Plant cinnamon, benefits and contraindications for the body

To date, cinnamon is widely used in various areas of life – in cooking, folk medicine and home cosmetology, as well as in perfumery.

In addition to a pleasant aroma and sweet taste, it has many useful properties found from ancient times.

What is this spice?

It as a spice used in ancient times.

They make it from the bark of an evergreen tropical tree – cinnamon.

It comes from Sri Lanka, but today it is also grown in many other countries in the tropical zone – Brazil, India, Egypt, Vietnam, the Madagascar and Java islands, as well as in Sumatra.

To obtain material for the production of cinnamon, the tree is grown for two years, after which it is cut.

Also these sticks are turned into a powder, which you can easily buy at any grocery store.

Cinnamon is characterized by the capacity of a large number of nutrients:

What is useful cinnamon?

It is impossible to overestimate the curative effect of it on the human body.

It is widely used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases:

  1. when diabetes decreases blood sugar;

Essential oil of cinnamon tree also has useful properties.

It helps to get rid of such problems:

  • with mild food poisoning removes the intoxication syndrome;
  • on the first months of pregnancy helps to get rid of fainting, dizziness and nausea due to toxicosis;
  • quickly heals abrasions and removes bruises;
  • with gum bleeding has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • removes menstrual pain in women;
  • people who exercise regularly, it helps to transfer loads more easily.

Cinnamon oil in cosmetology

Essential oils of this spice are used in perfumery to create perfume with oriental aroma.

Also with their help, various creams, face and hair masks, other cosmetic products are manufactured.

In particular, her oil in the cosmetic field is used in such cases:

  1. To improve the complexion – you just need to add 3 drops of this substance in your home face mask;

Contraindications to the use of cinnamon essential oil:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Exhaustion of the nervous system;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Passage of the course of chemotherapy.

Also, the essential oil is not applied undiluted to the skin of the face, as this causes burns.

How to use cinnamon?

Widely used cinnamon found in cooking, both in the form of seasoning and ground, and whole, of course, that it will not cause any harm if used for reasonable purposes.

It is added to coffee to give a special flavor, used to make buns and cookies, marinades, vegetable salads, as well as in dishes from pork, lamb or poultry.

With its help, they acquire their unique taste of pancakes, porridges, milk soups and jellied fish, pilaf, Georgian lamb dishes, some European beers and French muffins from Bordeaux.

Well, the preparation of the famous hot mulled wine, which will warm in a cold winter evening and give a sense of home comfort, without cinnamon is simply unthinkable.

You can also add cinnamon to various desserts – puddings, mousses, compotes, curd pastes and jellies.

From this their taste and aroma will only improve.

The only thing to remember while preparing dishes with cinnamon is that it does not tolerate prolonged heat treatment, so it should be added no more than ten minutes before the dish is removed from the plate, otherwise it will give a spicy but bitter taste.

It is useful in the morning to eat bread with honey and cinnamon, because it helps to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood and reduces the risk of heart attack.

Of great importance is the method of storing spices.

Then it will be stored longer and will not lose its useful properties.

It should be noted that the powder of cinnamon has a shelf life of only six months, and wands – a year.

Determine the freshness of the product can be to taste – the sweeter it is, the fresher cinnamon, or the smell – usable spice has a sweet, woody flavor.

Contraindications and harm

Although this brings undeniable benefits to health, there are contraindications to its use.

For example, spices can not be used:

  • during pregnancy, as it causes uterine contractions;
  • if you have an allergy to cinnamon.

Also, if you do not comply with the measure of applying spices (use no more than one teaspoon per day), then it is capable of even harming your health.

What is the role of persimmons in losing weight? In this article, you will find out whether it will be useful to use persimmons while reducing weight.

The fact is that in it, there is a harmful substance – coumarin.

It is the least in Ceylon cinnamon.

When the dose is exceeded, coumarin can cause such side effects:

  • Headache, nausea, oppression;
  • Liver damage, hepatitis;
  • Hypotension.

From all of the above, we can conclude that this product is a valuable substance that can cure many diseases or even prevent their occurrence.

It has found application both in cosmetology, and in cooking, which makes this spice a universal product.

The only thing to remember when using it is the dosage.

After all, everyone knows that everything is fine in moderation.

Video dessert

This video will reveal to you the full range of useful properties of cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a good spice, but the author's claim that cinnamon removes menstrual pain in women does not respond to reality. I use cinnamon regularly every day for 3 years, but menstrual pains did not decrease by one iota. The same can be said about the relative rapid healing of abrasions.

I adore the sweet, hard to control myself)))). If there are no sweets, just think about them. This problem was helped me cinnamon, or rather drink with it. At first she added honey to the drink, and then refused the honey. At the dessert does not pull at all. A drink is delicious, especially for those who like cinnamon


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