Obesity in children, ways to combat obesity

Unfortunately, not only adults, but also children suffer from obesity these days. If up to three years the full child is touched and brings joy to the parents because of a good appetite, then in the kindergarten excess weight is a disease with which it is necessary to fight as quickly as possible. If the stomach of a little man is broken in early childhood, then in adulthood, he will never be thin or of moderate size. If you believe the statistics, then 30% of obese patients are children.

We remove the cause of obesity

Modern children have long forgotten what games in the open air, sports camps and a lively lifestyle. Almost all houses have a modern computer, a tablet, a telephone and a TV that replaces a mobile lifestyle. Children’s diet should not begin with a revision of the diet, namely with sports.

If your child is addicted to a computer, then allow them to use a couple of hours a day after sports training. In the summer, when the sports sections are closed for vacation, send the child for one or two shifts to the sports camp – life in the forest will not do him any harm. If finances do not allow you to give round sums for trips to a children’s camp, then stock up on tennis rackets, soccer balls, bicycles, rollers and other sports equipment and go with the child to the street. On walks on fresh air, you must leave at least 3-4 hours per day.

Chips, cyrillos, ice cream – tablets from a beautiful figure in youth

The main enemy of all children are Kirieshki, chips, hamburgers, French fries, fast food macaroni and other food with lots of calories and spices.

Notice how many sweets, baked goods, chewing gum, and other harmful foods you ate your entire day off. Now compare this volume with a healthy meal, and you will see that the difference is huge, and not in favor of healthy food.

To lose weight to an adult, it is enough to remove foods with a high content of fat and carbohydrates, a child’s diet for weight loss requires a completely different approach. To remove from the diet fats, carbohydrates, proteins means to deprive the child of proper growth and development. At preschool and school age, the child develops not only all organs of the system, but also the brain, the process of thinking.

If the child can not do without the sweet – do not refuse it, but replace the sweets with dried fruits. Prunes, dates, grapes, for example, are very sweet. Of course, they are of little use, but they will not bring such harm as chocolate sweets, candies and other confectionery.

Slowly but surely

Do not expect that putting the child on a diet, he will lose weight in a couple of weeks and will be just like other children in the yard running around without scalding and absorbing a ton of food.

First, it all depends on how much weight you think is superfluous. If it is lightweight fullness and small fat folds on the sides, then three to four months of proper nutrition and exercise will suffice, so that the folds turn into skin, and shortness of breath disappears forever.

Children who have the weight of an adult male, but the growth of a lilliput and look like a small ball, lose weight several times heavier than a child prone to obesity. At such outcome do not wait from your child of an end result for 2-3 weeks, on struggle against excess weight can leave about one year, thus obligatory conditions will be:

  • do sport;
  • to observe a diet;
  • to refuse snacks;
  • replace sweets with dried fruits;
  • to abandon fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s in favor of homemade food;
  • forget about chips, lemonade, crackers.

It is important to prepare the child morally, to let him know that losing weight is not your whim, but a vital necessity. Tell and show a few films about people who are obese, make sure that the teenager does not laugh at the obese patients, but tries to understand the essence of this film.

Menu for children up to 14 years

Although in legislation, a child is a citizen of a country who has not reached adulthood, that is, 18 years, but, in fact, after 14-15 years, one must already sit down on an adult diet.

A preschooler should consume up to 1800 calories per day, provided that he does not have excess weight. Children from 7-11 years – 2100 calories per day. From 11 to 14 years – 2300-2500 calories per day. After 14 years the norm of calories, as in an adult person 2500-2900 calories per day (all depends on gender). If you like mathematics, then you can do simple calorie counting of dishes that are served on the table.

Puziki – karapuziki or children under three years old

And what should parents do, whose children under three years of age have a critical body weight, which in all respects lags far behind the norm? You can wait until the child goes to the general table, and start counting the grams and calories he’s eaten for the day, but it’s better to trust the dieticians who have already long since counted for you.

In each store there is a department with baby food, where you will find a large number of milk formulas, curds, fruit purees and canned meat. On each jar the composition of the product, calorie content and the presence of additives is written. In addition, this diet for children’s nutrition is suitable not only for young children, but also for children of primary school age and preschool children.


Any dairy-free cereal and tea.

2 Breakfast:

fruit puree – 100 gr. Do not banned apples and kefir as a snack.

Meat with buckwheat or soup, vegetable salad dressed with olive oil, tea.


Fruit puree – 100 – 200gr, children’s curd-100 gr., Tea or juice.

Vegetable puree – 200 gr., Tea with baby biscuits.

Do not use the infant formula, it can only build up excess weight, but not reduce it. You can also try this diet and adults, for a week, according to reviews on baby food, an adult can throw off to 7 kilogram, but you should consider that there is need in the form in which it is sold – without salt and sugar. You can make snacks with fruit. It is allowed, there are: watermelons, apples, peaches. Banana and grapes are undesirable. These fruits contain a large amount of sucrose.

Disadvantages and advantages of a diet on a children’s food

Each diet has its pros and cons. Diet on baby food, reviews give, both bad and good. One of its disadvantages to the consumer will be noticeable in two days – three days and this is the high cost of the products. In fact, 100 grams of meat will cost, like 300 grams of raw beef or pork, the same applies to fruit purees. You have to pay for quality.

When choosing jars with baby food, you need to take into account not the brand and name of the brand, but the composition of the product. Do not use foods with added sugar and starch. Look carefully at the expiration dates.

Of the obvious advantages of a diet is the taste of natural, non-diluted products. A wide range of goods and manufacturers. Each girl can easily make up a meal schedule. In addition, manufacturers often write on the packaging, how and when, to use this product.


All diets have contraindications. The diet on a children’s food is not an exception. It can not be used by hypertensives, people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is also contraindicated in anemia.

Lose weight on health, do not torment yourself with debilitating ways to lose weight, combine pleasant and useful, and a diet on baby food will help you in this.

Video with advice on proper nutrition for children

Reviews about baby diet

Children are most difficult to lose weight, then adults can not stand the diet, and try to explain to the child how much he should eat less. My son has extra weight, but I still do not manage to lose it, the second month has just gone, as he transferred it to proper nutrition completely, while they have achieved that the weight has stopped growing and even -1 kg, this achievement). She began most of all for a couple of cooks, while resisting, but already getting used to it, stopped buying shop yoghurts, cheese masses, instead she began to prepare cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt-use lean milk and dry leaven. Bakshdrav with live bacteria, it turns out very tasty and nutritious. Snacks sandwiches were replaced with cottage cheese with fruit, at night a glass of yogurt is mandatory. For this time noted that the child has become more active, cheerful, the mood is better.


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