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Physical exercises to increase and firm the muscles of the chest

Thoracic muscles are the most priority for many beginners and experienced athletes. Indeed, who would not want to have a massive and relief chest that would perfectly complement other developed muscles of the body?

But even in such a simple subject as training of pectoral muscles, there are pitfalls. Unfortunately, not all people know how to properly train the chest, which often leads to stagnation and the lack of muscle growth.

What exercises are best for training your breasts? Is it possible to pump pectoral muscles at home or in the street? You will find answers to these questions in this article!

Important nuances in breast training

  • Train your chest no more than once or twice a week and use the best legal steroids. Many beginners and athletes mistakenly believe that the more they load the pectoral muscles, the faster they will grow. This is an extremely incorrect statement, because because of too frequent training the breast simply will not be able to recover, because of which all the training progress will either slow down or stop. In addition, the pectoral muscles can receive an indirect load during triceps exercises (for example, the barbell press with a narrow grip).
  • Train the chest with the muscles-antagonists. For example, do not train the pectoral muscles and triceps in one day, as it receives a large indirect load during the performance of various chest exercises. Train your breasts in one day with biceps or back.

The classic three-day split looks like this:

  1. Monday: pectoral muscles and biceps.
  2. Wednesday: back and triceps.
  3. Friday: feet and shoulders.
  • Increase weight. This rule applies to absolutely all exercises for any muscle groups. Progression of loads is the key to growth. If you feel that in one approach you can do more than 12-15 times, then increase the weights in the exercise. The main thing to do this gradually and very carefully, to avoid injury!

Some people mistakenly believe that at home, breast can not be pumped up. This opinion is extremely incorrect, since there are a large number of exercises with their own weight and with additional equipment that can be performed without problems in domestic or street conditions.

Push-ups from the floor with a wide setting of brushes

A classic exercise, which even those who are far from sports and bodybuilding know about.

  1. Rest on the floor with your hands. Keep your head straight, not lowering or lifting it, while keeping it firmly on the line of the spine;
  2. Place your hands so that the palms are at the level of the elbows;
  3. Gradually descend to the bottom point, after which forcefully squeeze yourself onto equal hands with the effort of the muscles of the chest. In the upper point, keep the elbows slightly bent, so that the muscles remain in tension. Hold the body smoothly and do not bend.

If you exercise this exercise with your weight is too easy for you, use additional weights. For example, put on a backpack and put something heavy there (bottles of water, pancakes from dumbbells, etc.).

Push-ups from the floor with an emphasis on the upper part of the sternum

This exercise is intended for more experienced athletes, because it is harder to perform than the classic push-ups from the floor. It is done with raised legs, which is why the upper part of the pectoral muscles is better developed, which is poorly used during other exercises.

  1. Place your feet on the bench / stool / bed and rest with your straight hands on the floor;
  2. Put the brush a little ahead of the shoulder muscles line;
  3. Slump down, then squeeze the body upward with the force of the breasts.

As in the case of conventional push-ups, do not raise or lower your head, keep the body level and do not bend. Implementation is welcomed with additional weight.

It is a more effective type of classical push-ups, by means of which the described muscles can be accentuated.

  1. Accept the standard position by placing straight arms on chairs and legs on another elevation (for example, on a bench, sofa or the exact same chair);
  2. Smoothly lower the body down, maximally stretching the pectoral muscles along the entire amplitude, and then return to the PI.

To perform the following exercises, you will need a pair of dumbbells (preferably collapsible, so that later you can increase weight).

Dumbbell press in the horizontal plane

One of the best exercises for the muscles of the chest, which is a good alternative to the classic bench press lying down.

Technique performance:

  1. Lay down on the bench in such a way that the dumbbells were at the chest, the arms were in a bent position, and the elbows are diverted to the side;
  2. Take a breath. On exhalation with all the strength squeeze the shells upwards, completely straightening your arms at the top point;
  3. During the next breath, gently lower them down.

A great exercise, with which you can “finish off” the sternum after exhausting basic exercises.

  1. Take dumbbells in your hands, and then lie down on a bench, placing your feet on the width of your shoulders and resting them on the floor;
  2. Raise the projectiles so that they are at the level of the pectoral and humeral muscles, bend your arms in the elbow joints and fix in this position;
  3. Slowly dilute dumbbells to the sides to the level of the shoulders, and then with all your might strain your chest and push the dumbbells to their original position along the same trajectory.

When doing this exercise, try to mentally focus your attention on the chest and stretch your hands as little as possible so that the lion’s share of the load does not go away to them.

Exercise for the chest in the gym

We examined the most effective exercises at home, now it’s time to talk about training the pectoral muscles in the gym.

The same base, which is the most popular for the development of muscles of the chest among bodybuilders.

  1. Lie down on the bench. Take the bar so that the brushes are wider than the shoulders. As in the case of push-ups, the more hands are put, the more triceps will be included in the work;
  2. Remove the projectile from the racks;
  3. At a deep breath, lower it to the middle of the chest. On a strong exhalation squeeze the bar straight hands.

When working with large weights, it is necessary to call a team-mate, who in case of anything can insure you.

The basic exercise for the formation of the upper part of the sternum.

  1. Adjust the back of the bench so that its slope is 35-40 degrees. Sit down, fully lean back, position your legs wider than your shoulders and firmly rest them on the floor.
  2. Take the barbell with a standard grip;
  3. On inspiration, slowly lower the projectile to the top of the chest, touching it to her. On exhalation, lift it up.

Push-ups on bars with an emphasis on the pectoral

Remarkably works the lower part of the chest. This exercise can rightfully be called universal, because it can be performed in the hall, on the street, and even at home (if there are bars, of course).

  1. Take the starting position on the uneven bars: take a grip slightly wider than the shoulders, without bending the elbows;
  2. Bend your knees so that they do not touch the floor;
  3. To make the most part of the load go breastfed, head down and lean forward. Slowly on the inspiration, go down until you feel the maximum tension in the chest. Try not to fall down, so as not to damage the shoulder or elbow joints. Too low, too, do not go down, because during the rise will be heavily involved triceps.
  4. On exhalation, straighten again, straining your breasts as much as possible and making a short pause at the top.

This exercise is an isolating and does not involve any third-party muscles. It is carried out in the baking machine.

  1. Arrange in Peck-Deck, grasp the handles or rest your forearms in them so that the shoulders are slightly below the horizontal strip;
  2. Deeply inhale, and then bring your hands in front of you, taking a short pause;
  3. When exhaling, return your hands to the starting position.

Maneuvering the crossover. Another auxiliary exercise, in which you can work out the breast in isolation.

  1. Stand between the two upper blocks and take the handles;
  2. Place your legs slightly wider than your shoulders, slightly bend them and slightly bend your body forward;
  3. On inspiration, bring your hands forward, pulling the cables;
  4. On exhalation, return your hands to THEIR.

The best simulators for braces and breast enlargement

  • Peck-Deck. We already wrote above how to properly perform the exercise on this simulator.
  • Crossover. Multifunctional simulator, with which you can work well not only the chest, but also many other muscle groups.
  • The rubber expander. A universal thing, thanks to which you can simulate various exercise exercises in home or street conditions (including exercises on the chest).

About whether it is possible to increase the chest exercises, and what exercises are better to choose for this purpose, you can find out in the following video:

We hope that this information was useful for you. Thank you for your attention and good luck in your training!

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