Nutrition for weight loss

Weekly nutrition plan and 15 the best products for fat burning.

15 the best products for burning fat

Alpha-linolenic acid (Omega-3) is found in all types of nuts, but usually in negligible amounts (unlike monounsaturated fats).

However, walnuts are considered the record holder for the content of Omega-3 fatty acids.

So, 30 g walnuts provide almost 3 g of alpha-linolenic acid.

For many centuries, ginger has been used by man to normalize the functioning of the digestive tract, as well as to prevent inflammation, improve blood circulation in muscle tissues and accelerate muscle recovery.

In addition, it is proved that ginger stimulates the breakdown of fats in the body.

Slowly assimilated carbohydrates, which help maintain a normal level of sugar and insulin in the blood, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the breakdown of fats.

Thus, during the scientific research it was found that athletes who consumed slowly digestible carbohydrates in the morning burned more fat throughout the day and during training than athletes from the control group who used easily assimilated carbohydrates.

Monounsaturated fats from avocados are used as a fuel during exercise, which contributes to rapid weight loss.

In addition, the composition of avocado includes a very interesting carbohydrate – mannopeptulose (sugar, which inhibits the production of insulin and enhances the absorption of calcium). The more mannoheptuloses in the body, the faster a person grows thin.

Salmon is one of the best sources of essential fatty acids Omega-3: eicosapentaenoic (EPA) and docosahexane (DHA). Unlike flax seeds, which supply the precursor of these acids, the salmon ensures the supply of EPA and DHA in pure form.

That is, we get fatty acids, which accelerate the burning of fat and block its accumulation in the body.

Soy is a source of soy protein, the effectiveness of which in terms of muscle mass is not inferior to other types of protein (from whey or beef).

In addition, soy helps to lose weight (probably due to a decrease in appetite and a decrease in calorie content of food).

It is possible that this is the best assistant in the fight against extra pounds. The results of scientific studies show that 2 cups of cold water increase the metabolic rate by 30%.

Scientists have determined that if a person drinks 2 cups of cold water before breakfast, lunch and dinner, then the annual energy consumption will increase by 17400 calories, which corresponds to more than two kilograms of fat!

They contain essential alpha-linolenic acid (Omega-3). It has been established that Omega-3 fatty acids activate genes that stimulate the breakdown of fats, and suppress genes that accelerate the accumulation of fatty deposits.

In the course of the study, conducted by specialists from the clinic. Scripps (San Diego, California), it was found that people who ate half a grapefruit or drank 240 ml of grapefruit juice three times a day (following a standard diet) lost an average of 2 kg for 12 weeks; with some participants dropping more than 5 kg without any diet at all!

Obviously, such results are evidence that grapefruit lowers the level of insulin in the blood. In addition, the grapefruit contains the so-called. Naringin is a compound that prevents deposition of fat stores.

Yes, it is sugar, but it has a relatively low glycemic index. Maintaining a low level of insulin is an important and necessary condition in the fight against excess kilograms.

Honey is also a rich source of nitrogen oxide metabolites; in simple words, this means that it accelerates the splitting of fat cells in the body.

Another source of monounsaturated fatty acids, necessary for weight loss. The irony is that many manufacturers produce peanut butter with low fat content!

Of course, they replace useful monounsaturated fats with carbohydrates, in particular sugar. Avoid these foods.

Buy natural peanut butter, which does not contain harmful trans fats.

Yes, yes, we mentioned eggs when we considered a list of products for muscle mass. So why are they included here?

The results of scientific research suggest that people who eat eggs, not only eat less calories throughout the day, but also get rid of excess kilos more easily.

In hot pepper contains the active ingredient capsaicin – a chemical compound that can stimulate the breakdown of fat, and reduce hunger and cravings for food.

The effectiveness of capsaicin increases in combination with caffeine.

This fibrous vegetable can not boast a high carbohydrate or calorie content, but it provides a feeling of satiety – and this is one of its main properties.

In addition, this type of cabbage is rich in phytochemical compounds that stimulate the breakdown of fats.

Olive oil, like avocado, is a valuable source of monounsaturated fats.

They not only lower the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood and normalize the work of the cardiovascular system, but they are used by the body as a fuel, i.e. you can be sure that your waist will not increase in circumference.

Weekly diet program for losing weight

An example of a weekly diet plan for weight loss is designed for a woman weighing 63 kg. If you are engaged in an intensive training program and want to get rid of extra pounds, you should be guided by the following rule: per day for one kilogram of body weight you need to get about 27 calories.

That is, for a woman weighing 49,5 kg daily calorie should be 1320 calories; for a woman weighing 67,5 kg approximately 1800 calories.

Fourth meal

1 / 4 cups (mix cottage cheese with tuna, add any vegetables)

1 st. l. (fry vegetables and shrimp, then add soy sauce and ginger)

First meal
Fifth meal

1 st. l. (mix peanut butter with yoghurt)

2 st. l. (mix salsa with cottage cheese)

1 / 8 cups (make an omelette with cheese)

Sixth meal
First meal

1 / 2 cups (tuna and cottage cheese mix together, add diced onions, carrots and peppers if desired)


2 pcs (scrambled eggs, fried eggs or hard-boiled)

3 / 4 cups (with any vegetables)


Third meal

3 pcs (add any vegetables in the tuna salad and eat with crackers)

7 halves (mix walnuts with yogurt)

  • Calories: 2260
Fourth meal

1 pcs (mix tuna with mayonnaise, add any vegetables, wrap in lavash)


Recipe B: Burrito for breakfast

  1. Preheat pita bread in a warm frying pan; fry the ham and put it on lavash.

Recipe C: Chile con carne (meat in spicy sauce with red pepper)

  • 180 g ground beef (at 90% of lean meat)

The proposed menu – a complete nonsense, has nothing to do with proper nutrition. Not to mention the fact that for people who seriously engage in sports, they are simply unacceptable.

I RECOMMEND: 1. WATER. Prepare FOR YOUR home melting water in the refrigerator freezer. Fill the plastic container with water on 3 / 4 and allow it to freeze. 2. In the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of thawed water (temperature 22 – 27 degrees) and a spoonful of oil (pumpkin, olive). 3. MOVE – go, swim, runhaig, ride a bike, etc .. 4. Do not smoke-light ones are covered with black nicotine mucus. 5. Alcohol – 1 gram per 1 kg of your weight per day. PREFERENCE – dry wine. 6. Honey instead of sugar. 7. A pile of bitter pepper a day. 8. In the barnyards instead of salt. 9. Kefir in the evening.

Guys, help please make a nutrition program. I weigh 73 kg, Growth 173. A small tummy, I want to remove it.

I want to make a program of nutrition + running. I think this will help. Well, for a general strengthening of pull-ups, push-ups, presses, squats.

And is not honey high GI? In one source was the digit 85, in the other – 90.

Depends on the type of honey. On average, 50-60. But this is provided that honey is natural. If diluted with sugar syrup, the GI can be both 90 and even higher.

Why pepper add to meat if gastritis? It's deadly. Do not torture the child, salt is the best seasoning. I, too, can not pepper, I tolerate and replace my favorite spice with other spices, more sparing. In general, this question is better to ask the gastroenterologist, who also revealed gastritis. He should prescribe a diet. I'm sure that you have already been prescribed a diet, so do not deviate from it. This will be better for the health of the child.

Protein is possible. Baby food (powder) is the same protein, so you can safely consume whey. But pepper is impossible, because the stomach mucosa is inflamed.

Then why sports nutrition in most countries recommend using from 18-ти years?

Eugene, do not tell in which countries it is recommended to use protein only from 18 years? At home there is a bank of protein from the US, on the label, I did not find information on age restrictions.

I have a question right now, but actually he, but can 14 a teenager use whey protein, if not then what can I replace it with? And one after, if you have gastritis, can you add pepper to meat?


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