Nutrition of the bodybuilder before training

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone in bodybuilding. At the stage of recruiting the necessary muscle mass, the athlete's nutrition before training should contain an increased amount of proteins and carbohydrates, however the amount of fats must be strictly limited (no more than 3-5 g). Just before training, there is not. Your diet should be planned so that food intake takes place 2 hours before the start of the training process, because it is widely known that muscle activity slows the digestive process. In addition, the full stomach to engage, to put it mildly, uncomfortable – the endurance of the body is reduced and there may be nausea.

Carbohydrates are extremely necessary for athletes just before the start of training. The carbohydrate-enriched food loads our glycogen stores. It is glycogen responsible for fatigue of the body after training. Physically loaded organism begins to consume glycogen intensively, and fatigue occurs when its amount is greatly reduced. The organism processes proteins into amino acids, which are the "building material" for our muscles. The lack of fats in the athlete's diet before training allows useful food substances to be more easily absorbed, because everyone knows that fatty foods are digested for a very long time and causes unpleasant sensations in the stomach.

Preferred products before exercise

With the content of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the bodybuilding food is all more or less clear. However, not every product indicates the content of these substances in it. From what to make up your diet? Doctors-nutritionists recommend the following products for athletes nutrition before training:

  • Boiled poultry with bread or pasta
  • Potatoes and lean meat or fish
  • Porridge with egg
  • Curd

It is also important not to overeat before exercise. The amount eaten should correspond to the average breakfast. With a normal diet, you should not feel the heaviness in the stomach at the beginning of the workout. To the usual menu, add 40-60 g of slow carbohydrates and 20 g protein. To organize a balanced diet before training, protein shakes and gains can come to the rescue. Professional protein cocktails are absorbed much faster than conventional foods. An additional protein is a key ingredient in weight gain without excess load in the form of excess fats and carbohydrates.

How to eat before losing weight training

Food when losing weight is slightly different from nutrition when weight is set. The time of eating remains the same: take food no later than 2 hours before the start of the workout. Nutrition when losing weight should not contain more than 15 g protein and more 20 g carbohydrates. It is best if carbohydrates are only complex. Such carbohydrates are found in cereals, bread, vegetables and pasta from durum wheat. To starve yourself before training is by no means worthwhile: without proper nutrition the body will not be able to work intensively during the training. Reducing the intensity of training, of course, will negatively affect their effectiveness.


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