Some Orange Juice Diet Weight Loss

orange juice diet weight lossOrange juice diet weight loss is gaining popularity.

This event by several factors:

  • Orange juice tastes fine
  • It is rich in phyto-nutrients and vitamins
  • No need to completely change your diet

However, there are several varieties of this diet.


Radical way to lose weight. With this diet you can’t to eat any other food in general. Very aggressive. It is imperative to consult with your doctor. Otherwise, you may be problems with the digestive tract.


It is a based on the principles of proper nutrition. For its implementation is quite simple to replace part of fluid consumed to orange juice.

You need to drink freshly squeezed orange juice daily about one liter. If this does not suit you, then just eat one orange before each meal.

Because you drink a lot of orange juice, you do not need to follow this diet for more than two days.

If you do not follow this recommendation, then the effectiveness of the diet to weight loss significantly reduced.

Just two days of the diet you will be able to lose up to two pounds overweight, and besides it will help bring your organism of excess toxins and poisons.

Basically this diet recommended for people with very large overweight.  If you overweight just in the last few months, this diet will more effective. You can quickly weight loss.

For maximum results to weight loss you need to use more plant food and an active lifestyle. This is the perfect time to engage in the sport hall.

Orange juice diet weight loss menu for the day

7:00 – Corn flakes with skimmed milk. Slice of low-fat cheese. Two glasses of orange juice
11:00 – 3-5 walnuts
13:00 – Salad with tomatoes, boiled potatoes, onions and olives. One glass of orange juice
18:00 – 2 glasses of orange juice mixed with a few drops of lemon.


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