Potato diet – we grow thin on a potato: a myth or a reality?

You were advised to have a potato diet, and you are at a loss. How can you lose weight, using such a high-calorie product, it turns out, according to numerous reviews, from 3-5 kg per week can be lost on such a power system and this is not the limit.

Maria from the city of Kaliningrad Russia.

"I really like potatoes, in any form I cook it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And recently I encountered the problem of overweight, so my friend says: "There is a potato diet for weight loss, try it. I'm sure you will succeed! ". I did not think long, I just adored potatoes. True, without salt and spices it was difficult to eat, but I survived 7 days and dropped almost 6 kg. Try and you. The main thing is to be resolute and do not be afraid! "

Potatoes contain a lot of useful vitamins and microelements, and most importantly, that it contains a protein called tuberin, which has a high biological value.

Therefore, during the diet, you can not only lose a few pounds, but also strengthen the nervous system, normalize the work of the heart, digestive system, strengthen the work of immunity, replenish the body with the necessary mineral substances.

To conduct a potato diet is necessary in the season of its ripening, to use in dishes a young root crop, but not like an old potato.

A young vegetable contains less starch and the maximum amount of nutrients, compared to the old one.

There are several types of potato diet, but before you start massively using root vegetables, you should highlight the pros and cons of this food system.

Advantages of potato diet:

  1. The absence of hunger during the day, the potatoes are very nutritious and do not allow the body to feel a lack of food.
  2. There is a high threshold for improving health in general, strengthening the nervous system.
  3. Apathy, fatigue, drowsiness and fever, a decrease in working capacity is not observed.
  4. Saving the budget, this is an inexpensive product and is available to everyone.
  5. Simple preparation of dishes from potatoes. You will never have difficulties with the fulfillment of the diet, because even in a cafe or restaurant you can ask to make an individually simple dish of their vegetable.
  6. The diet, although lean during a potato diet, but healthy, nutritious and tasty.

Disadvantages of potato diet:

  1. Monodiet on potatoes is very strict and rigid, observing it should include in the diet a pharmacy complex of vitamins, minerals and minerals.
  2. This way of eating is not suitable for diabetics, pregnant and breast-feeding, since it is possible to increase blood sugar.
  3. During a potato diet, a person may be bothered by constant thirst, so it is necessary before taking the dish and after, preferably through 30 mines, drink a glass of pure still water. A day does not exceed 2-sheets.
  4. Lack of variety of daily diet diets.

Like any other potato slimming system – requires consultation with a specialist!

Types of potato diet

All ways to lose weight on a potato are reduced to one basic rule:

  • All dishes, made from root vegetables, should be free of salt, spices, mayonnaise and ketchup, only in kind.
  • Potatoes choose a young, medium-sized.
  • If within 3 days there is no urine to look at the vegetable, it is allowed to add to the diet boiled egg, greens, cabbage and tomatoes.
  • Drinks: mineral still water, plain liquid, green and black tea, herbal infusions. Without sugar and honey.

The first type of diet on a potato assumes loss in weight up to 3 kg for 3 days

The diet is strict, in the diet only potatoes, the day before 2 kg.

Root should be baked in the oven without oil, salt and seasonings, and the resulting dish is divided into 6 servings and consumed throughout the day. Do not forget about the abundant drink and vitamin complex.

The diet is strict, weight loss is observed in the first half of the term, more than 3-5 days to sit on such a power system doctors do not recommend.

The second type of diet on potatoes is more diverse and no less effective

Lose weight on such a diet no more than 5 days. Diet, the following:

  1. Breakfast – a glass of skim milk or kefir.
  2. Dinner – mashed potatoes, cooked on water without adding oil and salt.
  3. Dinner – salad and one boiled egg, 250 g of potatoes and a little salt and vegetable oil.
  4. Before bedtime a glass of clean warm water.

It is possible to lose for 5 days to 4 kg.

The third kind of diet on a potato is calculated on huge force of will of losing weight and to last up to 14 days

Designed for those who are overweight over 10 kg, contains the following system of weight loss:

  • The first three days bake potatoes in the oven without salt, pepper and butter and eat during the day in equal portions.
  • From the fourth to the tenth day, we eat the same as in the first, but it is allowed to add a little salt and olive oil.
  • Last 4 days reduce the portion of mashed potatoes, add to the diet greens, oil, pepper, vinegar, lemon juice, if desired.

Such a way of feeding is very effective, the guaranteed result is 7-9 kg.

The note. Long to sit on a monotonous diet can not, so as not to harm the health of losing weight.

Next potato-kefir diet helps for 3 days to get rid of 5 kg. Yes Yes!

  • For breakfast – one boiled unsalted potato, a glass of skimmed yogurt.
  • Dinner – two baked potatoes, a cup of green tea without sugar.
  • Dinner – two glasses of low-fat kefir.

The second day menu:

  • Breakfast – one glass of kefir.
  • Dinner – two baked potatoes, a cup of green tea without sugar.
  • Dinner – one boiled potato and a glass of milk.

The menu of the third day:

During this diet, you should drink kefir and eat boiled / baked potatoes without salt, butter and seasonings. Drink only water, kefir 0% or a weak tea without sugar.

Another variant of the potato diet is known.

This is a very high-yield method of losing weight, per day – 1kg.

During the day, you should use 10 medium potatoes, 1 liter of kefir in equal portions. The last meal should be no later than 18.00.

The effectiveness of all the previous methods for weight loss are an overabundance in the body of potassium, which removes excess fluid and normalizes metabolism.

To keep your slender figure, you need to correctly exit the diet:

Potato Diet Reviews and Results

Catherine, 43 year.

"I took advantage of the potato diet as prescribed by a nutritionist. I really wanted to lose weight, but the disease of the gastrointestinal tract did not allow effective and painless use of various diets. So, I went to a consultation with a dietician, thank Elvira Leonidovna for helping me lose weight. I was painted a menu for each day, the regime – three days on a diet, a week break, and so for a month. It was not very difficult, there was practically no feeling of hunger. A huge desire to lose weight helped me not to break and reach the end. For the month of the diet – minus 10 kg. I could not believe my eyes when I put on my favorite jeans and did not even pull my stomach. The result is I'm happy, now I do weekly fasting days on potatoes and do not forget about the morning runs around the stadium. I got a second wind back, I'm happy. "

"Although I'm still quite young, but I already had time to try a lot of diets, thanks to which I just spoiled my stomach and did not see my ideal reflection in the mirror. But while the goal is visible, there is also a desire. A friend advised a potato diet. So this is quite another matter, there was practically no feeling of hunger, drinking kefir 0 per cent, eating baked potatoes without salt. It was tolerable and satisfactory, especially when I saw the first results, in three days I lost weight by 2 kg. I was very inspired, I also enrolled in karate classes, so I combined pleasant with useful. For 7 days I lost 5 kg, after half a year I did not return kilograms, on the contrary, I became more pumped up and pulled up. I am pleased with today's figure, I love my body. "

"Office work has led to the fact that I began to gain weight quickly, still stopped smoking, and now I just do not know what to do. I read on the Internet about a potato diet, really a very meager diet, I love meat and seafood. I have not decided yet on which diet I will be sitting, I look through the menu, I study reviews. My wife supports me in everything, so in this matter without her support can not do. We will decide together what to do, how to return cubes on the stomach))) "

Zina and Kolya, pensioners.

"At our age it is difficult to adhere to a single diet, but it happened that it was just necessary. We like potatoes, we honor them, did not think for a long time, everything was decided. They ate, say, as usual, except that they did not add salt and spices to the dishes. Kefir is a very good drink, our body has cleared, no pain in the stomach has stopped, discomfort after eating has disappeared. Stool became more stable. This diet has taught us to eat smaller portions and not abuse smoked and fried, especially at our age. Now we are satisfied with the result, the analyzes have improved. Thankful to the family doctor for such a sensible and necessary hint. "

"Before the wedding, I wanted to lose a few pounds to look slimmer and slimmer. I sat for a week on kefir and potatoes. Less than 5 kg, even more than I expected. I do not know if I can keep my weight consistently higher, but at the wedding I won again the heart and soul of my betrothed. "

Video with a menu option for a potato diet

Reviews about potato diet

from myself I can add, in order to lose weight you need to drink plenty of water and guarana- all this very well removes slag and toxins from the body

On one guarana you will not live.

You need to eat, otherwise sooner or later you'll move horses.

It is better to eat right then, and there will be no health problems with weight, too. And do not indulge in any overseas stuff. It's real to lose weight on potatoes! Itself checked!

For me in the potato diet, there are some advantages. Firstly, there is no feeling of hunger, I'm really full of potatoes. Secondly, the diet is very economical and requires minimal costs. Third, I drink a lot of water and do not feel thirsty (which is indicated in the article as a lack of diet). As for me, the only real drawback is the lack of diversity in food.

This is my favorite diet, and I want to say that the diversity here in its own enough! If you do not like that you can not add salt first, then you can wait a bit. At the end of the diet I throw every greenery and my favorite seasonings. Potatoes can be diversified in such a way that the potato itself will not be seen there =) But then each has his own. Of course, you need to follow strict rules, like there is one potato, but I assure you, the result will be. It's just that you have to be serious about it.

It should be the same, and I was given a potato diet just during pregnancy – 1 day of release, although I had increased sugar . I should like some doctors to read this article. Now, when I have already fattened my Miracle, I returned to this diet. For 2 month spent 3 potato five days and lost 4 kilograms already. I understand that for someone it's funny, but my weight after the birth of the YEAR stood at around 83 kg! But I'll probably spend dietary weeks less often, or more diverse, because for some time I felt some discomfort in my stomach.

Parents live in the village, so we have a lot of potatoes. Every week before the salary we arrange a forced potato diet. By the way, well-being in this period is not surprisingly improving. Thanks to the article, we now know how to do it right. Thank you!

I also have relatives in the village, we often meet. Yes, and I myself love to spend time in the country and potatoes do not have any problems! Fresh, tasty. To cook the main thing correctly.

And on a diet, it's a nice thing.

Yes, as it was hard to believe that on a potato

diet can lose weight. It is a common opinion that potatoes

very harmful. Nevertheless, I decided to try this type of diet on myself. And now

with full responsibility declare that this method works on men

also. I lost ten kilograms, although from childhood I had more than one problem

What a fine fellow you are! Long sat on a diet to achieve this result? Have you been engaged in sports in parallel or just limited yourself in accordance with this diet?

I'm also inspired by this way of losing weight, I want to try.

I have been quite a long time and have been trying to lose weight without much change. Tried a potato diet, the benefit of his garden allows you to have a young potato right from the garden. I sat on a diet for a month, took off 3 kg. Also has broken. Potato diet is effective, but you need to have patience!

Diet is real !! But strict. When they say "potato diet"

for some reason, it seems a fragrant fried potato with ketchup)) It's not. I for a long time refused myself a potato. And now it's easy

enjoy this diet. I observe strictly. I already observe the first

I want to write as it is, my wife was carried away by this diet. for quite a short time, she threw off several kilograms and kept her uniform. I tried a fairly large number of diets, with my girlfriends but so far stopped at this. I see that I like the results that she got following the correct instructions. So this diet suited her, that she advises others.

I sit once a month on a potato-kefir diet, for 3 months (ie 3 diet) dropped 11 kg! Diet is easy for me, I'm not hungry, I love potatoes and yogurt)

After giving birth, I could not get rid of three extra pounds. It seems a bit, but they really were noticeable. Even physical exercises did not help. I'm not a fan of grueling diets, so I did not want to make a face. On the Internet I found a diet with yogurt and potatoes. Since both the first and second love, I decided to try. Has sustained three days, as well as it is necessary, as a result on scales a minus two kg. It's very cool, considering that my diet was given easily and my health was excellent.

In general, a good diet, I use it more as a fasting day. Throw off sometimes turns out for three or four days before 1-1,5 kg. Only prefer the usual white potatoes to replace sweet potato – it is more useful)

I would like to ask. Do you go so quickly kilograms or one and a half, and how long does the effect of such a diet? Or is it purely symbolic weight loss for complacency?

I would like to ask. Do you go so quickly superfluous kilograms, and how long does the effect of such a diet? Or is it purely symbolic weight loss for complacency?

An interesting version of the diet, you could try to sit for a couple of days, I love potatoes . and kefir too I love)

I love potatoes in all its manifestations, so this diet is just for me. It's time to prepare the body for the beach season. I will definitely test the potato diet on me. I think this diet suits me.

diet is real !! but strict. when they say "potato diet", for some reason it seems a fragrant fried potato with ketchup)) it's not. I very long refused to myself in a potato. and now I just enjoy this diet. I observe strictly. I already observe the first results.

She is not that high-calorie as they write, which is logical, because they lose weight on her, which means that there are not so many calories. And in fact, I support this diet and recommend that you write it on your top list, as the result will justify the expectations. I like very much potatoes, but I do not want to abuse too much, only when I have to. For example, when you need to sit down on a diet =)

starch paste, which is digested hard and causes a number of health problems, primarily with blood vessels.

In other words, the less a person consumes food containing starch, the healthier it is.

Many researchers believe that the scourge of mankind "diabetes mellitus" is a disease of the body that is exhausted by plant starch, which depletes the enzyme system. Incomplete cleavage of starch leads to clogging of the circulatory system, all organs and tissues, and microcirculation disorders. Stain insulin, and then absorb the boiled starch, like attempts to extinguish fire on one side of water, and on the other hand – gasoline.


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