Optimum time of protein intake

Protein in the athlete's diet plays a crucial role in levying muscle mass and increasing strength. The need for a trained organism in the protein is different during the day and depends on the time of day, day schedule and type of training load. Volumes and schedule of admission also depend on the training objectives set, for example, a large scale set of mass, drying on a relief or increasing strength. Consider the main intervals and time during the day when the protein should be taken.

Protein intake schedule for muscle mass gain

The average length of sleep varies between 7 and 8 hours per day. Throughout this time, the body does not receive food, which means that the substances stored for this purpose are spent for maintaining vital activity: glycogen contained in muscles and liver, as well as amino acids obtained as a result of the destruction of muscle tissue.

Catabolism of muscles accelerates and increased secretion of cortisol, characteristic of the morning. This means that to prevent the destruction of muscles, you need to immediately take a dose of fast proteins after sleep. The optimum option in this case is whey protein or protein hydrolyzate.

To increase muscle mass, it is necessary to replenish the amino acid reserves in time. For these purposes, you should eat more often and in between meals use 2-4 portions of protein for 20. If you know in advance that eating is delayed, use complex or slow protein.

Apart from the usual meals, for 2 hours before the training you must take whey protein. This protein can be replaced by BCAA, a complex of essential amino acids that represent one-third of all muscle proteins and is used as an energy source for intensive muscle work. If you use BCAA, then you need to take it for 20 minutes before the training.

It is important to understand that if the blood does not have sufficient amino acid concentrations, the body will not slow down using muscle tissue as an energy source. Easily assimilated proteins will support the desired level of amino acids, which means that your muscle mass will not decrease during training.

The use of proteins after exercise plays a special role in the growth of muscles. The reserves of glycogen have been exhausted, there is a small concentration of amino acids and sugar in the blood, which means that the body is more than ready to receive and assimilate nutrients. To reserve carbohydrates and amino acids as quickly as possible, immediately after training you need to take a geyner. The protein is well absorbed, and the sugar immediately goes to the regeneration of glycogen.

The insulin peak, which provides carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, allows nutrients to quickly assimilate and restore lost body stocks. In case your goal is not only to build muscle, but also to get rid of fats, give up the carbohydrate component – take only proteins.

Many believe that eating before bedtime is the key to accumulating body fat. This is true regarding the intake of fats and carbohydrates, but does not apply to proteins. Again, we make a reservation, this rule applies only to active people. Since during sleep you can not eat, the body will draw energy from its internal reserves, so the restoration of muscles can be suspended. To prevent night catabolism and give the basic nutrients for muscle recovery, take 30 minutes to sleep a cocktail of slow proteins. This mixture will ensure for you throughout the sleep stable concentration in the blood of the essential amino acids. The most complex is a complex of proteins, which includes micellar casein, milk protein, whey and other proteins.

The intake of proteins for the depiction of muscle relief

The schedule of taking the proteins is the same as in the case of an increase in muscle mass.

Optimum hours of reception of proteins with excess weight loss

In order for weight loss to be effective, you need to take a sufficient number of proteins. The fact is that with food we often get inadequate amount of proteins, this serves as a promise for the beginning of catabolic processes in muscles, which in no way helps to achieve the main goal.

With losing weight, more frequent meals are practiced – 5-6 once a day. To facilitate this task, special protein cocktails help to replace 2 or 3 food intake. Such a protein cocktail has neither fat nor carbohydrates, so it helps to lose weight. At the same time, the cocktail gives enough nutrients for muscle growth, which means it only increases your strengths.

During slimming, a portion of proteins is half of the usual – 15. The cocktail should be used for 2 hours before training and in 2 hours after the end of the workout. To achieve your main goal will help slow proteins that go to the complex. Such a mixture will give you the necessary stable concentration of amino acids in your blood throughout the entire workout.

not enough to drink only a cocktail, you need protein from food nuts fish eggs chicken itg . I gained weight 10 kg for two months training XNUMxdays a week for a mass

Protein CAN NOT be replaced with protein and BSAA. These are the components of one complex


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