Polish diet

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The Polish diet is observed for 30 days. During this period, you can lose up to 5-7 extra pounds. This is a low-calorie, long-lasting diet, after which you will be able to save the result for a long time

Features of the Polish diet for weight loss

The main difference between the Polish diet is that during weight loss you are not obsessed with an obsessive desire to eat. After all, the menu contains various products useful for the body. Based on the system of proper nutrition, the Polish diet allows you not only to get rid of excess weight and permanently keep the result, but also significantly improve your health.

Adhering to the Polish diet, you will slowly lose those extra pounds and only by the end of the last week the loss of excess weight will become more intense.

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Another difference between the Polish diet is the strict limitation of the amount of liquid drunk. During the day you should consume at least 1 liters, including first courses, coffee, tea and compote.

Tasty and easy to lose weight became possible

Unlike other methods of weight loss, the Polish diet allows you to include in the diet of sour products and salting. After all, in winter and early spring, when women rush to tidy their figures before the start of the beach season, fresh fruits and vegetables are extremely difficult to get. In this case, the sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as canned fruits and juices, will help to diversify the menu. During this diet are also shown regular physical activity, so that the process of losing weight will be more effective.

Menu of the Polish diet, which allows you to lose weight fast

For four weeks, during which the diet lasts, you will need to alternate diets “A” and “B”.

First week of diet

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Breakfast: 1 a cup of low-fat warm milk with natural honey and a small piece of stale bread.

Second breakfast: 2 a piece of dried black bread with butter, sprinkled with finely chopped herbs, unsweetened tea.

Lunch: vegetable soup, 100 g baked beef tenderloin, 2 baked potatoes, fruit salad dressed with lemon juice.

Afternoon snack: 2 ripe tomato or a glass of vegetable freshly squeezed juice, 1 piece of dried up rye bread.

Dinner: 1 slice of dried bread, oiled with chopped herbs and 1 cup of low-fat milk or curdled milk.

Breakfast: unsweetened green tea and 1 a piece of gray bread sprinkled with herbs.

The second breakfast: natural yoghurt, a piece of dried bread and a few radishes.

Lunch: a glass of chicken broth and 100 g of boiled sea fish, baked potatoes with greens – 2 pieces, vegetable salad with linseed oil.

Snack: fruit and berry juice of own preparation or fruit salad, sponge cake oiled or biscuit biscuits.

Dinner: 1 cup of low-fat milk, 2 a piece of dried gray bread with May honey.

The second week of the diet

Breakfast: fruit and vegetable fresh, a piece of rye dried bread.

Second breakfast: dried bread with butter and cheese, green tea without sweeteners.

Lunch: freshly brewed vegetable soup, veal chop, carrot salad, unsweetened fruit jelly.

Afternoon snack: 3 biscuits and fresh fruit.

Dinner: 1 slice of dried bread, greased with jam.

Breakfast: black tea with milk without dispensers and a piece of rye dried bread with liquid honey.

Lunch: 100 g boiled chicken fillet, 2 tomato, 2 a piece of dried rye bread, a glass of unsweetened green tea.

Lunch: one serving of borscht boiled on the water, 100 g of baked fish fillet, cooked potatoes – 2 pieces, vegetable salad dressed with mustard oil.

Afternoon snack: 1 cup of yogurt or kefir, a piece of yesterday’s rye bread.

Dinner: a small piece of low-fat cheese, several pieces of radishes and unsweetened green tea.

Third week of diet

Breakfast: a glass of unsweetened black coffee with rye bread and honey.

The second breakfast: boiled egg, a piece of gray bread with butter, a little radishes, a glass of kefir or low-fat milk.

Lunch: vegetable soup with mushrooms, cutlet from turkey fillet, fruit and berry fresh.

Afternoon snack: a fruit salad and a piece of yesterday’s bread.

Dinner: 1 a glass of warm, low-fat milk, 100 g of low-fat cottage cheese, a small piece of dried bread.

Breakfast: 1 a glass of low-fat warm milk with natural honey and a piece of breadcrumbs of black bread.

Second breakfast: 2 a piece of yesterday’s gray bread, 2 piece of natural sausage, 2 tomato, green unsweetened tea.

Lunch: broth from a bird, fungus or vegetables, baked in the oven apples.

Afternoon snack: any fruit and 1 biscuit.

Dinner: 100 g of baked sea fish, rye dried bread, 1 green apple, green unsweetened tea.

Fourth week of diet

Breakfast: green unsweetened tea with stale black bread, smeared with honey.

Second breakfast: 2 sandwich from yesterday’s bread, butter and cheese, 2 apple.

Lunch: chicken broth, 200 g baked chicken fillet with vegetables and herbs, a couple of spoons of mashed potatoes, vegetable salad, compote without sugar.

Snack: carrot fresh, biscuit.

Dinner: 1 cup skimmed warm milk and biscuits.

Breakfast: low-fat milk, yesterday’s bread with honey.

The second breakfast: a boiled egg, dried bread and butter, unsweetened green tea, 1 grapefruit.

Lunch: 1 glass of meat broth, canned beans, boiled potatoes, sprinkled with herbs – 2 pieces, 2 apple.

Snack: a glass of low-fat milk or curdled milk, crackers of their gray bread.

Dinner: 2 sandwich of black bread, greased with fish or meat pie, a handful of radishes.

Thanks to two menu options for each week, you can, depending on your desire, choose the option that suits you best.

How fast can I lose weight with the help of the Polish diet?

Weight loss of up to seven kilograms in four weeks is a modest result for most diets, but at the same time, it’s a huge plus. Slowly dropped weight will not affect the elasticity of the skin and it is unlikely that they will return back.

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