Professional secrets of losing weight: how to prolong the feeling of satiety

After that, you will quickly get hungry: after a serving of French fries or popcorn? Find out which foods increase the feeling of satiety without excess calories!

Author: Krissy Kendall, Candidate of Science

On paper, the problem of reducing body weight is solved in two ways: eat less, move more. But we all know what happens when we start to cut calories. Very soon we become hungry, and in some cases – hungry and angry. Not only that it is better to avoid such moods at all (nobody likes to be near an evil friend), so, with increasing hunger, the risk of overeating, chaotic selection of foods and a complete failure to lose weight is also increasing.

An obvious method of fighting hunger is . eating. The catch is that not all products are equally useful – make the wrong choice, and the kilograms will return faster than you can print the next package with a chocolate bar. Some foods better fill the stomach and signal to the brain that you are full. Others, for example, sweets, often force you to reach for the second, third, fourth, and so on until you finish all the packaging.

Many recommend leaning on food, which, when large amounts contain few calories, for example, soups, salads, lean protein sources, vegetables and some fruits. The problem is that if you completely exclude products that give you pleasure, it will be extremely difficult to follow a diet.

But do not panic! There is a great way to predict which foods will help to prolong the feeling of saturation and not spin the calorie counter.

Just over 20 years ago, a group of scientists developed the Saturation Index, a list of products ranked by the ability to maintain a sense of satiety throughout the 2-hour period. Researchers derived this index with the help of a group of participants who ate a portion of a certain product containing 240 calories. Then these people evaluated their hunger feeling every 15 minutes for 2 hours. Participants in the experiment were allowed to eat, based on how much they were hungry.

Scientists have found that some products, for example, oiled croissants, were half as satisfying as white bread, while potatoes were more than three times as rich. Surprisingly, the result of french fries was much weaker. But, most likely, you do not need the results of research to understand that boiled potatoes are better than croissants and french fries, when it comes to losing weight.

The product rating for Saturation Index depends on the following factors – the content of fiber, protein and water, as well as the total amount of food. Beans and lentils, packed up with fiber up to the top, gain a high score. High-priced dishes are also highly traded, such as potatoes, popcorn, whole grain bread and oatmeal.

In general, the more satisfying the product, the less you will "intercept" between meals. Fatty dishes, despite the high energy density, will not always be more satisfying, since you can not afford more than one bite.

Foods that are high in water can leave you hungry, as they very quickly pass through the stomach. If you have soup and salad for dinner, most likely, in an hour you will start looking for the nearest vending machine or grocery store. At lunch, it is better to lean on lean protein (for example, chicken or fish) and complex carbohydrates (as in potatoes or rice) in a company with vegetables. Such a meal is able to keep the hunger at a distance for a long time without exceeding the calorie limit.

Still not sure what foods you should eat to avoid bouts of hunger? Here are five options that are guaranteed to prolong the feeling of satiety.

Start the day right, with two eggs for breakfast. The study, published in the Journal of the American College of Dietetics, showed that women who included two eggs in the morning menu were fed and fed less food for lunch longer than those that they ate bagels. Due to just two eggs, girls consumed significantly fewer calories than usual, for the next 36 hours!

Add some flavor and flavor to the next meal, diced the avocado, and pour it into your lunch salad. Adding just half of the avocado to the usual dishes can prolong the feeling of saturation – and make you kinder for the next 5 hours.

This option may surprise you. Chili not only speeds up your metabolism. Capsaicin, a substance that makes chili so sharp, can help you control your appetite. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that adults who added a teaspoon of red pepper to regular meals consumed significantly fewer calories, chose less fatty foods, and reported fewer hunger compared to those who received a placebo.

I agree, this is not the most appetizing dish, but a good portion of warm oatmeal in the morning can help you to stay full longer and content. Fiber and protein in oatmeal are larger than in most breakfast cereals, and in addition it contains more beta-glucan – sugar, which gives the oatmeal a dense texture and wateriness.

A study published in 2013 showed that healthy people who received 250 calories from a portion of oatmeal on milk better controlled their appetite and remained fed longer, compared to those who received the same amount of calories from flakes.

If you are like me, you terribly want something sweet in the morning, afternoon and evening. My advice, when next time will pull for sweet, instead of milk choose black chocolate.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark came to the conclusion that black chocolate strengthens satiety and reduces the desire to eat something sweet for the next five hours. But wait, this is not all news: black chocolate reduces the desire to consume calories in some form more than milk chocolate.

Although I do not advise you to condemn black chocolate with tiles on a daily basis (the participants in the experiment ate an 100 gram of chocolate, which is about 500 calories), from time to time you can be pampered with a delicacy that will satisfy the sweet tooth inside of you and prolong the feeling of saturation!


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