Nicole Naghran: an interview with the current champion

Nicole Nagran announced herself in 2010 year, making her debut at the annual Bodybuilding Weekly Championships, held annually under the auspices of the IFBB, where she won a brilliant victory in the Miss Bikini category for women. In the same year 18-year-old athlete took the third place at the Olympia-2010 competition – for her professional career she only completed the competition twice in the first place.

Perfectly mastered the art of looking beautiful, in 2012 year Nagoni returns to the podium of the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championship, where she won her first victory two years ago. However, at the Arnold Classic-2012 competition, she lost to Sonia Gonzalez and India's Paulino, who climbed the first and second steps of the pedestal, and Ngraun was satisfied with third place.

Nicole is known for her easy attitude to precompetition training, but it combines all the qualities necessary for victory: an ideal figure, skin tone, facial features and the ability to behave on the podium. She forces her rivals to put her best on every match. Applicants will have to make enormous efforts to overthrow Ngran from the queen's throne in the bikini world.

You won five of the seven contests in which participated. Could you describe such qualities as physical fitness and ability to behave on the podium, which often lead to success?

Honestly, it seems to me that the confidence that I radiate on the podium is one of the main factors of my achievements. Speaking at the time in the support group of a well-known team, I used to be in the public eye. I like being in the spotlight. Therefore, I do not feel psychological discomfort, taking part in competitions. As for the figure, it seems to me that I owe the impeccable shape of the gluteal muscles and leg muscles to the years of performances in the support group and the athletics classes. It is from the development of these muscle groups that success at bikini competitions depends.

If you compare your training program to the Olympia competition in the past 2011 year and this year, have any changes been made?

I do everything that depends on me so that I can better prepare myself for the performance at the Olympia competition. If we talk about the training program, it has not undergone significant changes in comparison with last year's, except for a little more work on the upper body. However, psychological preparation differs significantly from what it was a year ago, because I seriously intend to retain my title.

How does the program for preparing for a bikini contest differ from the training program for women's bodybuilding competitions? Are there differences in the evaluation of the physical form of bikini contestants and ordinary female bodybuilders?

Bikini training differs from conventional bodybuilding, as here attention is focused mainly on the muscle tone, rather than on their volume. My training program consists of a large number of plyometric exercises. In strength exercises, it is important for me to increase the number of repetitions, rather than working weights. I am convinced that at the bikini competitions judges assess the participants in terms of the elasticity and tone of the muscles. Of course, you need to have enough developed muscles as evidence that you work hard at training. However, their volume should not be excessive, as is customary in other categories.

Describe your meal plan. How does your diet change in the pre-competition period compared to the off-season?

My meal plan during the preparatory period is not much different from the diet in the off-season, as I always try to keep myself in a competitive form. In the off-season I use practically the same products as during the preparation for competitions, but sometimes I allow myself to eat a little more.

What changes do you plan to make to the training program and nutrition plan as the date of the Olympiad-2012 competition approaches, especially in the last 2-3 weeks?

I do not change the preparation process on the eve of the competition. Even in the last week before the performance I do not reduce the amount of liquid intake. The only point is that the workouts become more intense, and the load in the cardio exercises can also increase.

How do you think, does your psychological state affect the process of preparation for competitions?

During the preparation for the competition, I am maximally collected. I do everything in my power, put my best to the maximum and adjust only to success. It seems to me that this approach, when I do what is required of me, and do not ponder every detail of the upcoming performance, is bearing fruit, because I have never experienced a panic fear of going to the podium.

To date, you are the current champion of Miss Bikini Olympia. Do you have increased requirements in terms of your level of preparation for the match?

Of course, I'm under some pressure, as I have to defend my title. But this was already with me when I was preparing for the Arnold Classic competition this year. Then I took the third place, and the title went to another girl. Now I am fully committed to the best possible performance at Olympia.

You have been at the professional level for only three years, but during this time you managed to achieve such results, to which other participants of bikini competitions go for years. What do you owe to your rapid takeoff?

I am sure that the key to my success is education. My parents had high hopes for me and my brother. I always tried to do everything possible and impossible to justify their expectations. I have such a worldview in my blood, and I project it on all my actions. As for appearances at competitions, my strategy is structured as follows: to determine which direction to move, to make maximum efforts to achieve the goals, and to systematically work on its improvement. Yes, I have been at the professional level for only three years, but I started training long before that and for the first time I took part in the contest at 14-year-old age. I know well what physical exertion is, and I've always liked to watch the participants at various contests. It seems to me that love and respect for sports are the main factors of my success.

How can you characterize the atmosphere at the Olympia competition compared to other major competitions that are held under the auspices of the IFBB?

I get goosebumps already only from one thought about going to the podium of this contest. The podium of Olympia is something fantastic! Every minute of staying on it is a great honor.

All participants overwhelm incredible feelings when we stand in front of the audience in the light of the ramp. Even when I was a teenager, my parents and I watched Olympia every year on TV. Going to the podium of this competition is the fulfillment of my dream.

I am impressed by the atmosphere of this show, because all its participants and spectators are fans of bodybuilding. It's so cool when you are surrounded by people who understand how much power you have invested in order to become a participant in the Olympia competition.

What, in your opinion, will provide you an advantage over the closest rivals in terms of figure and posing in the competition this year?

All participants in this competition are different – starting with the elements of the pose or the color of the swimsuit and ending with genetic data. When the most beautiful girls in the world are standing in front of you, it's very difficult to find the differences that allow you to determine which of them is the best, because all the participants look amazing. It seems to me that in the end it all comes down to who of the contestants looks better directly on the day of the match. It is difficult to single out any significant distinctive qualities that can provide me an advantage over other participants.

What place, in your opinion, you can take at the Olympia competition this year and why?

I do not know what place is for me this year, but I am absolutely sure that I will do everything in my power to perform as best as possible. I do not want to set myself up for a certain place, because it does not depend on it. The main thing is how selflessly you prepared to perform as best as possible. Did you perform cardio exercises in sufficient volume, did you adhere to the training program, did you practice at full strength? If you did everything right and are satisfied with the work done, then it does not matter which place you will win – you are already a winner.

What would you like to say to your many fans who will be rooting for you at the Olympia competition?

I am sincerely grateful to all the people who have supported me since the very beginning of my professional career. It's the fans who give me an incentive to move forward and be an example for other ambitious and strong participants.

I agree with the words of Nicole Nagarni that the success of a person, mainly depends on how he was raised as a child. If he is given due attention, praises, instructs, helps to set achievable goals and achieve them, then such a person will grow up to be a purposeful and successful person. As for Nicole Nagran, she achieved what she wanted. I wonder if her parents wanted this. What goals did they help her put?

Very beautiful in her figure, not pumped, class


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