Parsley is a green healer

Parsley has useful properties "from head to toe."

For the treatment and prevention of many diseases, both herbs, and the root and even the seeds of this plant are used.

In summer, parsley is good on the table as a perfect addition to salads, sauces, soups and a variety of hot dishes.

To colds, stock up on dry parsley or frost.

First aid kit

Few people know, but initially parsley was used as a panacea for wounds and insect bites.

Try to attach the leaf to the site of the mosquito bite – itching and redness will quickly fall off.

Useful properties of this plant are due to the richest vitamin-mineral complex.

Parsley – irreplaceable support for viral diseases.

It has antipyretic effect.

In addition, in 50 grams of this plant contains the daily norm of vitamin C.

In parsley in abundance and vitamin A.

He is responsible for visual acuity and bone health.

It is a powerful antioxidant, the use of which significantly improves the condition of the skin and hair.

Another necessary and unique substance in the composition is inulin.

It regulates the metabolic processes of glucose in the body.

Parsley is indicated for people suffering from diabetes.

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With many problems, the infusion of this plant will also help.

Useful properties are not lost even after boiling.

In this case, infusions and decoctions are quickly absorbed and deliver vitamins and minerals to the blood.

Parsley has an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect.

Therefore, those who like to chew greens can boast of healthy gums, teeth and fresh breath.

This plant is recommended for atherosclerosis, a tendency to anemia, gastrointestinal diseases, for example, gastritis.

It should also be noted that there is parsley curly, the useful properties of which are much richer, and the taste is more pronounced.

The infusion of seeds helps women to stabilize the menstrual cycle and relieve painful menstruation.

Slenderness and beauty

Those who dream of beautiful hair and skin, will like the action that has on the body parsley.

Useful properties in cosmetology have long been known and widely used.

The extract of parsley is a part of tonics, lotions and creams.

A decoction of seeds is a wonderful home tonic.

It refreshes the skin around the eyes, makes it smooth, removes bags and smoothes mimic wrinkles.

Decoction of the root of the plant – a natural acne lotion.

A gruel from a fresh plant is a national bleach.

Helps to make freckles and pigmented spots invisible.

Compresses from ground parsley seeds are a great prevention against hair loss.

And if you rinse your hair after washing the decoction of this plant, they will become soft, shiny and will be less polluted.

In dietology, this plant is also widely known.

Useful properties for weight loss plus low caloric content – what else is needed by those who follow the figure.

It well relieves edema and removes excess water from the body, as well as normalizes lipid metabolism.

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Recipe for slimming: two teaspoons of chopped parsley greens pour a glass of water (you can increase the amount proportionally).

When the broth cools down, filter.

Such an elixir well quenches the feeling of hunger.

There are more extreme methods of purification.

In a chilled broth of 100 grams of parsley and 2 liters of boiling water add the juice of one lemon and a drop of iodine.

Drink a little, if thirsty.

You can eat only oranges.

The course of purification is 10 days.

But before such experiments, consult a doctor!

Not only tops, but also roots

The nature and roots of the plant were generously awarded.

Useful properties of roots are not inferior to the green.

In many recipes of folk medicine, the root and the ground part of the plant are interchangeable or used in a complex.

Thus, with a disorder of the stomach, the root infusion of parsley will be avoided.

It is important that such a tool attaches very delicately, which means it is suitable even for small children.

A tablespoon of finely chopped root is placed on the bottom of the thermos, add half a liter of boiling water.

Let it brew for three hours.

Drink such a decoction on the tea spoon before eating.

The root will also help in the fight for the purity of the skin.

Keep the roots in a dark cool well-ventilated place.

Strong sex for a note

Those who want to keep men's health and strength for many years, too, will help parsley.

Useful properties for men deserve special attention.

Miracle herbs magically affect the potency.

The antioxidant apigenin, in a sufficient amount contained in parsley, stimulates the production of the male hormone – testosterone, and also activates blood circulation in the pelvic organs.

The use of parsley will bring relief with the prostatitis.

Well helps to establish the process of urinating infusion of parsed parsley seeds: one teaspoon of powder pour a glass of boiled water.

Let stand 8-9 hours, shaking every 2-3 hour.

Ready extract infusion.

Take a quarter cup for 15 minutes before eating.

Alternatively, you can use a fresh and dried root for the infusion.

Finely chop the pre-washed and dried spine.

One tablespoon of fresh (or 4 tablespoons of dried) root pour a glass of boiling water.

Leave it to stand night.

Take the drug you need a teaspoon for 30 minutes before eating.

In summer, when the plant is most rich in vitamins, you can drink parsley juice 20-day course.

You need to eat it before eating one teaspoonful.

Healthy and self-assured men should also include fresh parsley in their diet.

This will be a good prevention of male diseases and will give joy in the relationship with your beloved woman for many years!

Dry the medicine for the winter

In winter, when the greens are harder to get, the dried parsley will come to the rescue.

Useful properties it will save – and carotene, and vitamin C, and minerals.

The main thing is to properly prepare the plant.

Traditionally, the greens were dried, hanging bundles in the attic.

In the absence of direct sunlight and sufficient air access, the plant was evenly dried and not yellowed.

In the conditions of a city apartment, it is possible to decompose the greens on a sheet previously washed and dried in a paper towel and send to the oven at a very low temperature of 50-70 degrees.

With this method, parsley will retain a pleasant green color and aroma.

Collect greens for drying before you blossom and begin to grub.

Better do it in the morning, when the dew dried.

Remember that dried herbs have a more concentrated taste and aroma.

It will need less than fresh.

Do not season with dried parsley dishes, which will not be subjected to heat treatment.

But for medicinal broths it is indispensable.

Caution does not hurt

Is parsley harmless?

Useful properties and contraindications are two sides of the same qualities of this plant.

So, with propensity to edema, the diuretic properties of parsley will only benefit.

Those who suffer from urolithiasis, its use can provoke a strong attack.

There is an opinion that parsley can provoke a miscarriage in a pregnant woman.

Indeed, the use of this herb increases the tone of the uterus.

But for this you need to eat a lot of parsley at a time.

A serving of salad, seasoned with parsley, does not hurt.

In any case, if in doubt, consult your gynecologist.

Remember that any plant accumulates substances from the soil where it has grown.

So do not buy parsley from your hands.

Perhaps it was grown near a railway station or even within the city.

Eat more parsley in season – late spring and summer.

In winter, the plant is cultivated in greenhouse conditions.

This parsley is less rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Do you want to preserve your health and beauty for many years?

Live with taste – eat more greens!

Look for new recipes, please your loved ones and smile more often.

Video dessert

A small cognitive video that will tell about all aspects in the application of this useful herb.

Well, such useful properties of parsley will help primarily men over fifty, who already have problems in their sexual life.

Pregnant should be careful with parsley. In large quantities, it can cause miscarriage.

I do not like parsley, but I never knew before that it contains inulin and regulates the amount of glucose. My grandmother had diabetes and doctors always scare me with possible consequences. I will add in the menu more parsley for preventive maintenance – suddenly and I shall fall in love it or her at the same time))


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