Nutrition for pulmonary tuberculosis – to win infection

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease characterized by coughing with phlegm (sometimes bloody veins can be observed), increased sweating, weakness and severe weight loss. And in order to prevent the development of anorexia, the patient is prescribed a special plan for enhanced nutrition.

Diet for tuberculosis is aimed at providing a person with everything necessary throughout the day, so that his body can continue to fight the disease.

Basic dietary rules

With the development of pulmonary tuberculosis, a diet is prescribed under the number 11 (Pevzdner's diet). It is based on products with a high content of fats and carbohydrates. This avoids a great loss in weight.

The daily norm of carbohydrates for tuberculosis patients is equal to 400 – 500. This is very much for an average person, but it is quite acceptable for a patient with such a disease. However, these carbohydrates should be extracted not only by consuming cereals (bread, cereal, flour products) and sugar with honey. Observing a diet for pulmonary tuberculosis, other equally important foods should also be present in the patient's diet, in which there is also a sufficient amount of carbohydrates.

The daily fat rate for a person with tuberculosis is 100 – 120 g. Most of these fats must be of animal origin.

A daily protein norm is 100 g, while the vegetable protein should not exceed 50 g per day. That is, the diet for pulmonary tuberculosis involves the consumption of cottage cheese, eggs, meat, fish and milk.

In addition, the diet for pulmonary tuberculosis should contain many vitamins and minerals. So, in the daily diet should be present about 5 mg of vitamin A, 4 mg of vitamin B1, and vitamin C to 180 mg.

This is necessary to maintain the immunity and functionality of internal organs and systems. If a sick person does not receive all these substances in just such quantities, his illness will simply "swallow up" him. It will begin to develop very rapidly, and not everyone can be cured of tuberculosis at the last stages.

It is also worth noting that the daily calorie diet of a patient with tuberculosis should be within 3000 – 4000 kcal. It depends on the initial weight of a person, and the more it is, the less the daily calorie content. After all, if the patient has excess weight, then it is not advisable to assign millet nutrition to him.

In addition, a person who is ill with pulmonary tuberculosis, it is not recommended to drink too much liquid (no more than 1 liters). If there is a fluid retention in the body, which is noticeable in the edema of the limbs, the amount of salt consumed is reduced to 6. And sometimes it is completely excluded from the diet.

If the patient has diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, the amount of salt consumed increases on the background of the disease.

What you can not eat?

The diet of patients with tuberculosis practically does not limit anything. The list of products that are banned is not too large and includes the following:

Otherwise, the diet of patients with tuberculosis does not contain special restrictions. Patients can eat when they want and what they want. The main thing is that their diet observed the above-mentioned norms for the content of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Compliance with the diet gives a chance for people with tuberculosis to prolong their lives and hopes for a successful outcome. After all, today this disease has been sufficiently studied and is being treated.

The main thing is to believe in yourself and modern medicine, and correctly observe a diet for tuberculosis.

Video about a diet for tuberculosis

Reviews about nutrition for pulmonary tuberculosis

Hello! My friend also had tuberculosis, and my wife is a medical profession. So he asked her to paint a diet for him, in which there were no products banned him and at the same time it was nutritious and safe. Then from my wife I learned that patients with tuberculosis need a special diet at which there would be a lot of carbohydrates and proteins not only of plant origin but also of the animal

Unfortunately, we are also facing this disease. My grandfather had tuberculosis. We found this miracle – a diet that saved our grandfather from this disease. The diet was not only effective, in all senses of the word, but also very useful, since it initially eliminates harmful foods and more resembles proper nutrition in combination with vitamins of group A, B1 and vitamin C. After the Pevzdner diet, the grandfather felt much better !!

At the friend a tuberculosis, has got and before it or him terrible illness or disease. Did not communicate with him for about a month, recently met. In appearance, he clearly felt better. He told me about this diet. Of course, this is not yet a guarantee that a person will recover accurately using this diet. But it will not get any worse. Why not try the chance? I hope this diet is straightforward and miraculous, as they say.

Tuberculosis now takes just the same size of the epidemic. I know about this issue not by hearsay, as my neighbor was ill. Of course he took medication, but tuberculosis is one of those diseases where the diet is almost more important than the drugs themselves. It is this diet for tuberculosis under the number 11 (Pevzdner's diet) that was prescribed to him by the doctors, and he adhered to it (by the way, there is nothing complicated in this, it is not a diet for weight loss, if you read the composition of this diet, in fact the usual diet with increased consumption of carbohydrates). Now he is completely healthy, healed completely. Do not skimp on yourself, and recover.

My uncle, a year and a half ago, was diagnosed with tuberculosis. At first it was scary to look at him – he was melting in front of his eyes. We found a good doctor, and he advised the diet Povzdner. After the food was established, my uncle became much better, he recovered a little and looks much younger. Proper treatment in combination with diet works wonders. And now I know that you can live with such a terrible diagnosis, the main thing is to follow the recommendations of doctors and support the sick person with the whole family.

Recently, my good friend was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis: tuberculosis. From a persistent cough, a weakened organism and a malnutrition, he simply disappeared before our eyes. Doctors prescribed this diet and after a month there were noticeable improvements, and a year later, so in general, you can say, became another person)

My friend discovered tuberculosis. On the Internet, he was looking for all sorts of diets, etc. And I came across a diet Pevzdner. Observing the diet, he began to recover, the diet was effective. Six months later, he began to return to the old "form", thanks to a diet. In general, the diet is a proper food, thanks to this my friend is younger. The main thing is to follow the diet and the recommendations of doctors!

Hi everyone! I read this article and would like to tell the story of my friend. In March of last year, tuberculosis was diagnosed. The phthisiatrician appointed a consultation of a nutritionist who prescribed a diet for tuberculosis, as a result, the disease was easier, less side effects from the drugs, and the state of health was normal! The year of treatment and diet and the person recovered!

Proper healthy diet is indicated with even good health, and the importance of dieting in tuberculosis can not be underestimated. Pevzdner's diet along with good treatment put on my father's feet. Until we knew about her and, accordingly, fed him at our discretion, he began to lose weight, but thanks to this diet, the weight became normal and there were forces to fight the disease and defeat it!

Girls! Imagine, this incredible diet helped me to lose fifty kilograms in just a month! Do you know what kind of diet is this? So, this is Pevzdner's diet. I would never have thought about it that it is effective, because there are a lot of carbohydrates to consume, but it gave me a stunning result for me. I was appointed by a doctor, because I needed a special diet for tuberculosis. But I was very surprised that a diet that suggests 3000 and more calories a day can lead to weight loss, I ate on it and waited for the opposite, but day after day the kilograms disappeared and disappeared, now I decreased by half: instead of 100 kg I weigh 50 kg . Cool diet!

At the girlfriend a tuberculosis, here and to her, unfortunately, this terrible disease has got. It was not possible to communicate with her for about a month, not so long ago they saw each other. She felt much better. She told me, by the way, that there is a diet for tuberculosis, the purpose of which is to specifically saturate the body with everything necessary. Naturally, this diet is not the main means of recovery, but the Pevzdner diet really makes a very big contribution to recovery and should not become worse precisely.

I know the diet of Pevzdner not by hearsay, unfortunately I myself had been ill with tuberculosis, and I believe that it was thanks to the observance of this diet that the cure went quickly and almost without consequences. During the entire course of treatment my state of health was good, the hemoglobin values ​​were normal. So I can recommend it to other patients.


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