Prostate adenoma 2 stage diet

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The problem with urination is the first sign that you need to see a doctor and get tested. Strict adherence to the method of treatment will help the patient to recover quickly and return to a full life. However, how difficult it is sometimes to give up a delicious meal and begin to adhere to a strict diet prescribed by a doctor.

How to eat at the initial stage of the disease?

Nutrition for prostate adenoma in men at the initial stage and during its aggravation should include dishes cooked on steam and boiled. Food is served on the table in a warm form. Among other things, the diet for prostate adenoma in men depends on the symptoms of the disease. You need to eat small portions from 4 to 6 once a day. If the patient does not feel well, refuses food, sluggish, experiences pain in the bladder, it is necessary to make a fasting day. At this stage it is necessary to drink about 2,5 liters of liquid. The liquid enters the diet unconditionally, as drinking prevents stagnation of urine in the bladder, which is very important.

All bad habits will slow down the recovery processes, and slow the recovery.

Dietary intake for prostate adenoma

Nutrition for prostate adenoma patient consists of these products:

  • bread, preferably cooked yesterday;
  • freshly squeezed juices from vegetables and fruits;
  • dairy products;
  • chicken eggs in the amount of one piece per day;
  • cooked meat;
  • macaroni, exclusively from higher grades;
  • dried fruits;
  • consumption of compotes, kissels;
  • different groats, except manga;
  • use of first courses;
  • broth from a dogrose;
  • not strong coffee or tea.

Selenium and zinc are elements that must be present in the patient’s diet. They reduce the tumor and prevent the proliferation of prostate tissue.

The products that contain the element selenium are:

Zinc can be found in:

Medical menu for prostate adenoma

  • Rabbit meat, beef, turkey, chicken;
  • soups;
  • vegetables;
  • bread yesterday;
  • lactic acid products;
  • various cereals;
  • a protein omelet is allowed;
  • fresh and dried fruit;
  • various drinks;
  • Sweets in the form of mousse, jelly and candy, except for chocolate.

Knowing all the ingredients, you can make a suitable menu for yourself.

The diet is chosen for each patient individually, taking into account the degree of neglect of the pathology, the general condition of the patient and his anamnesis, as well as the taste preferences of the patient.

General recommendations include:

  • eating small portions;
  • snacks are allowed, but only fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • use sugar in minimum proportions.

Food should be easy for good digestion and lead to a slight relaxation. Products must be cooked and baked or steamed. Meat should be consumed in an amount of 200 grams per day, and fish about 300 grams.

Diet after removal of prostate adenoma

If you do not treat the disease, then eventually the disease will progress, and the symptoms will become clear and pronounced. Therefore, the recovery period can be either short or long. The initial stage of the disease can be cured with medicines. Prostate adenoma 2 degree is treated already surgically.

After the operation, there comes a rehabilitation period, which includes a diet. The diet after the operation of the prostate adenoma is important, as it makes it possible to avoid remission. Food additives and preservatives are completely excluded from food.

The food should at least not exacerbate the health situation, but as a maximum – become one of the elements of the healing process.

The diet after removal of the prostate adenoma consists of:

  • consumption of a large amount of liquid;
  • correct and balanced nutrition.

In a balanced diet should include a minimum proportion of fat. Proteins of plant origin help to better combat the signs of disease and prevent the development of malignant formations.

Nutrition for prostate adenoma 2 degree will not differ from diet at the initial stage of the disease. The main thing to eat more fresh products containing proteins and fats of vegetable origin.

Nutrition after removal of the prostate adenoma should consist of:

  • a variety of fruits and vegetables;
  • marine products;
  • seeds;
  • olive oil, etc.

Diet after the operation of prostate adenoma should include fruits and vegetables, which favorably affect the intestinal microflora. It is necessary to pay close attention to the work of the intestine, since stagnation in the body is undesirable during this period. It is necessary to observe the fractional regime in the diet to maintain the tone and strengthen the motor system in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the postoperative period is to diversify the diet with vegetables, cereals and fermented milk products. You should remember about a drink like green tea. Catechins, which are contained in its composition, easily penetrate into the cells of the prostate. Their goal is to activate the production of testosterone. Decreasing it in the body leads to the onset of the disease.

What can not be eaten with adenoma of the prostate?

At an adenoma of a prostate it is forbidden to use:

  • refractory fats;
  • all types of legumes;
  • coffee drinks and strong tea;
  • salty and spicy foods;
  • baking;
  • radish, spinach, radish, sorrel;
  • caviar;
  • canned food;
  • chocolate products;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • a variety of broths;
  • carbonated drinks.

It is best to know that you can not eat with prostate adenoma – the attending physician, which must be addressed in case of manifestation of the first signs of the disease. In the evening, it is best to eat light food, and reduce the liquid by half.

A balanced diet should be adhered not only to a sick person, but also healthy, so as not to wait until the disease manifests itself. Adhering to a diet, you need to monitor excess weight. Most often this disease affects this group of men.

This diet regime will also serve as a preventive measure for the development of the disease.


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