Proper nutrition for weight loss in the legs

Almost every woman encountered an unsatisfactory length or shape of legs. As to the length, alas, in this we can not help you. But bring them to the desired form with the help of exercises will help our article on exercises for the buttocks and hips at home. Do not be in a hurry to get upset if you for any reason do not have the opportunity to go in for sports, as in this material we will consider a special diet for slimming your legs.

Many women tried a lot of weight loss diets, have looked into the nutrisystem vs medifast cost, and in the end realized that they do not work and naturally despaired of finding an effective technique. We hasten to assure you, our diet for weight loss is the most effective. Of course, it is logical to acquaint you with the lists of permissible and prohibited products, approximate menu and delicious recipes. Sit back, as below you will find a lot of useful information about the diet for weight loss.

How to eat to lose weight in the legs?

The principle of diet for weight loss of the legs is quite simple and practically does not differ from the rules of other restrictions in nutrition – to refuse from harmful high-calorie food and 2-3 times a week to devote oneself to moderate physical loads. However, let’s talk about the allowed and prohibited products in the following paragraphs.

Of course, for weight loss of legs and proper care for them, there are many ways: massages, exercises, wraps. But since in this case we are considering a diet, basic nutrition look like this:

  • Three meals a day;
  • daily use of one and a half to two liters of purified drinking water;
  • refusal from fast food and semi-finished products;
  • the inclusion in the menu of products containing vitamins;
  • adherence to a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, try as much as possible move and wear pulling leggings and underwear, perfectly correcting the figure.

A diet for slimming your legs and hips at home requires proper nutrition. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the lists of recommended and prohibited products.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Diet for slimming legs in the home implies an exceptionally proper diet, combined with moderate physical exertion. We suggest you familiarize yourself with food lists that are allowed or strictly forbidden in the menu and recipes.

The products that are allowed in the diet for slimming menu include a lot of vitamins and minerals beneficial to the body:

  • cut and rye bread;
  • low-fat soups and broths;
  • buckwheat, rice, oatmeal;
  • meat: chicken, beef, rabbit and lamb;
  • vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants, peppers, carrots, cabbage, broccoli;
  • fruit: apples, plums, peaches, pineapples, kiwi, strawberries, orange, grapefruit;
  • dried fruits: dried apricots, raisins, prunes;
  • seafood: shrimp, mussels;
  • lean fish: trout, tuna, cod, crucian carp;
  • honey, jam.

As in any diet, the proper diet for weight loss legs has its limitations. Their essence lies in the rejection of the following product list:

  • White bread;
  • potatoes;
  • semi-finished products, fast food;
  • bakery and confectionery;
  • carbonated and alcoholic drinks;
  • fried, fatty, smoked, spicy and salty;
  • sugar;
  • refined oil.

Menu diet for weight loss for the week

Based on the list of acceptable products listed above, an approximate diet menu for the week. For your convenience, we provide our most effective option of proper nutrition for weight loss for the next seven days:

  • Breakfast: toast with melted cheese and a cup of soft coffee;
  • Lunch: fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, seasoned with lemon juice;
  • Dinner: 150 g of boiled chicken meat and a glass of skimmed yogurt.
  • seafood salad and green tea;
  • low-fat vegetable soup;
  • stewed peppers with onion – 250
  • orange and 200 ml of low-fat yogurt;
  • 200 g of boiled rice and 150 g of boiled chicken meat;
  • soup puree from cabbage and broccoli.
  • cottage cheese with raisins and tea with honey;
  • vegetable casserole with low-fat sour cream and herbs;
  • stewed rabbit meat – 200 g and broth of dogrose.
  • oat flakes with prunes and a glass of warm milk;
  • curd casserole with dried fruits, a cup of green tea;
  • stewed zucchini, eggplant and cabbage with onion – 200
  • toast with cheese and a hot drink;
  • salad from shrimps and cucumbers, orange fresh;
  • ragout of vegetables and beef meat – 250
  • buckwheat, a slice of black bread and a glass of kefir;
  • fruit and vegetable vitamin salad with carrots, sweet peppers and apples, berry jelly;
  • low-fat beef chops with greens.

If the above-mentioned menu of diet for slimming your legs is perfectly respected, you will undoubtedly achieve the desired results. The main thing is to constantly remind yourself about the ultimate goal.

Delicious recipes at home

In order to quickly lose weight in the legs without causing any harm to health, our article recommends that you get acquainted with the varied and delicious recipes of the dishes of proper diet of a special diet to maintain the shape of the legs.

Let’s start by looking at protein diet for weight loss diet:

Soup with meatballs

Soup with meatballs

Ingredients: 400 g chicken meat, a liter of chicken broth, 200 g green beans, two peppers and a pinch of greens.

  • scroll chicken through a meat grinder;
  • to form balls from the received forcemeat and throw them into broth;
  • add beans, finely chopped peppers and chopped greens;
  • cook for 20 – 25 minutes.

If you really want a sweet, diet for slimming your legs at home allows in your menu recipes for desserts. For example, the following:

Curd dessert

Ingredients: 200 g skimmed cottage cheese, orange, green apple.

  • knead cottage cheese until soft consistency;
  • peel and cut fruit;
  • mix them with cottage cheese and beat thoroughly with a mixer;
  • Put the mixture in the freezer for 30-45 minutes.

Then follows the recipe, whose taste you can enjoy thrice a week, while following a weight loss diet:

Baked trout

Ingredients: half a trout, a pinch of greens, 200 g hard cheese.

  • grate the cheese on a large grater;
  • sprinkle them with fish;
  • sprinkle with chopped herbs;
  • wrap in foil and put in an oven;
  • cook for 30 minutes.

Now consider the other dishes for the diet slimming menu, low in calories:

Cabbage casserole with chicken meat

Cabbage casserole with chicken meat

Ingredients: half a kilo of white cabbage, onions, half a kilo of chicken, two eggs, two tablespoons of tomato paste, 150 ml of natural low-fat yogurt, spices to taste, a tablespoon of olive oil.

  • chop cabbage and throw into boiling water, boiling 10 minutes;
  • chop onion and fry in olive oil;
  • add the minced meat to the pan and cook until ready;
  • mix yogurt with tomato paste and spices;
  • mix all the ingredients and put in a baking dish;
  • beat eggs and smear them with casserole;
  • send to the oven and cook for 35 minutes, at a temperature of 180 degrees.

The following recipe is recommended to be added to the diet menu once a week:

Casserole with buckwheat and chicken

Casserole with buckwheat and chicken

Ingredients: 350 g fillet of chicken meat, five tablespoons of pre-cooked buckwheat porridge, 200 g of favorite vegetables, three eggs and spices.

  • finely chopped fillets;
  • mix it with the rest of the ingredients;
  • put everything in a baking dish and put in an oven;
  • cook for 45 minutes, at a temperature of 180 degrees.

Saving result

The most effective diet for slimming the buttocks, hips and legs at home requires correct exit, in order to preserve the result of losing weight and not to return the lost pounds, immediately pouncing on your favorite high-calorie foods.

At the end of proper nutrition for slimming legs, habitual meals introduce into the diet gradually, 1-2 per week. Do not forget to continue to lead a mobile lifestyle, 2-3 once a week, devoting itself to moderate physical activity.

Also, in order to keep your body toned at home, psychologists advise get enough sleep and often be outdoors. In addition, at the end of the diet, do not forget to look in the morning in the mirror and remind yourself what works you should have achieved the result of losing weight.

At the end of the diet with recipes for weight loss, it is recommended to at least a month to adhere to proper nutrition, to lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Of course, if you want to have excellent health and beautiful slender legs in the future, then the above board will have to adhere to the rest of your life. Do not worry, it’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance. You do not even have time to notice how the body will get used to this kind of diets for losing weight at home and soon itself will reject “harmful” food.


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