Presidential diet of the South beach

Especially for people with a lot of excess weight, a diet was developed that reduces the burden on the heart. It is called the South Beach diet, and its creator is Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist from Florida. It was this week that Bill Clinton lost weight, which gave this method another name – the "presidential" diet.

The diet of the South Beach consists of three main phases. During the first two phases, the metabolism is normalized and the organism becomes accustomed to a new diet. During this time, there is a loss of extra pounds. The third phase of the diet is aimed at fixing the result and stabilizing the weight.

By its type, the diet of the Southern beach is classified as a protein diet. The diet involves a rejection of carbohydrates of a "simple" type and a restriction on the use of "bad" fat. According to Agatston, it is necessary to limit the food that has undergone a deep treatment, since such food slows down the metabolism.

South Beach diet menu

The menu of the South Beach diet is not limited to certain dishes. It is allowed to cook food from permitted products, excluding prohibited products.

The results of the South Beach diet range from loss of 5-7 kg in the first two weeks and to the desired result. The advantage of this diet is not only its effectiveness, but also in the absence of the need to count calories. If necessary, the diet of the South Beach can be repeated or spent unloading days on the basis of authorized products.

Pros of the diet of the southern beach

  1. Like all protein diets, this nutrition system is effective and tested by many users. The body loses the habitual opportunity to receive energy from carbohydrates, and therefore begins to consume fat stores.
  2. You do not need to count calories.
  3. During the diet of the southern beach there is no feeling of hunger, the body is in full combat readiness, there is no sense of weakness and discomfort.

If we talk about the disadvantages of the diet of the southern beach, it should be noted several negative stages:

  • lack of fiber can lead to disruption of the intestine, increases the risk of constipation and other disorders of the esophagus;
  • increased risk of gallstones;
  • excessive load on the liver and kidneys, and therefore adhere strictly to the diet menu of the southern beach is not recommended for those who have kidney diseases;
  • but if you eat enough vegetarian food, these side effects can be avoided.

Expected result from the diet of the southern beach in the first two weeks

It should be noted that each stage of the South Beach diet includes three meals a day, and two more light snacks and dessert. All this gives each day an average of 1500 calories per day.

Because the first two weeks there is a rapid weight loss, up to 8-13 kg, of course, so do not particularly desirable, because the body receives a lot of stress, which affects the work of internal organs.

But if you correctly exit the diet of South Beach, you can not only do no harm, but also get a stable result for a long time. If during this dietary system you experience symptoms of ketosis, nausea, weakness, you should immediately seek professional help from a specialist.

Experienced advice and reviews about the South Beach diet

To get the maximum effect without harm to health, it's important to take the food program seriously, you need to draw a menu according to your abilities and preferences.

And to ensure that the results are not deplorable, as Ekaterina from Voronezh writes, you do not need to set maximum deadlines for yourself, observe too strict diets, do not get too hung up on dietary rules.

All is well that in moderation, only so the diet of South Beach will be able to give positive results for many years!

Video about the South Beach diet

Reviews about the diet of the southern beach

I'll bring my five cents of this diet.

I'm 44 years old. By type of activity most of the day I have a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. As a result, of course, overweight – with an increase of 180cm, weight 108kg. Excess weight began to affect health: the state of health worsened, became heavily meteodependent, a heel spur formed on the foot. I decided that it's time to take up health. Well heel spur cured, with the help of UHT, for 20 sessions. But the attending physician said that if you do not lose weight, then everything will come back again. I explained that, of course, I would not mind getting rid of excess weight, but only time for sports, and there are no gyms at all – I'm sitting at the computer all day. The doctor recommended in my case to try to eat correctly and rationally, and as an example he brought me the menu of the South Beach diet.

I found on the Internet this site, which describes in detail the diet of the South Beach, and proceeded . I will not describe in detail all of my initial tortures and temptations to eat something from the list of prohibited products – many letters will be obtained))) I will simply describe my result in three weeks on the diet menu of South Beach: – 10! I am glad! I think that this is not the limit. The result is of course tangible: the state of health has improved, the "beer belly" has started to disappear, and in general I feel much better! I recommend – try it, do not regret it!

A year ago I got a job at my first job. My lifestyle changed dramatically to sedentary, plus free liver in the office . In general, I recovered to 10 kg! Standing on the scales, I realized that this is not the case, and immediately began to look for a diet. And quite by chance I stumbled upon the diet of South Beach. She immediately attracted my attention. The menu of the South Beach diet suited me perfectly – I did not have to strictly limit myself and I decided to try. During the first phase (the first two weeks), I already lost 6 kg, while never feeling hungry! Motivation has appeared, I continue my business, I plan to throw another kilogram 6-7, and then keep myself in shape!

Hello! I long and persistently sat on diets, starved myself, then broke down and reaped again, returning the weight of kilograms multiplied by almost two. On the Internet, I came across an article that reveals all the delights of the Southern diet. And there is no feeling of hunger, constantly fed, but with the weight melting in front of the eyes, the authors insisted. And you know? So it happened! I can not say that the pounds are melting, but the matter even moved from the dead point and gradually, without bringing the body into a state of stress, avoiding a colossal load, I throw off the hated kilograms. Thanks to the authors! Girls, I advise! A little more and you can go to the South and all thanks to those magicians who developed the diet Southern.

After graduating from university, she left her native city, enrolled in a magistracy in Moscow. She settled in the hostel, of course, she was too lazy to prepare, so she sat down on fast food and half-finished products. As a result, for 2 year of training I recovered on 14 (.) Kilogram. When even in photographs I stopped liking myself, and children in transport began to talk about me "aunt", I decided to fight with excess weight. I went to the gym, my muscles grew stronger, but the fat did not disappear anywhere, and I began to look even denser. Then I tried a couple of diets, which were based on a constant restriction of the amount of food consumed and counting calories. It turned out to be reset by 3-4 kg, but after the diet stopped, weight returned within a couple of weeks.

Then I accidentally found out about the diet of the southern beach. At once it was pleasant, that it completely corresponds to principles of a correct food: any hunger-strike, on the contrary, is often, and to drink as much as possible a liquid. In the first week it took only 2 kg, I was even a little upset, but decided not to leave. Has connected to a diet moderate physical activity and in the subsequent 2 weeks has lost already 6 kg. And most importantly, no sense of hunger, on the contrary, cheerfulness and lightness of the whole organism! Gradually, brought her weight to the norm (minus 16 kg) and since then the weight has not increased by a kilogram, although I allow myself sweet and flour. I recommended this diet to my friends, and they also made great success with it!

Tell me please, do I need to consult a doctor about the diet of the South Beach? What I just did not try to lose weight. At first everything is fine, but then you want to make a break. And then I lightly again get better, and the weight becomes more than before the diet. What is it? Will there be such consequences after this? Can such an organism reaction be caused by something else?

Last year gave birth to a third child, and after that weighed 92-94 kilograms and a year could not lose a gram.

Recently, after another unsuccessful attempt to lose weight, I discovered

I decided to take a step towards a diet. Usually with diets on top

it is not easy, but everything is different. I was not starving. I ate like

normal person, but the centimeters of the waist and hips began to go away, in

the end of the month dropped 9 kilogram. I continue to use this diet and

He always disliked diets and believed that only people who were prescribed by doctors prescribed them. Recently I myself had to go on a diet. Decided to try (advised by a friend who herself sits on it). I thought that there would be problems with the intestines, because he's weak, but no. Tried, even liked it. I stopped eating any rubbish and I feel much better.

I think many girls will understand me. There was a need for hormonal drugs, started to drink, and weight, how mad. I was simply unrealistic when I realized that it would continue like this. I began to urgently seek ways to control this process. Naturally, I started with nutrition. To be honest, I was ready to sit on any diet, only to keep weight, and, of course, lose weight in consequence. The diet of the southern beach was like that the menu is quite diverse. It turns out that the diet is completely changing, so far I've only gone 2 weeks, I'm used to it, I did not notice any side effects. First I looked at what was possible and what was not, then I remembered it. The weight set has stopped, even loss has gone. I wanted to ask those who had been on a diet for a long time, for example, a couple of years ago. Is the result really fixed? Need a motivation to continue)))

Girls, the diet is just super. I'm 55 years old. Ten years ago I had an accident. Open fracture. After the hospital, a sedentary lifestyle. Every step causes pain. Weight soared to 140. Three years ago I tried Dukan's diet. I read that with protein diets you lose weight faster. But a week later I could not stand it. With this diet, consumption of vegetables was limited to a minimum. The sight fell. In general, she left. Not for me. In early July this year, I learned about the diet of the South Beach. The composition of the allowed products is pleased. And I decided to try it. The diet keeps easily, without failures. After all, you can eat vegetables, meat and seafood. After three days, the first phase of the diet ends. Weight 133. I am delighted. For ten days I lost seven kilos without starving. Ladies, this diet is for us.


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