years, the so-called "fast food" establishments have become especially active in gaining momentum, in which you can eat a snack at lunch time. What is in the menu of a fast food restaurant, people who know people are shocked. The excess of caloric content, solid dough and sugar will make your life "perfect" in just a couple of months! And even later, at work, the question "Why did you get so much better?" Someone will look for the cause, completely not understanding what is the matter. It seems like after six o'clock in the evening they refused food, and we try to eat less in the morning, but the weight still stands still. Or worse – it increases.

As soon as this or that woman with full awareness will understand the situation in which she finds herself, there will be a desire to fix everything. Become again slim, irresistible, desirable. Girlfriends will advise: "Feed yourself right and go in for sports!" – "Thank you, it's all so simple," you will say. Sign up at the nearest gym or take a subscription to the pool, visit four to five classes and . return to their habitual way of life: After work – home. Dinner – and sleep. A similar mistake is made by about 80% of those wishing to truly change their lives. It is not as easy to create your body as it seems.

In order not to make such mistakes and permanently develop the willpower for training, it is necessary to know the vivid examples of the success of the same people as yourself. Moreover, in any endeavor to engage in sports, it is necessary to firmly grasp certain points about which we shall now talk.

Motivation for sports for girls: three components of success

Achieving this goal implies a well-established system of "checks and balances". In this case we are talking about a reasonable attitude towards the beginning of classes. Many seek in the first days of training to load your body with a lot of debilitating exercises in order to achieve the coveted goal as quickly as possible. Remember: under no circumstances will the word "fast" in the process of acquiring an excellent physical form not be accepted! Try to consciously approach the performance of all necessary actions, do not hurry and do not hesitate. Do your work with love.

In general, the motivation for sports among girls is well awakened in the following ways:

From the very first workout, you must strictly remember that the process of building your dream body is an effort that requires your willpower. Now that you have firmly decided to put an end to the wrong diet and daily routine, sports must inevitably enter your life as an integral part of everything around you. Choose for yourself the best kind of sport, which is completely suitable for your warehouse and character, and complexion. Your goal – to play sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, and not to drink alcohol and consume the wrong food. You – a woman, beauty and charm should be accompanied without fail throughout life! Help yourself, because it is from the stubborn step to the goal that the final result will depend entirely. In a word, remember the main thing, and the efforts expended will be rewarded.

As already noted above, there is no need to rush anywhere. Sports activities must be clearly structured, comfortable and comfortable. So, for example, if you want to run, do not "break" your body, waking up before dawn with a bad state of health. You can go on a run in the evening, after work, when nothing prevents the calm conduct of training. Remember: worthy results never come quickly, because the more time you spend working on yourself, the more likely you are to achieve your cherished goal – the goal of having a beautiful figure. Yes, as a pleasant bonus, you can add that over time, a person has the ability to get used to everything that will later be reflected in your training. If at the beginning of sports you can feel some discomfort, then a little later, in a month or another, it will be noticeable that every new training will be easier and easier, and the motivation in the sport for girls will increase.

And, perhaps, the most important point of success is the pleasure of playing sports. Someone from the Great once remarked: "In a sound body, a healthy spirit". The feeling of pleasure from training must necessarily accompany every girl or woman, because only in this case you can hope for success. No matter how much a person goes against himself, a negative feeling sooner or later will take up, and then sports will stop on their own. Love the sport, wish it with all your heart, and he will certainly answer you in return.

Motivation for sports for girls: listen to professionals

Among the effective ways to increase motivation can be identified and the advice of professional athletes who have devoted their sport to their entire life. Portal brings several statements of successful women who managed to achieve excellent results of their figure.

Miya Finegan: The life credo inside me says: "Your health is your wealth". For this reason, the best motivation for me is the harmony of the soul, body and way of thinking. I constantly adhere to the rules of healthy eating, playing sports, spiritual development. I believe that the combination of the three above-mentioned criteria makes a person successful.

Cynthia Hill: I always focused on the visual effect of beauty. To this day, I'm sure that the best motivation for sports for girls is the vision of the magnificent chiseled figures on TV or on the pages of magazines.

Monica Brant: My motivation for doing sports is my figure. I constantly train in gyms, where there are mirrors, because my reflection brings a special pleasure. Agree, when a man is walking beside you and can not look away, – what could be better?

Marla Duncan: Often many people come to me with questions like "Tell me about your training program" or "Let me know how much you press bench press?". Such things kindle in me that spark that keeps the flame inside. In general, the best motivation for the girl, I believe, will be treatment, both men and women with the words "You look great!"

Every woman in the depths of the soul constantly strives to achieve the ideal of both beauty and soul. However, life is such that it is not always easy and quick to achieve what you want. Stunning figure, intelligence and kind character – the guarantee of the successful life of any girl. And if the last two criteria are achieved by working on oneself mentally, then the first is purely physically. And in this case the motivation for sports is one of the fundamental moments of future success.


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