One-repeat maximum calculator

This calculator will help you approximately calculate your one-time maximum in bench press. Although the result is not accurate for all 100%, with it you can get a good reference!

The proposed calculator can be used to approximate its one-time maximum in bench press. The program works according to the following principle: you specify the working weight and the number of repetitions that you can perform with it, after which the calculator uses the formula to calculate the weight of the approximate one-repeat maximum. Of course, the figure will not be accurate on 100%.

To use the calculator, simply enter the working weight in the first line, and in the second number of repetitions. For example, if I can squeeze 10 100 times, I'll type 100 and select 10 repetitions. Enter the weight for 1-10 repetitions, this will give the most realistic result.

To calculate the maximum weight per repetition, the following formulas are used: Bjicki, Aipli, Lander, Lombardi, Mayhew, O'Connor, Vatan. As a result, the range of values ​​obtained by these formulas is displayed.

Hello guys! Prompt, if I 30 for at 30 time I press, what max. weight can shake? In the hall I can not go yet, but at home the bar on 30

Cyril, you better just squeeze off the floor. This will be based on the load 2 / 3 of your weight. And in general, it makes no sense to press 30 for 30 times.

All correctly believes. Prompt the formula, I want to make an excel in the excel. Let's say a month I'm doing 3 repetitions, a month for 7 grubbing and a month for 10 repetitions. Suppose at the end of the first month I shook 130 for 3 times, it would be necessary that the formula would calculate how much to do on 7 repetitions equivalent in terms of load, then let 110 shrink 7 times, you need to show how much to do on 10 times., And then how much to do again on 3 times. Ie re-equipment, and without such a formula it turns out to be determined by an empirical method. which is not convenient, because 2-3 workouts only have to choose the right weight. that would be in the refusal was and that in general make the planned number of repetitions.

goni) I shake for example 100 kg on 24 times and at times well, kg 160 in the calculator under 200 shows my maximum single)

As it shows you so, if the range from 1 to 10 can only be entered.

Your weight 69 – you have no legs? 160 he squeezes at 70 kg. And I'm 145 at 95. Although the fat is 0, all the veins and muscles are visible. To put it mildly it is similar to a lie. Or press some chiting with bridges and amplitude in 10, see.

Approximately so it is. I do 78,5 on 7 times – and at once 92, 5 without breaking the technique. Each training stably add on 1 – 1, 5 kg. Body weight is just tin. Previously (7 years ago) I only trained with singles – then I squeezed 127 as much as possible, 5 and 100 ku for 7 just could shake. It was a snowball 65 kg. So much depends on the training methods. For myself, I concluded that it is better to squeeze less but with a large number of repetitions of 7-12 – the body weight grows simply incredible in the eyes, and less trauma. A single maximum I calculate by this calculator, but I never do it.

At me approximately all is correct.

your one-time maximum 163 – 175! Normally, +/- 12 kg. calculator crap full.

it is quite normal, for the builder and lifter maximum a different, and about anthropometry to forget it is not necessary

Norm, for me he precisely believes. Especially perfect if you write 6 repetitions.


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