Oat Bran Dupa Diet

Bran any cereals – a valuable product in diets. Oat bran is not an exception. The online Dukan diet prescribes the use of oat bran at all four stages of its operation.

Valuable microelements, vitamins and protein in oat bran

It is generally believed that the greatest benefit of using one of the main products in the Ducane diet, bran is the improvement of the gastrointestinal microflora.

Indeed, bran, consisting mostly of fiber, qualitatively cleans the intestine from particles of undigested food and pathogenic organisms. In other words, they interfere with the processes of putrefaction in the gastrointestinal tract. And this, in turn, allows a healthy microflora to develop freely.

But in addition to its basic cleansing function, bran cereals perfectly nourish the body. They contain valuable microelements and vitamins. Most of all oat bran contains potassium, phosphorus and copper. There is magnesium, selenium, calcium and other salts of minerals.

Oat bran contains choline and vitamins E, K, folic and nicotinic acids, vitamins of group B. In the diet of Pierre Ducane, an approximate menu, this product is used because of the presence of protein, very valuable for literate weight loss. One hundred grams of oat bran contains about 17 grams of protein. Not surprisingly, the diet of this diet includes the use of oat bran at each of its stages.

Dukan Diet: How to Use Bran for Weight Loss

They can be used soaked for several hours in water, milk or kefir. The resulting gruel is then added to various dishes. This is the easiest way to use this product in the menu.

There are many culinary recipes, where oat bran is a part of delicious and healthy dietary dishes. Most often they are used in baking.

Dukan's diet: bread from bran, delicious baked goods

You can bake bread, tortillas, pizza with the addition of bran oats and wheat. And wheat usually in this case take half as much as oatmeal.

Here is one of the recipes and recommendations for using the product in bread and baking.

Pizza with minced meat and onions

  • For the test, two parts of oat bran and one part of wheat are taken. Adds 2 / 3 from this mass of fat-free cottage cheese and 1-2 eggs. The mass is laid out on a parchment paper litter on a baking sheet. It is baked in an oven with a temperature of 180 ° minutes 15.
  • A slightly cooled cake is smeared with tomato paste. It is laid out forcemeat, mixed with raw or slightly roasted onions. Add pepper, curry and other spices, thickly smeared with egg. The 10 minutes are baked at a temperature of 220 °.

Today it is not difficult to buy bran for the Ducane diet. There are a lot of recipes for bread and cakes with bran. The composition of the test in this case differs only in flavor additives: cocoa or pepper, minced meat and greens or sweetener. The basis of baking serve as bran and low-fat cottage cheese or cream cheese.

Ducane Diet: what bran are needed for weight loss

To answer the question, you need to understand what the product is. Bran is a shell containing micronutrients, which feeds the embryo of the plant. When processing (cleaning) of the seed, its outer part is separated: the endometrium with the aleurone layer. Here – an invaluable pantry of nutritional elements: proteins, vitamins, mineral salts.

Carbohydrates of the fetus are used in the production of cereals such as "Hercules", and in the bran remains a valuable substance for the diet. Sometimes when grinding, a part of the fruit remains in them. Externally, the amount of remaining starch can be easily noticed visually. If, when the product is poured, there is a thick mealy residue in the container, then there is a lot of starch in the bran.

Tips for the Ducane diet: what bran?

  • Choose the least powdery to the touch. You should know that today there is also flour from bran on sale. It is a product obtained as a result of fine grinding only of cereal shells. In appearance, such flour looks like usual, but in it the minimum amount of grain proper is only bran.
  • Therefore, in order not to be mistaken when choosing a product, read the contents of the packaging carefully. Producers today are trying to measure the amount of carbohydrates and other substances in the bran and indicate the result of the analysis on the package.
  • Choose, focusing on appearance and smell. Light beige color – the most characteristic for bran. Mold has a recognizable smell, which is difficult to confuse with something. Bran with such a smell is unsuitable.

Ducane Diet: bran – where to buy?

Buy bran in pharmacies. This product can also be found in specialized diet stores. Bran from Russia, according to consumers, good quality. Moreover, under the brands of Finnish producers, it is often the Russian product that is sold.


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