Oat bran: Ducane diet


Many women in order to lose weight are willing to make many sacrifices – to refuse food or to eat foods that are not for this purpose. Naturally, this gives its results, but, as a rule, they do not persist for a long time. After the termination of a diet and achievement of desirable effect, they with "hunger" are thrown on food at what this food are high-calorific products which promote fast return of weight.

This can not but affect health – rapid weight loss and rapid weight gain very much affect the digestive system and the work of the heart.

Today, you can find a lot of diets, which are based on a moderate decrease in weight and keeping it for many years. An example of this is Dukan's diet oat bran, which appeared in 2000 year.

Its essence does not lie in starvation, but on the contrary, it is necessary to eat and eat a lot, but only properly selected foods. Dyukan diet is based on the use of protein foods, it allows not only to lose excess pounds, but also to build muscle mass, resulting in fatty layer decreases, and in its place appear muscle.

According to this system, athletes mainly eat, but this does not mean that it is not possible to apply it to people far from sports. On the contrary, with her help you can easily remove fat from the abdomen and sides, make the buttocks elastic and this at the same time that you will need a minimum of time for exercise.

Oat bran: Ducane diet

A bit of history

This method of losing weight appeared long before everyone knew about it. Pierre Duccan was not a doctor-dietician at all, his real profession is a neurologist. He started his career as a nutritionist, not unexpectedly for himself, when he decided to help his friend, who tried to lose weight for many years, but without success.

Pierre read a lot of literature, because he had to answer a lot of questions about nutrition, or rather the process of losing weight. As a result, he created his own technique, which was based on eating protein and water. But the most surprising thing for many people is that his diet includes eating oat bran, which was originally intended for feeding cattle. Below we then dwell in more detail on how oat bran in Dukan's diet in general were and how to use them correctly.

But before him there was another task – to help his close friend to keep the achieved results. In the end, he developed a nutrition program that consisted of 4 phases, which we'll talk about below.

Oat bran: Ducane diet

4 phases of the Ducane diet

So, in brief about the 4 phases of the Ducane diet:

  • 1 phase: is called "Attack". The length of the phase depends on the excess weight, which must be discarded and lasts from 2 to 10 days. During this period, it is necessary to focus on protein products, while completely eliminating carbohydrates and minimizing fats;
  • 2 phase: carries the name "Cruise". Lasts until the desired result is achieved. Includes the use of pure protein and vegetables in the ratio of 60: 40 (60% protein, 40% vegetables);
  • 3 phase: is called "Consolidation". The length of the stage depends on the weight of the kilogram. For every 1, the kilogram of 10 days lost. That is, if you lost weight on 4 kilograms, the 3 phase should last 40 days. Here, the gradual introduction of those foods that were consumed before the diet, but in limited quantities, is permitted;
  • 4 phase: is called "Stabilization". This period lasts throughout life and includes the observance of certain dietary rules. 6 days a week, you should eat the way you are familiar, and 1 day exclusively protein food, with each day eating oat bran.

So with this diet you can reset to 20 – 25 kg. Now let's move on to the most important thing: how to eat bran on a diet and how do they generally help to lose weight? Let's figure it out.

How did oat bran come to the list of useful products for humans?

We are all used to the fact that oat bran are a feed for livestock, but not for humans. However, American scientists in the 80-ies of the last century proved that oat bran are a useful product, especially for those who want to lose a couple of extra pounds.

In addition, the scientists also proved that this product favorably affects the work of the intestinal tract, is capable of lowering the glycemic index, which is very useful for people with diabetes. But most importantly, oat bran reliably protect the thick and rectum from the formation of cancer.

To find out more about the effect on the body of oat bran, you can learn from the following video:

The dietary properties of oat bran impressed all physicians and scientists. They can help a person lose weight and at the same time improve their health. And it's all in their composition, or rather in fibers that are rich in beta-glucan molecules. Once in the body, they act on two levels of the digestive tract.

First, oat bran have the ability to absorb liquid on average more than 25 times its own volume. Thus, when ingested, they absorb saliva and only then enter the stomach in a completely different volume. Suppose, if you eat 15 g bran, then in the stomach will get 375 g ready bran, which quickly satiate and satisfy hunger.

Secondly, when they are in the "path" along the esophagus with food clots, they are exposed to chemical action from the stomach acid, which leads to the transformation of bran into acids, amino acids and glucose, thereby triggering the process of losing weight.

That's how oat bran acts on the human body. It remains only to answer one more question: how to prepare oat bran for Ducane diet?

How to cook oat bran?

Probably, you, as well as any slimming person, were interested in the question: where to buy oat bran? Of course, it's unreasonable to use ordinary bran, which is sold in buckets in all markets. It is necessary to find special dietary oat bran. It will be extremely difficult to do this, especially in small towns. However, in the world nothing is impossible.

Oat bran can be purchased at pharmacies, but there they are very rare. You can try to find them in any department of dietary nutrition or buy in the online store. The price of dietary oat bran is not so high, so you can immediately order a couple of packs.

So, now let's go directly to cooking oat bran. They can be added to dishes, as well as baking them with various pastries. For example:

With this one you absolutely can not worry that baking will harm your figure and give you a couple extra pounds. Also from oat bran can be prepared vanilla porridge or make diet pancakes.

They can also be used as a breading for the preparation of meat or fish. If you add oat bran to the stuffing, you can also prepare dietary cutlets, meatballs or meatloaf.

Options for eating oat bran mass. They can also be simply consumed in dry form, washed down with water, but not more than 15 g (1 tablespoon).

Bread Dukana from oat bran

To prepare this dietary bakery product you will need:

  • oat flakes – 2 st. l .;
  • skimmed liquid curd – 1 st. l .;
  • wheat bran – 1 st. l .;
  • egg – 1 pcs .;
  • baking powder – ½ bags.

Prepare the bread in the microwave for about 4 minutes at a power of 750 W. But first you need to make a dough, and for this you need to grind the oat and wheat bran in flour, add the remaining ingredients to them and knead the dough. Then put the finished dough in a square shape (you can use the dishes for a microwave oven) and send the baked.

After the bread is cooked, it must be allowed to completely cool down and only then remove it from the mold and cut into small pieces.

Oat bran: Ducane diet

Vanilla porridge from oat bran

It is necessary to mix in a bowl 3 art. l. oat milk, 150 ml skim milk, sugar substitute and 2 tsp. vanilla. All mix well and put in a microwave oven, literally for a minute. Then let it brew bran, and when they swell, the porridge can also be heated, after which it is ready for use.

Pizza from oat bran

  • oat bran – 2 st. l .;
  • egg – 1 pcs .;
  • wheat bran – 1 st. l .;
  • skimmed yogurt – 2 st. l .;
  • tuna in its own juice – 1 bank;
  • red onion – 1 pcs .;
  • skimmed cream cheese – a couple of slices;
  • ketchup – 1 Art. l.

First you need to prepare a cake. To do this, it is necessary to grind oats and wheat bran into flour. Then take the mixer and begin to beat the egg with a small amount of salt, gradually pouring in the flour, and afterwards it is necessary to add kefir, only it is necessary to constantly mix the mixture. Then let the bran swell, and then place this mass in a form covered with parchment paper. Bake in preheated oven.

Then grease the finished cake with ketchup, cut into thin rings onions, sprinkle the base for pizza. Tuna should be torn in small pieces and put on top of the onion. Cheeses can be grated or cut into thin slices or cubes and sprinkled with pizza. Then again we send everything in the oven and we'll sing until the cheese completely melts.

Such delicacies can be prepared from oat bran. If you want, you can find many recipes on the Internet and cook every day a variety of delicious dishes. And then the process of losing weight will be easy for you and will not give you any health problems.

Reviews of the Ducane diet on the bran

My girlfriend tried the Dukan diet. Excellent acting, she took off a few pounds, then told me about the miracle action of the diet. Oat bran very well go in the morning, I consume them with kefir and it turns out nutritionally. I often cook pizza for myself, it's also delicious and appetizing, and it's not harmful at all. A good diet, there are more than enough recipes.

Tell me, do you cook them before kefir? Or do you need to throw the temo raw into kefir?

I've been overweight for a long time! And I have a lot of extra pounds! For a long time I tried to lose weight with the help of different diets! And no result for a long time I did not linger! (((

And after trying Dukan's diet. I lost weight. Although not much, so far only on 4 kg. But this result for me lasts about a month! What for me is an achievement! Therefore, I will try to lose weight with this diet! And I hope I will succeed!

Girls do not give up! If you want to – you can lose weight!)))

The Ducane diet is probably the most effective diet, the result of which is preserved for many years. The reason for this is the constant adherence to the rules even after passing through all the torments of the 4 phases. My mom was losing weight on such a diet. I was able to get rid of 15 kg of excess weight in the first three phases, and then the weight got up, because there was nowhere else to lose weight. There is a bran in simply steamed form, she quickly got bored and she began to prepare various dishes from them. I appreciated the oatmeal cookies with honey instead of sugar, it's delicious! If you try for yourself and cook from them not only porridge, bran does not get bored at all and become a habitual meal for the whole family.

Thank you for the article.

This diet helped me in due time.

The fact is that all my life I was pretty plump and a bit lazy.

Wrong food, lack of physical activity and a sedentary way of life killed my harmony.

I did not have time and desire to exhaust myself with hunger and physical training, but one day I was told about this Ducane diet. Oat flakes have always been famous for their properties. But that's so, this I did not expect.

And so, having passed all the phases of the Ducane diet, I dropped 27 kg, for me this is a huge achievement.

The most suitable diet for me is Dukan's diet! During pregnancy I recovered to 25 kg, after the birth I decided to take care of myself, but the kilograms I collected did not go away, and various diets ended in disruptions. On the advice of a friend decided to try Dukan's diet. At first, I was distrustful of this diet, because the diet does not provide for starvation, on the contrary, you need to eat often, consume a lot of protein foods, from which you quickly become saturated. Plus a large number of different recipes, so you can prepare your favorite, but at the same time not harmful dishes, such as pizza! As for the weight, then the kilograms gained began to melt quickly. Already gone about 10 kg, and I'm not going to stop!

Ducane diet helped me a lot in my time. I after hormonal treatment strongly recovered. I tried several methods to lose weight, but I periodically broke down (I got stuck on this diet and she immediately became interested in me) I tried it and as a result I got into taste! It gave me quite easy and dropped 10 kg on it) If you cook different dishes from bran, and not just one porridge, then this diet is just a pleasure)

All childhood and youth was slender, could eat anything, still did not get better. But after 23 years of uninterrupted gluttony, my accelerated metabolism waved to me with a pen, and gradually I started gaining weight. As a result, with 45 kilogram I turned into 89-kilogram carcass. Realizing that this can not continue to take on any longer, it turned out to be quite difficult, because I was used to not worry about what I eat, so I had to study a bunch of articles, buy tablets that did not improve the situation at all, so I noticed Ducane's diet. For me it turned out to be an ideal option, because according to the recipes you can cook any delicacy, but not in 500 calories for 100 grams. To date, I threw off 23 kilograms, which is not the limit. 🙂

I tried the diet Dyukana, it really is very effective, because I managed to lose weight by 5 kg. It's amazing when you eat 15 r bran and it seems that you ate well. Truth is one circumstance, but it simply does not need to be reversed

attention, because there is still a goal to lose weight and you need to strive for it. This circumstance is that oat bran is not tasty.

I make biscuits from oat bran, and it's VERY TASTY.

3 st. spoon of bran, 1 egg, 100 g soft curd, salt, turmeric, sliced ​​green onion and dill 3 st-spoons (or if there are no fresh, take the dry seasonings that you like). All mix and put in the cold for 2 hours.

Wipe out on a hot frying pan (with a little vegetable oil) with a tablespoon and fry under the lid 3 minutes on each side.

I eat with a salad instead of bread, or if there is a zeolor in the evening, one biscuit – and full!

I store in the refrigerator. It is possible to warm half a minute in a microwave, I prefer them warmer – fragrant.

Do not forget to drink water.

After the second birth, I very much recovered as much as 25 kg. I was advised Ducane diet on bran. I decided to try and was very pleased as this diet can be combined with feeding the baby without harm to the health either to my mother or my son. Due to the diet Dyukan I managed to throw as much as 18 kg and I will not stop there. I want to throw off only the same

Because of the injury for a long time did not attend the gym and gained excess weight. a couple of months was on diet, but dropped 2,5 kg total. Friends advised the diet: "Ducane diet". I looked on the Internet, I came across this site. Here 3-th week I keep it, it turned out to reset 4 kg, I will continue, not a heavy diet. Given that I love pizza – I found here a recipe for quite an interesting pizza, I advise everyone 🙂

Because of the injury for a long time did not attend the gym and gained excess weight. a couple of months he was on diets, but dropped 2,5 kg of everything. Friends advised the diet: "Ducane diet". I looked on the Internet, I came across this site. Here 3-th week I keep it, it turned out to reset 4 kg, I will continue, not a heavy diet. Given that I love pizza – I found here a recipe for quite an interesting pizza, I advise everyone 🙂

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