Pilates for weight loss – a miracle of the fitness industry

To date, there are thousands of different techniques for maintaining the body in a healthy form, which can overcome congenital malice or excessive weight. At the moment, one of the most popular techniques is Pilates.

In our country has appeared relatively recently, but is rapidly gaining admirers.

This complex allows to increase the general tone of muscles, restores the human immune system and is very often used by professional athletes, dancers and stuntmen as a rehabilitation program after getting injuries during training.

The history of the emergence of pilates for weight loss

This set of exercises was developed by a German boy, Joseph Pilates, born in 1880. In his youth, he was very weak, suffering from regular attacks of asthma, rheumatic fever and a host of other diseases.

But, despite this, he had unswerving will and desire to live a full life. He came up with his own set of exercises and began to train on it.

By 14 years he became a real athlete and even worked as a model.

He believed that the human body can not be divided into separate muscle groups, but you need to use the entire system, only then from training will be good. Later, he repeatedly proved his methodology in practice, in different countries and for different people.

  1. Since 1912, he used it to work with boxers, when he played in the ring himself.
  2. Then I tried it as a training for circus performers, during my own tours.
  3. A little later he worked on it with the detectives of the famous Scotland Yard.
  4. Helped rebuild the soldiers who suffered during the fighting in the First World War.
  5. In 1926, he moved to the States, where he honed his method to combat post-traumatic complications in ballet dancers.

After his death at the beginning of the 90-ies of the last century Pilates became actively used by many rehabilitation centers and hospitals around the world.

Pilates basics and purpose for use

Pilates is a complex of strength training that aims to strengthen muscle groups on the legs, back, shoulders, lumbar region, arms and the press. These loads are enough to support the body in its tone and in the fight against excess weight.

For the latter, it is necessary not only to perform strength exercises, but also to adhere to recommended dietary norms.

On average, one lesson of Pilates burns about 300 kilocalories (maybe more or less, it depends on the total weight of excess weight). Compared with aerobics, dance programs or special weight training, this result is rather modest.

But this is precisely the strength of Pilates.

It does not destroy the body's defense system, it does not put it into stress due to a large loss of body weight. This is a long-term program that gives guaranteed results that last for a long time.

That's why pilates is ideal for those who want to not just lose weight, but also to protect themselves from the appearance of fat deposits after the completion of the training course.

Pilates is recommended for people:

  • with poor posture;
  • problems with the heart;
  • with poor joint work;
  • problems with the spine;
  • general weakness of the body;
  • age fitness enthusiasts;
  • and even for pregnant women (under the supervision of the trainer and with the observance of a special regime).

Pilates for beginners learn along with the video.

Many of those who lose weight, who hear about the predictions of the effectiveness of training, immediately abandon this program. In order to realize its effectiveness, you need to understand how the whole system works and what it affects.

  1. Thanks to the deep breathing that appears during training, Pilates has a beneficial effect on metabolism.

It does not speed up and does not slow it down, but leads to a normal state, forcing the body to work as a verified mechanism.

This result is achieved due to increased energy consumption in the right direction.

Simply put, a person slowly loses body weight, by redirecting resources to build muscle.

  • By toning and activating the work of the muscular system, calories continue to burn for several hours after training.
  • Regular training pilates normalizes the appetite of a person.

    This is why this system is shown to be slimming, and to those who try to combat excessive leanness.

  • This complex makes the body sculptural, helping to remove fat in the right places and build up in the missing.
  • In addition, blood circulation improves, due to which the body gets rid of a lot of excess fluid (most often expressed in the form of edema of the legs).
  • Why is it worse to give preference to this system

    There are six basic principles of the system that make this complex as effective as possible for weight loss:

    1. Full concentration. At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that the pilates involved the whole body.

    That's why the person who does it, is forced to concentrate on the exercises to the maximum.

  • Control over the body. The basis of pilates lies in complete control over the work of muscles.

    The person must control the body at every stage of the training.

  • Correct alignment. To perform exercises, you need to find an inner core or fulcrum from which the load will be distributed throughout the body.

    For each exercise, such a center of its own.

    Most often this is a press, the muscles of the back, buttocks and berd.

    It is necessary to clearly carry out each exercise, following the instructions of specialists.

  • Smoothness of movements. In the complex, all exercises are interrelated.

    In most cases, one part smoothly flows into another, being the final one and the start for another.

  • Correctness of breathing. This is the key to the success of the whole complex.

    Breathing is necessary very deeply, by maximum saturating the body with oxygen.

    It is this that gives a person a feeling of lightness and tone even after the first workout.

    Correct breathing is the start to run the entire program.

  • Here is an example of the most effective exercises in the fight against obesity. The so-called ten-minute complex (for 10 minutes).

    1. Development of the muscles of the press. You need to put your hands on your stomach.

    Take a deep breath and simultaneously "inflate" the belly, strongly pushing it forward.

    Then a powerful exhalation and compression of the muscles of the press, trying to touch them to the vertebrae and helping themselves with their hands.

  • Lie on the floor, one hand behind the head, legs bent.

    On an exhalation we lift a trunk to knees, on an inspiration smoothly we return to a starting position.

  • Lie on your back, bend your legs and stretch your shins in front of you (the calves are parallel to the floor), hugging your hips.

    On exhalation, we stretch our arms forward and make 2-4 translational movements of the body, as if trying to reach out to the toes.

    On inhaling, we lay down on the back (do not forget about the smoothness of the movements).

    On exhalation we raise our hands up and describe a circle. Breath – the starting position.

  • We lay down on the floor, legs slightly detach from the floor (at 10-15 cm).

    On exhalation we pull one knee towards us (helping with hands), the second leg remains in place.

    Breath – the starting position.

    Repeat three times for each foot at a fast pace (otherwise you will simply tire of keeping your feet on weight), while making all movements smoothly.

  • We lay down on the floor, we start our hands behind the head, we tear off our legs from the floor as in exercise No. 5.

    Exhale – press your knee to yourself.

    Then slightly unfold the body, as if trying, reach out with the opposite elbow to the bent leg.

    Breath – the starting position. Repeat three times for each leg.

  • Lying on the floor in a relaxed state breathe smoothly.

    Exhalation – we raise our arms at a right angle and at the same time we begin to pull the trunk to the legs.

    Breath – the starting position.

    During the exercise, you can not round or bend your back, everything is done at an angle of 90ᴼ.

    Requires 10 approaches.

  • A hundred. We lay down on the floor.

    The back is straight, hands along the trunk, legs are stretched upwards at right angles.

    Exhalation – raise your hands up, and make small swings, palms "look" at yourself.

    Breathe – the starting position, palms away from yourself.

    Flies with a frequency of five times per lift.

    Total 10 approaches.

    As a result, the flies are made 50 times by the palms of themselves and themselves.

  • Starting position: lying on the floor with legs raised up.

    Exhale – hands grasp one leg and pull it on ourselves, while lowering the second leg.

    We change position, and we repeat on the other side.

    Requires 10 approaches.

  • Lying on the floor, back straight, arms along the body, legs stretched out with heels forward.

    With one foot we begin to "draw" a circle on the floor, from ourselves and then back to ourselves.

    By 4-5 approaches at a time and a change of legs.

    Total 10 approaches.

  • The starting position is as in exercise # 10.

    Exhalation – one knee pulls to itself, then gently try to reach them to the floor through the next leg, bending it sideways.

    We help ourselves with one hand.

    The second hand on the diagonal extends upwards (you will feel, how the oblique muscles of a press strain).

    Breath – the starting position.

    Requires 10 approaches with each leg.

  • Tips for beginners Pilates athletes

    Below we will describe the basic tips that will be useful to everyone.

    1. Begin training with a light workout. Walk around the place 2-3 minutes to start work and normalize breathing. The pace is slow and smooth.
    2. Start with two workouts a week, gradually increasing their number. If desired, Pilates can replace the morning warm-up and do it every day.
    3. Observe a clearly stated schedule. Assume every morning at 7 hours. Thus, the body will get used to the loads, and will take them for granted.
    4. Follow the instructions clearly and do not change the exercises in places.
    5. Skip classes if you feel unwell, weak or tired.

    On aerobics for weight loss, see our website.

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    On anti-cellulite cream is here.

    I have long been desperate to lose weight, although I always loved sports, loved to run in the mornings and regularly cycled on a bicycle or simulator in the winter. But 50-th size has long been for me a native. When two years ago in our city a new fitness club was opened, I went there out of pure curiosity, and the first lesson was free. By pure coincidence, I fell into the Pilates class while I did not even hear of it. After the first training, I came home, without feeling any changes. I understood everything since morning, when I woke up. Insomnia I suffer for many years, so most of the time I just lie in bed "counting sheep." That day I slept like a child. The next evening I bought a subscription and started to go there regularly. At first the coach discouraged me from going there every day, and then took pity when I told him that for me this is the best sleeping pills. True, he reduced the load, gradually adding them. I did not think about losing weight, it became for me an additional bonus, when one day I realized that it was time for me to change the entire wardrobe. Now my weight is 58 kg, 44 clothing size. I do not stop training, although I began to sleep normally without them, but Pilates is like a drug.

    -Albina, 23 of the year, the city of Naberezhnye Chelny

    This unique set of exercises is able to give a second youth, restore health and make your body beautiful and slender.

    Pilates is a slow, but guaranteed result, both in the desire to lose weight, and in the struggle for the right to breathe in full.

    On Pilates for weight loss can be learned from the video.

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