Nutrition for muscle mass gain


Weekly meal plan and 15 the best products for a set of dry muscle mass.

Authors: Ph.D. Jim Stoppani, Carla Dayle and Allan Donelly

15 the best products for lean muscle mass

The value of beef in the diet for muscle mass is explained by the high content of protein, cholesterol, zinc, B vitamins and iron.

Beef herbal fattening contains more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than conventional beef. CLA accelerates the rate of breakdown of fats and muscle mass.

A rich source of betaine (trimethylglycine). This substance not only normalizes the work of the liver and joints, but also stimulates the development of muscle strength and power (according to scientific research).

In addition, beets raise the level of nitric oxide in the body, contributing to the mobilization of energy reserves and the restoration of forces.

Slowly assimilated cereal, which provides the body with energy for a long time (including, with physical exertion). In addition, brown rice activates the production of growth hormone (GH), which is necessary for a set of dry muscle mass, fat splitting and strength development.

A useful fruit that stimulates the development of muscle mass, strength and endurance (especially if you use it before exercise).

Due to the relatively low content of fructose, this type of melon is considered to be a fast-digestible carbohydrate (unlike most other fruits). Therefore, musk melon is recommended to be consumed early in the morning after a long night's "hunger strike", as well as after training.

High content of casein makes cottage cheese a valuable source of "long-playing" protein (recommended to use before bedtime).

Of all types of protein, casein has the lowest rate of assimilation, i.e. the body will not use muscle as a source of energy during sleep.

For the eggs, the fame of one of the best sources of protein was fixed. But their ability to stimulate a set of muscle mass and the development of strength is explained not only by protein. A yolk containing cholesterol is also useful.

To be afraid of cholesterol in egg yolks is not worth it: it is scientifically proven that it reduces the number of low-density lipoproteins ("bad" cholesterol), which call for the development of atherosclerosis.

Contains serum and casein, and also contains a large amount of glutamine (amino acid). The content of omega-3 fatty acids in organic milk is almost 70% higher than in normal milk.

A source of high-grade protein and slow-digestible carbohydrates. It is believed that quinoa increases the level of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which plays an important role in the collection of dry muscle mass and the development of strength.

They contain dextrose, the simplest carbohydrate. Dextrose is absorbed by the body instantly, immediately falling into the bloodstream. Rapid delivery of carbohydrates to the muscles contributes to their effective recovery after physical exertion.

A valuable source of glutamine is the amino acid, which is needed for muscle mass gain.

In addition, spinach stimulates the development of muscle strength and stamina.

Contained in apples, polyphenols contribute to the development of muscle strength and help overcome fatigue. You will be able to exercise more intensively and for a longer time.

In addition, there are scientific facts that indicate that the polyphenols from apples accelerate the process of splitting fatty deposits. That's why it is recommended to eat apples before exercise.

Apples stimulate the development of muscle strength and help overcome fatigue. You will be able to exercise more intensively and for a longer time.

Greek yogurt, like the usual, is made from milk. However, in Greek yoghurt, more protein (as much as 20 g per cup) and less carbohydrates (9 g per cup). For comparison – the usual yogurt contains 16 g protein and carbohydrates per cup.

Also in Greek yogurt there is a lot of casein protein.

Bread is baked from sprouted grain. This type of bread includes flour from cereals and legumes, which makes it a full-fledged source of protein (ie, it contains all nine essential amino acids that are not produced in the body and which are necessary for muscle mass).

A rich source of zinc, iron, selenium, potassium and B vitamins. Contain a large amount of fiber and protein, including. amino acids with branched chains (BCAA), as well as arginine and glutamine.

Wheat germs abound with slow-digestible carbohydrates and high-grade protein – this is a wonderful product for use in pre-training snacks.

Weekly diet program for a set of dry muscle mass

The sample program is designed for a woman weighing 63 kg. If you are engaged in an intensive training program and want to gain a dry muscle mass, you should follow the following rule: in a day for one kilogram of body weight you need to get 29-33 calories.

That is, for a woman weighing 49,5 kg daily calorie should be 1430-1650 calories; for a woman weighing 67,5 kg approximately 1950-2250 calories.

The second meal (after 30-40 min after the first)

1 / 2 cups (mixed with yogurt)

Seventh meal
Second meal

2 pcs (to make scrambled eggs)

Sixth meal
First meal
Fifth meal
  • Calories: 1855

1 / 2 measuring spoon

2 pcs (hard-boiled and sliced)

Seventh meal
Second meal
Sixth meal
First meal

1 / 4 cups (make an omelette with cheese)

Sixth meal
First meal

1 / 2 cups (mixed with yogurt)

Seventh meal

Recipe A: Frittata (Italian scrambled eggs)

  1. Put the onion in a frying pan and fry for five minutes over medium heat; add broccoli and cook for another five minutes.

Recipe C: Spaghetti with meatballs

  • 120 g minced meat from lean turkey

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