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Program for training the biceps

One of the most effective training programs for increasing the biceps. Choose for each workout one day a week and perform them for four weeks.

Attention! Each of these exercises is a workout, do not forget to stretch the biceps carefully before starting the exercise.

Weights should be chosen in such a way that the last repetition in each set is given from the last forces.

Question. If I want to increase the biceps, the isolation exercises will not work? Just the biceps is there, a little pumped up and all the more I can not go find a suitable program.

Are the approaches done in a row or at regular intervals?

Ivan stanovaya trains also the neck and biceps

Rest between sets should be about a minute.

Hello, I have been doing 2 for already a year and the one who wrote this training program a bit as it seems to me was mistaken, because in every training of the biceps it is gentle to include the training of the shoulder muscle which is under the biceps. It seems to push the biceps forward . as (Dankrat) And it also increases hand in volume Perform an exercise with dumbbells (hammer) . And swing the triceps necessarily .. ALL SPORTS SUCCESS. ))

Is it best to combine with drying, support or mass?

For drying, it seems to me, the intensity is small. More suitable for the masses.

when you can see here a detailed answer to the question?

Phil, you would have already tried it and written here. Someone can bicep 5 once a week to swing and feel good, and someone and once a week biceps clogs. So until you try not to find out if the program is suitable or not.

There are laws of human physiology, on the basis of which various programs are built. The physiology of muscles in all people is the same, different only predisposition to "kachu" based on metabolism, the constitution and a number of other meters. And the muscles if you follow the recommendations of the program to be hammered / not hammered will be the same for everyone.

On this and the question sounded about what time interval should be between training.

Since laid out here this program, then navigate in its nuances no one can better than the one who uploads it.

In occasion of trying and saying: the obvious result can go up to 3-x months to understand the recommendations of this program work or not. So why waste this time wasted on the experiments if there is a person in charge who posted this program and can leave at least some comments on her account. Of course, this is possible only if this person has at least some practical concept about this program.

I'm not asking for much.

"Choose for each workout one day a week and perform them for four weeks." The program is only for a month of intensive training is calculated. I've met a lot of programs where one muscle group is pumped at intervals of 1-2 days. All of them, as a rule, are aimed at the development of lagging muscles and do not last long. And whether it suits you or not depends primarily on your level of preparation.

And can the biceps be combined with the breast?

but is not too little replay for 3 training?

No, we need to choose weights in such a way that the last repetition in each set is given from the last forces.

so training then it turns out for a minute so 20 ..

do you recommend combining workouts?

with what better combination of training biceps?

It is best to combine with triceps. Being a muscle-antagonist of the biceps, the triceps indirectly contributes to its development and development, improving blood circulation and assimilation of nutrients in the upper arm region.

but will not this program just lead to clogging the biceps.

If you engage in Tues-Thu-Sat, the muscles will have time to relax?

Each program is written individually! turn to the coach, then you just kill your head.

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