Protein diet for 10 days

Protein diet for 10 days is a method of losing weight, which allows you to lose weight in a short time and put your figure in order. The essence of the diet is that over this period of time a person will need to limit the intake of carbohydrates into the body, and emphasis on protein food.

Principles of the protein diet for 10 days

To the result did not keep you waiting, you can not deviate from the basic principles of the diet:

During cooking, you must stop adding fats. Their daily intake is equated to 35. A similar amount of fat is in 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Products containing complex carbohydrates can be eaten in the morning. Therefore in the morning you can have breakfast with oatmeal or buckwheat porridge, but the portion should not exceed seven tablespoons.

Take food should be at least 6 once a day. The interval between the approaches to the table is about 2,5 hours.

To make dishes more attractive taste, as a dressing it is good to use lemon juice, or vinegar (balsamic).

It is good, if during the day you can allocate time for exercise. After eating, you can just take a short walk in the fresh air.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Foods that can be consumed during a ten-day protein diet can not be:

Dairy products with a high percentage of fat.

Fruits containing a lot of sugar. This applies to grapes, bananas, pears, apricots, peaches, plums and pineapples.

Products of vegetable origin, which include a lot of starch. First of all, this refers to corn and potatoes.

Semi-finished products, fast food, any canned food.

Bread and any other products made of flour.

Apparently, the protein diet does not impose a huge number of prohibitions.

Much more of those foods that you can eat:

All skimmed milk products and milk.

Chicken meat, turkey, but without skin.

Unsweetened coffee and tea.

Morse with berries, vegetable juices. All drinks should be drunk without the addition of sugar.

In a day you can eat a few cashew nuts or almonds.

Vegetables: cucumbers, all kinds of cabbage, onions, peppers.

Seafood: squid, scallops, mussels, etc.

Cheese is hard, tofu.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the diet and prevent the poisoning of the body by the decomposition products of protein compounds, it is necessary to calculate the individual consumption of kilocalories per day. To do this, you need to know your metabolism, which can be determined by the formula. To the received figure add about 300 kcal, if the person conducts an inactive way of life and does not go in for sports. If losing weight actively trains, then to this indicator add another 400-800 kcal. This will be the average daily calorie content. If this value is not exceeded, the weight will go away actively.

There are three formulas for the calculation of metabolism, which look like this:

Weight in kilograms should be divided into 0,454.

The resulting value must be multiplied by 0,409.

The last step: the number obtained in the previous paragraph is multiplied by 24. This value will display the metabolic rate.

A formula that allows us to calculate the average indicator:

For women: 0,9 • Body weight in kg • 24.

For men: 1,0 • body weight in kg • 24.

For women: 655 + (9,6 • weight) + (1,8 • growth in centimeters) – (4,7 • age).

For men: 66 + (13,7 • weight) + (5 • growth in centimeters) – (6,8 • age).

For 10 days, you need to eat right, without deviating from the proposed menu. It is designed to facilitate the process of adaptation to the body when switching to an unusual food for it and to reduce the level of stress.

Second main meal

The third main meal

2 loaf, 2 boiled eggs, tea.

Puree soup with spinach (200 ml), steam tuna (150 g), 2 loaf, protein cocktail.

100 g cottage cheese with dill.

200 g of salad from squid, shrimp and other seafood.

100 g cottage cheese with parsley and dill, bread, coffee.

Soup with salmon and milk (200 ml), 150 g of ceps with vegetables baked in the oven, protein cocktail.

100 g hard cheese.

Salad from vegetables with dressing from protein sauce (200 g).

Chicken breast cooked with basil and dill (100 g), coffee.

Soup oriental with egg and red fish (200 ml), beans stewed with chicken fillet (150 g), protein cocktail.

Salad with cottage cheese, 200

100 g cottage cheese in beans with parsley and green onion, bread, tea.

Soup with meatballs (200 ml), baked zucchini (150 g), protein cocktail.

Puree from cauliflower (100 g).

Cooked turkey fillet with protein sauce (200 g).

2 loaf, 2 boiled eggs, tea.

Pineapple, but not more than 100

Soup with bran (200 ml), boiled beef (150 g), protein cocktail.

Cottage curd with dill (100 g).

Pike perch in the oven (200 g).

Yogurt drinking (200 ml), two loaves, tea.

Puree soup with yolk (200 ml), omelet with tomatoes, steamed (150 g), protein cocktail.

Curd without sugar (100 g).

Squids stuffed (200 g).

Protein of chicken egg in boiled form (3 pcs), coffee.

Protein okroshka (200 g), a cottage cheese omelet (150 g) in the oven, a protein cocktail.

Braised chicken with vegetables.

Omelette with steamed dill (150 g), bread, coffee.

Soup with egg noodles (200 ml), buckwheat with chicken hearts and ventricles, cooked in a pot (150 g), protein cocktail.

Protein salad (200 g).

150 grams of cottage cheese with parsley and green onions.

Chicken soup with asparagus (200 ml), puff from chicken fillet (150 g), protein cocktail.

Casserole from cottage cheese, 200

Two loaves, two eggs, coffee.

Vegetable soup with chicken meat (200 ml), boiled beef (50 g), protein cocktail.

Steam tuna (200 g).

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To prepare two servings, the following grocery set will be required:

180 g fillet of chicken (breast).

180 g champignons.

2 protein chicken egg and one yolk.

100 ml of yogurt with 0% fat.

5 g of olive oil.

Chicken fillet cook until ready and finely chopped. Mushrooms and garlic are fried in a frying pan with olive oil. In another clean frying pan fry the beaten eggs, after which they cool and cut into small pieces. The greens are finely chopped. All components are mixed, poured with cold yogurt and sprinkled with herbs. The dish is ready.

To prepare three servings, the following grocery set will be required:

200 g of tuna canned in its own juice.

According to 200 g of tomatoes and celery.

40 g of lemon juice.

20 g of olive oil.

Large salad leaves – 4 pcs.

Sauce: mix lemon juice, olive oil, black pepper and oregano. Cut the celery, tomatoes, radishes, shrimps and tuna, mix all ingredients and season with the resulting sauce. The dish should be cleaned in the refrigerator for a quarter of an hour, so that it is infused.

To prepare two servings, the following grocery set will be required:

100 g anchovies canned.

6 chicken proteins and 3 chicken yolks.

200 g cottage cheese with 0% fat.

Sorrel is washed and torn into large pieces, eggs are boiled and crushed. Connect anchovies, sorrel and eggs, pour yogurt and clean in the refrigerator.

To prepare the dish you will need the following set of products:

Half a liter of milk with 0% fat.

Fry in a frying pan crushed tomatoes without skin and onions, spread them into a pan and pour a liter of water. Cook vegetables on low heat for about 8 minutes. Then add fish and milk to the broth, cook for 2 more minutes, add greens and seasonings. The soup is ready.

For their preparation, the following products will be required:

Squid is cooked, onions and mushrooms are fried, mixed with soy sauce and chopped greens. The resulting mass of stuffed squid and fry for about 2 minutes in a pan.

Pros and cons of the protein diet for 10 days

The advantages of the protein system of weight loss include the following:

The diet is not hungry. Protein products saturate the body for a long time.

The diet is fast. Only for 10 days you can lose up to 10 kg of excess weight.

The menu is quite diverse.

The departed kilograms will not return after a few days.

The slimming person will have to limit himself in the usual food. You can not eat sweet, floury, fatty and fried.

The body will not receive the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

You can not stick to a protein diet in the presence of the following contraindications:

Chronic kidney and liver pathology.

Blood clotting disorders.

Any other diseases of the digestive system.

The essence of the protein diet is reflected in its name. Deciding to lose weight with this technique, a woman should tune in to what she will have to take exclusively protein foods. These are meat products, fish, milk, kefir, etc. They are all quite nutritious and allow you not to feel hungry for a long time.

The protein diet has long been recognized as one of the most effective methods of weight loss, which allow you to lose weight. However, the protein diet is more suitable for those women and men who are used to living an active lifestyle, including with regular physical activity.

Protein diet involves eating certain foods, which will effectively lose weight: Meat is an indispensable component of the daily menu. However, it should not be bold. A great option will be chicken meat. Low-fat fish varieties are also a priority.

A simple protein diet is a great way to solve a lot of problems: lose weight, put in order a figure, muscular, and not fat mass during training, and finally start eating right. And special efforts to the person to apply it is not necessary, the main thing to learn some basic principles of the given technique of growing thin.

The testimonies of people who have tried the protein diet on their own show that an instant result will not be obtained. During the first two days, no negative feelings of the person do not bother, however, from the third day can begin to pursue constipation. You can get rid of it, but for this you need to drink as much as possible.

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