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Year Program for for beginners

I'm not going to waste your time lecturing on why you need bodybuilding. You are already determined to change your body, just do not know where to start and what to do. I'm here to pave the way.

Author: Roger Lockridge

I will not waste precious time on philosophical arguments about why you should set yourself such a fundamental goal as bodybuilding. You already want to change your own body. You are fed up with a frail, weak, timid and uncertain version of yourself. And you have a dream that unites you with millions of other people on the planet.

You want to become big and strong, you want to look great, be confident in yourself and find the strength to overcome any obstacles. And you do not just strive to change your body. You crave for global changes that will affect all aspects of your life. You are full of enthusiasm, but you do not know where to start and what to do.

Stop being afraid, because I'm here to show you the way. I will teach you how to exercise and eat right and tell you what supplements you should take. And I'll light a wick under your ass that will make you move forward even when you seem to have no strength left. Who knows, maybe in a year you will become a full member of the world of bodybuilding and fitness, I'm going to prove that you are able to cope with any task.

For the next 365 days, I will be your guide and lead you to meet your dream. I'll give you clear instructions and teach you what you've been thinking about for many years. You do not have to buy a magazine every month, and you can save money on the course "Become big and strong", because my program is absolutely free. Follow my recommendations, and very soon you will be convinced on your own experience that before you is a detailed road map, which leads to absolute success. But first thing I want to warn you is that the way ahead is not easy for us. In truth, you will have to accept an incredible challenge, and this will require such willpower, the presence of which you probably do not guess.

So, you're forewarned. Now I want you to promise that from this very minute you will strictly follow my recommendations. Read this oath and pronounce it. Yes, that's right, read it aloud. So you will hear yourself from outside, and this will become an additional motivation. And now read and repeat:

I promise that from this very moment I will climb out of my skin to realize my dream and create a large, strong and muscular body that will make the surrounding open my mouths and gaze at me with wide-open eyes. I will not give up my dream, I will not turn on my back and I will not give up. I'll break into a cake and lay out all the 100%, because I know that I can do everything, and I'm going to prove it to those who know me for a long time, and those who do not know me. No misfires, no excuses for failures, because I, and only I, are responsible for my actions and decisions, and it's up to me whether I will succeed or I will remain a failure. Skeptics and envious people will not stop me, because I am stronger than all these ill-wishers, because now I know for sure that I am doomed to success!

Did you read it out loud? If not, do it. I want these words to kindle a fire in you. You are going to radically change your life, and from now on it will not be the same as you know it. You must be burnt with impatience, you must feel an unparalleled burst of strength and energy. Now are you ready to learn the map that will lead you to the body of your dreams? Hope so. Let's hit the road!

Before you begin to engage in your body, you need to clearly understand what you want to achieve. Take a piece of paper and strip it into three parts. In the first you write down "My goals for the coming year". Next are the "Habits that I need to get rid of in order to succeed", and the third item will be "Things I'll start to do to succeed."

For example. I'm fed up with my appearance and low self-esteem, so from today I'm starting to work on creating the ideal body. Will help me in this list, in which I clearly indicate my goals and list things that I need to give up for my own good.

  • Collect 10 kg of muscle mass.

Habits, which I need to get rid of in order to succeed

  • To drink a soda while eating

Things I'll start to succeed

  • Drink water during each meal.

This is just an example. Whatever you consider it necessary to do or not do for the sake of achieving the set goals, write down all this and thereby take on additional obligations.

Do not forget, you promised that there will be no excuses. Now we will take care of this. I'll list the most common excuses and help you deal with them before they turn into a problem. From now on, you will have everything you need to succeed, and there will be no excuses for minute weaknesses.

Justification: I'm constantly on the road, I have to eat on the go, and apart from the "fast food" there is not much to choose from.

Tip: You're mistaken! In stores, protein bars and powdered food substitutes are sold, which can be eaten well during business trips. In addition, the refrigerator bag and food containers are not that expensive; you can prepare food in advance and take it with you. In time, you will realize that this saves you a lot of money.

Justification: The supermarkets are full of harmful food, and when I go shopping, I want to buy it.

Tip: Have a good meal before shopping. When you are not hungry, you are less likely to be visited by the idea of ​​buying some harmful delicacy, and you focus on the main goals. Make a list, buy everything you need, and get out of the supermarket!

Justification: I do not have time to cook every evening.

Tip: You can devote cooking one evening a week, cook a bunch of dishes and put them in the refrigerator. When you cook "in bulk", you save time and cooking, and at its reception.

Justification: I do not have time to go to the gym.

Tip: In general, for a good workout, it's enough 45 minutes. If you really have no time, take one of the options 20-minute training.

Justification: I do not know where to start.

Tip: Continue reading.

We will dwell on every aspect, and here's the sequence: nutrition, exercise and nutritional supplements. This is how I recommend that you prioritize, because it shows how important these aspects of the training process should be for you.

Take a picture before the beginning of the long journey. This photo will remind you where you started. Be sure to take a photo in front and from the back. In the future, I advise you to take pictures every four weeks to show yourself and your friends how much you have moved forward. The result, which you will see with your own eyes, will become an excellent source of motivation.

Nothing, nothing, nothing can compare in importance with the diet. This is doubly true when it comes to recruiting muscle mass and developing strength indicators. You literally try to shove into your body something that it has never been, and it's muscles, so you have to eat right.

That's what you need to do in the first three months. You must have six meals a day, that is, every 2-3 hours. Each meal should contain protein and carbohydrates. Also, you must constantly drink water while eating.

Do not forget about fats. Be sure to include healthy fats in at least three out of six meals a day. This is most easily done by including in the diet of fish: every day eat a dish of fish, and you will provide yourself with omega-3 fatty acids. Also, you can add flaxseed oil to oat flakes or a protein shake. As long as you get all the necessary fats, it's all right. Here is an example of a diet with which you can begin.

with whole grain bread and salad

6 meal

This is just an example. While you get enough protein and carbohydrates, it's all right. If you need numbers, then focus on 3 grams of protein and 5 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. Try to choose carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, which will supply you with energy all the day, and you will be stronger in the gym. And since it's about the gym, let's move on to training.

They should be short and intense. Do not waste time on chatter and too much workout. Every day you must go to the gym and train as if you do not see success as your ears, if this training session is not the best in your life. You should not train for more than an hour.

Here is a training program, which should be followed during the first three months.

And one more thing. You grow up when you rest, but not during training. Only so, and nothing else. Understand this immediately, and you will quickly gain muscle mass. Between the approaches rest on 90 seconds. Twice a week after the strength training, allocate 15-20 minutes to the cardio. Cardioads are useful for the cardiovascular system, in addition, they will help you avoid the accumulation of fats. Be sure to drink a liter of water during a workout to make up for the loss of fluids with sweat.

Natural support for the healthy functioning of the heart and brain!

That's the whole list.

What? Why is there no creatine and nitric oxide? Now we will explode muscle growth without them, because you are a beginner in this business. During the first three months the body will react actively to all your actions, so there is no need for additional drugs. Save money and focus on the main.

What happened to you? Are you on hormones or something else? Growing like a leap. Ah, I get it. You strictly adhered to the plan and therefore grew up. Congratulations. Take a few photos and post them on your page to inspire other newcomers. You've done a great job and you can be proud. OK. Stop celebrating. We return to work. Let's review the diet and see what can be changed.

I hope you did not forget to take photos, and the visible fruits of hard work inspire you. Now I want you to look at the result that awaits you ahead.

I know, I know, it sounds strange, but listen to me to the end. From now on, before going to bed, you will visualize what is to be done the next day. For a few minutes, imagine yourself in training and during eating healthy food, and try to see an improved version of yourself. And so every evening. If this is your dream, then you are still doing this from time to time, just now you will even more often think about what awaits you ahead.

We need to slightly reduce the share of carbohydrates in the diet, let's look at the new menu.

with whole grain bread and salad

2 measuring spoons diluted with water

From now on, you do not eat rice for dinner, and you make cocktails exclusively on the water. By removing these calories, you can avoid unnecessary accumulation of fats. If you are still focusing on the numbers, stick to the previous three grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, but carbs reduce to 4 grams per kilogram of body weight. And be sure to drink at least 3,5-4 a liter of water every day.

And one more thing. Once a week, reward yourself for regular training and proper nutrition. If you want a pizza or a hamburger to death, allow yourself this little weakness. Just look, that on this day there was no training. Sunday, as a rule, is a day of rest, but in general I recommend to choose a day for rest, based on your own schedule.

From now on we will divide the body into several parts. Now your training program will look like this.

Rest between approaches is reduced to a minute, also you can add a third cardio session after one of the strength training. Be sure to verify that the intensity of the cardio is low, otherwise you risk burning the muscle tissue.

Natural support for the healthy functioning of the heart and brain!

I added creatine and a pre-training complex if you can afford it. If you can not afford it, it's okay. Creatine will become an important part of the recovery process, so that from now on you will be able to raise the working weight and increase the amount of training load. Do not forget to take medications, otherwise they just will not work.

Wow! You should be proud of the work done. You inspire people and have already surprised many who know you. Your photos are definitely a magnificent illustration of hard work and selfless devotion to the goal. I think you are more determined than ever to move forward, because the results are visible to the naked eye. I bet the T-shirt in which you started to train, you are already small. It's great, but it's time to raise the intensity of training to the maximum, because the second half of the year will be much harder than the first. In a word, your concentration and dedication must be unshakable!

At this stage, we continue to adhere to the plan developed for the months of 4-6. We will not change anything, so keep up the good work. Allow yourself a treat, but only if you keep a diet for a week. Ate a chocolate bar or on the way home bite a hamburger? This will be your delicacy. From this moment begins the countdown of a new week of a strict diet. And do not forget the water.

Obviously, you can not work on the same scheme for six months, and therefore from now on I give you some freedom of action. I'll outline a rough plan, and you show ingenuity and safely replace the exercises with those that you like. A great selection of exercises you will find in the DailyFit exercise catalog.

Comments on the program. Rest between approaches is one minute. Yes, the training will be intense, but by this time you should pray for this punishment, because you already understood that pain is a weakness that leaves your body. Change exercises every 6-8 weeks so that they do not bother, and that the muscles do not have time to adapt to the training load. And 2-3 times a week 20 minutes dedicate cardio workout to low intensity.

Natural support for the healthy functioning of the heart and brain!

The drug Glycofuse accelerates the recovery, but because we take it instead of creatine. At this stage, you must take the pre-training complex, and which one, decide for yourself.

So, you have a plan, and you must remember the promise that was made at the beginning of the article. Do not give up, do not let envious people and ill-wishers give you advice and do not hesitate in yourself for a single second! You must piously believe that your plan is working, day by day you move to the cherished goal and at the end of the path you will necessarily become the owner of a fantastic body that you have long dreamed of. It may seem that a year is a significant period, but believe me, in fact, it is not. You will see for yourself after weeks begin to fly one by one. And soon you will be able to loudly declare yourself as a successful person in the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

I'm not going to tell you how much kilogram of muscle mass you need to gain for this one-year period. It can be 5-7 kg of muscles. Maybe even more. It depends on the individual characteristics and strength of desire. The main thing is that you should not doubt yourself, and I do not get tired of focusing on this. If you want to make a dream come true, you must stock yourself with an unlimited faith in your victory. Victory is inevitable, and right now you are standing on the threshold of life, which will lead you to the cherished goal – to become the owner of a pumped up body, to which everyone will look with admiration!

And what are the sensations?

The whole sportpit, which is indicated here, is absolutely unnecessary. Moreover, the human constitution is not taken into account at all. 3 grams of protein per kilogram weight? And if a person weighs 110 kilogram? The pre-training complex is generally evil. If you do not have sufficient motivation, then artificial only hinders in the end. What will you do without these complexes then? Eating is meager and monotonous. It is pointless to give specific rations, it is necessary that a person himself understand what is needed and what is not. This article is from a series of harmful.

Tell me that the first, three months, the same exercise, is this normal?

At what time of day is it better to exercise and what should be the gap between meals? And yet, can I exercise on an empty stomach?

The food is weak, the growth will be slow, more cereals, breasts, vegetables and cottage cheese + sports drink, and then dry after a year. And in general, preference, give food, and not additives. To eat protein, eat a little and hope for a mountain of muscles – nonsense.

But you can not use a geener instead of a prota?

It is possible, especially if the physique is thin.

And this is suitable for dymamize mega geiner?

Yes, a very good geener.

Hello. Guys, I want to tell those who 11-14 years and even less. You do not need this program. You just go to the street and practice on the horizontal bars. You get pumped up and there. Your body only grows and performs a base, such as even squats with a barbell you harm your body! Good luck to all. Who wants to write to me in HP.

I'm 15 years old. If you eat food additives, can di health problems arise? And if after a year they stop using them, then the muscles will be "blown away"? Thanks in advance.

To me 15 years, will there be harm from additives? And if they are used and after a year to stop, the muscles will be "blown away" or not?

Tell me this program helped someone?

but what is wrong there? you eat right, you do it, you have a healthy dream. All three components are the key to success, no matter what or how you do, the main thing is to observe everything

Try and learn, the main thing is patience and discipline, there will not be one will not be another

Is it suitable for a beginner girl? Or is it better that something else? Advise?

And you can not drink a prota and then the whole amount is not small

Great program! Question: Is it possible to take advantage of this program for a guy who is not quite a summer guy (16 years)?

I just do 11 years

is it possible to combine in one day a bodybuilding training and exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats?

I have classes in the gym 3 times a week! And here is the program for 4 working days . What should I do?

"Egg protein 8 proteins" What does this mean? To drink protein? Or 8-raw eggs? get a dozen if 2 more boiled. (Nutrition for the first months)

Do not blindly follow the instructions. Any advice should be tailored for yourself. I need a couple of raw egg whites. In general, it is better to cook eggs. And then foolishly and x. to break.

It means that you need to take as many egg whites and cook from them as you like.

Great program! It is necessary to use!

I have a question: What is the best way to take a geyner? Height: 180, Mass: 90.

PS: For a day I calmly train to fatigue, and on the trail. day again I can train as if nothing had happened.

try Optium Nutrition Serious Mass or PROTEIN FACTORY Mass Powder

Tell me, I go to football, can I first do the program and then just go to soccer training or do I have to count them at different times?

A waste of time, after the hall you will be tired on football and you will not grow, and even you will plant a heart

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