Protein diet "minus 5-7 kg per week": the pros and cons

The essence of the protein diet is reflected in its name: having decided to lose weight with the help of this technique, a woman should be adjusted to the fact that she will have to take, mainly, protein foods – meat products, fish, milk, kefir, etc. Protein dishes are long absorbed and allow long time not to feel hungry. In this case, the body begins to lack energy and draw it from its own reserves. As a result, excess weight goes away.

Principles of the diet "minus 5-7 kg per week"

To get rid of extra pounds with a protein diet, you must follow the following rules:

The menu should contain mainly protein products. Their mass share will be at least 60%.

It is necessary to include in the diet not only vegetable proteins, but also proteins of animal origin. They should be present in the dishes in equal proportions.

Proteins should be "clean". This means that any semi-finished products, sausages, sausages and other processed meat dishes are prohibited.

During the diet, fresh vegetables should be eaten, which will help to eliminate toxic products of the breakdown of protein foods from the body.

You need to sit at least 4 times a day. Even better, if you can allocate time for a couple of additional snacks.

For 3 hours before sleep, you need to give up any food.

Those products that are on the forbidden list should be completely excluded from the menu. Failure to comply with this rule is unacceptable.

In a day you need to drink at least 2 liters of water.

In the priority of such methods of cooking, as cooking and quenching. You can also cook for a couple, but from roasted dishes it is better to refuse. In extreme cases, you can bake the food.

If the diet is supplemented by physical exertion, then the process of losing weight will go much faster. Allowed to attend a gym, engage in fitness, jogging, aerobics, walking. Forces after the load will recover quickly, which is possible due to the consumption of large amounts of protein. If you ignore physical activity, the protein will accumulate in the body, which can provoke irregularities in the kidneys, their soreness and swelling.

If there is no allergy, then you can include kiwi and grapefruit in the menu. These products have antioxidant effects. Their regular use also allows you to saturate the body with vitamins and trace elements.

The reception of complexes containing vitamins and minerals is an indispensable condition that must be observed during the protein diet. In fact from products in sufficient volume the organism can not receive them.

Permitted and Prohibited Products

Products that can be included in the menu:

Sour-milk drinks and cottage cheese. It is important that the percentage of fat content in them is minimal.

Meat of turkey and chicken meat. It must be removed from the skin.

Shrimp, mussels, scallops, squid.

Cheese, hard, tofu. The daily rate is 30 g.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans in pods, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, onions, peppers. In addition to the fact that these vegetables can be consumed in their pure form, they are allowed to prepare juice.

Cashew and almonds, but not more than 4-6 nuts per day.

Apples, but not sweet, grapefruit, kiwi.

Morse on the basis of berries, water, coffee, tea.

Also there are products that you need to exclude from the menu, among them:

Sugar and all the sweets, in which he is present.

Bread and other products made of flour.

Vegetables containing a lot of starch, for example, corn and potatoes.

Fatty dairy products.

Fruits containing a lot of sugar: bananas, pineapples, grapes, apricots, peaches, plums, pears.

Products that have been preserved.

When a person completely refuses food containing carbohydrates, and goes to the protein menu, it can provoke ketosis (poisoning of the body with ketone bodies that result from the breakdown of proteins). Therefore, in the diet must be present complex carbohydrates. The daily caloric value is calculated based on the weight of the body losing weight.

The metabolic rate is calculated on an individual basis. This will allow you to choose the optimal amounts of food that a person should consume throughout the day. To the resulting figure will need to add no more than 300 kcal, if a person leads a sedentary lifestyle. When he experiences physical loads of one or another intensity, then to the resulting figure will need to add 400-800 kcal.

To calculate your metabolism, you must adhere to the following algorithm:

Its weight in kilograms should be divided into 0,454.

The resulting digit is multiplied by 0,409.

The result is multiplied by 24. This is the last step. The final figure represents the individual velocity of the volume of substances.

There is a simpler formula for calculating the metabolism, which looks like this:

Women need to multiply their weight in kilograms by 0,9 and 24.

Men need to multiply their weight by 1,0 and 24.

It should be noted that the result will be an average indicator.

The third formula by which you can determine your metabolism is as follows:

For women: 655 + (9,6 * body weight) + (1,8 * growth in centimeters) – (4,7 * age).

For men: 66 + (13,7 * weight) + (5 * growth in centimeters) – (6,8 * age).

It is called the Harris-Benedict formula.

3 variant of the protein diet menu

The presented protein menu is designed for a week. It is advisory in nature and can be modified if desired. The main thing is not to exceed the permissible amount of calories per day and not to eat foods from the forbidden list.

The diet should go smoothly. To do this, a few days before the beginning, you need to gradually cut your own diet during the main meals. This will avoid the provision of strong stress on the body.

Basic food intake

Basic food intake

Beef boiled, salad with lemon juice dressing

A cup of coffee and crackers

Salad, turkey ham, kefir

2 boiled eggs, salad ham

Juice squeezed from carrots, boiled eggs

Beef, salad with lemon juice dressing

Carrot salad with lemon juice dressing

Hake in the foil in the oven

Chicken meat and salad

Carrots, chicken meat

Veal boiled, any fruit

See dinner for Thursday

Menu of the Kremlin diet for 7 days

Scrambled eggs with bacon and dill added – 2. e.

110 g any low-fat cheese – 1 y. e.

Unsweetened coffee is 0. e.

A plate of soup based on celery – 8. e.

Salad with ceps and mushrooms, portion in 170 g – 6. e.

A piece of meat and tea without sugar – 0. e.

A handful of walnuts – 6. e.

Tomato is small in fresh form – 6. e.

Meat of chicken – 0. e.

Eggs boiled (3 pcs) with mushrooms – 1. e.

160 g cottage cheese – 4. e.

Tea without sugar – 0. e.

Vegetable salad, 120 g – 4. e.

270 with meat – 6. e.

Shish kebab pork, 150 g – 2 at. e.

Unsweetened coffee is 0. e.

Broccoli cabbage, 150 g – 7 c. e.

Grilled fried breast in a frying pan, 250 g – 3. e.

Unsweetened tea is 0. e.

Three boiled sausages – 0. e.

Fried zucchini, 150 g – 7 y. e.

Tea without sugar – 0. e.

Soup with vegetables and melted cheese – 6. e.

Cabbage reddish in the form of a salad – 5. e.

Unsweetened coffee is 0. e.

Steam hockey, 300 g – 0. e.

A small tomato is 6. e.

Olives, 15 pcs – 3 y. e.

Four boiled sausages – 3. e.

130 g cauliflower in boiled form – 5. e.

Tea without sugar – 0. e.

Chicken soup, 250 g – 7. e.

Lulya-kebab from lamb, 200 g – 0. e.

Vegetable salad, 150 g – 6. e.

Unsweetened tea is 0. e.

Halibut fried, 300 g – 0 y. e.

200 g cheese – 2 y. e.

Latuk, 150 g – 4. e.

Unsweetened tea is 0. e.

Omelette and cheese – 3. e.

Coffee without sugar – 0. e.

Salad of grated carrots, 100 g – 7 y. e.

Soup with celery, 250 g – 8 y. e.

Steam notothenia, 250 g – 0. e.

Cabbage salad, 180 g – 4. e.

150 g cheese – 2 y. e.

Red wine, 250 g – 2 y. e.

Sausages fried with eggs – 2. e.

100 g of processed cheese – 1. e.

Unsweetened tea is 0. e.

Fish soup, 250 g – 5 y. e.

Chicken meat in the oven, 270 g – 5. e.

Salad from vegetables, 100 g – 6. e.

Meat boiled, 250 g. – 0 y. e.

Tomato is small – 6. e.

A glass of kefir – 10. e.

Four boiled sausages – 3. e.

Ragout of eggplant – 8. e.

Salad from tomatoes and cucumbers, 100 г – 3 у. e.

200 g saltwort from different meat – 5. e.

Shish kebab from chicken meat, 250 g – 0 y. e.

Tea without sugar – 0. e.

Baked pollock, 250 g – 0. e.

Latuk, 200 g – 4. e.

A piece of hard cheese, 100 g – 1 e.

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Products that will be required for its preparation:

Chicken breast – 400 g.

Boiled eggs – 2 pcs.

Spices, salt, parsley.

The chicken should be cooked until ready, adding to the broth during cooking black peppercorns, Provence herbs and bay leaf. The meat is cooled and cut into cubes. Broth is not poured, spinach is added and cooked until the vegetable is soft. In a blender chopped boiled eggs and broth with spinach, then add the milk to the pan and mix thoroughly. The soup is ready, it is served to the table, placing eggs in a cup of 1 / 2.

For its preparation, the following products will be required:

White fish without bones – 400.

Bulb red – 1 pcs.

Cauliflower – 0,4 kg.

Lemon juice, pepper, salt.

You can add yogurt to the soup.

Cabbage is colored, fish and onions are ground, spread into a pan, poured with water and put on fire, brought to the ready. Before serving, lemon juice, yoghurt, salt and pepper are poured into the soup.

To prepare the dish you will need the following grocery set:

Egg of chicken – 3 pcs.

Chicken Breast – 1 pcs.

Cabbage of Beijing – 0,4 kg.

Salt, mustard, yoghurt.

Boiled chicken breast and eggs cut into cubes, crumble and cut off cabbage, cucumber cut into slices. For refueling, you need to mix yogurt (100 ml), a tablespoon of mustard, salt to taste. All components are combined, add lemon juice.

Products for cooking:

Cottage cheese in beans – 100.

Green onion – 3 stalk.

Proteins should be separated from the yolks and beat them until foam is obtained. Cottage cheese is mixed with dill and salt is added to it. Gently combine cottage cheese with protein, pour the resulting mass into a baking dish, sprinkle with green onions. The dish is cleaned in the oven and brought to the ready.

For its preparation, the following grocery set will be required:

Cottage cheese with 0% fat content – 200 g.

Lemon juice – 50 g.

Corn starch – 2 tablespoons.

Remove the peel from the apple, remove the bones from it, crush it in a blender. Then add starch, lemon juice, cottage cheese and yolks to the apple, blend the resulting mass with a blender. Whites are beaten separately, combined with cream cheese. The mixture is spread into a mold that needs to be moistened with water. Bake in the oven for half an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees.

For its preparation, the following products will be required:

Spinach in a puree state – 100 g.

Egg must be boiled and finely chopped, mixed with sour cream and spinach. The resulting mass is spread in a salad bowl and served to the table.

Pros and cons of the diet "minus 5-7 kg per week"

Pros of the protein diet:

For a long period of time a person will not feel hungry, as protein food perfectly satiates.

Excess weight goes very quickly, for 2 weeks you can lose about 10 kg.

The menu is quite diverse.

The result is stable, the extra pounds will not return after a few days.

Disadvantages of the protein diet:

During weight loss, you will have to give up eating the usual fatty and fried foods, from sweets and pastries.

The body can not get enough vitamins and minerals from the proposed food set.

Scientists have proved that if during a protein diet to give up physical exertion, then this will have a negative effect on the state of the body. If you stick to this method of losing weight for a long time, it threatens the formation of kidney stones, swelling and other disabilities on the part of health.

Before embarking on a protein diet, it is necessary to consult a specialist, since it has a number of contraindications, among which:

Diseases of the digestive organs of chronic course (even in remission).

Age of the person older than 50 years.

Diseases of the liver and urinary system.

The protein diet has long been recognized as one of the most effective methods of weight loss, which allow you to lose weight. However, the protein diet is more suitable for those women and men who are used to living an active lifestyle, including with regular physical activity.

Protein diet involves eating certain foods, which will effectively lose weight: Meat is an indispensable component of the daily menu. However, it should not be bold. A great option will be chicken meat. Low-fat fish varieties are also a priority.

A simple protein diet is a great way to solve a lot of problems: lose weight, put in order a figure, muscular, and not fat mass during training, and finally start eating right. And special efforts to the person to apply it is not necessary, the main thing to learn some basic principles of the given technique of growing thin.

The testimonies of people who have tried the protein diet on their own show that an instant result will not be obtained. During the first two days, no negative feelings of the person do not bother, however, from the third day can begin to pursue constipation. You can get rid of it, but for this you need to drink as much as possible.

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