Protein Diet: Useful Tips and Numerous Testimonials

Protein-protein diet today at the peak of popularity, it is recognized as one of the best methods of weight loss in a short period of time. In this case, you can eat plenty of meat and other products without feeling hunger and stress for the body.

People who have already resorted to its magical properties, feel cheerful and vigorous, but forgot about the excess weight. Kilograms do not return, the body is slender and the muscles are pumped up.

What is the protein-protein diet for weight loss that has become so famous in recent years?

Its main task is to make the body start burning fat cells, which are so necessary for replenishing the body with energy and vigor of spirit, proteins prevail over carbohydrates, which allows us to restructure the metabolism and achieve the rapid withdrawal of their body of excess fluid and harmful substances.

Yes, there is enough nutrition, but the lack of the necessary amount of carbohydrates changes the tactics of the digestive tract, uses hidden glycogen reserves, at the beginning there is a significant weight loss. Normal water-salt balance, fats and muscle mass begin to melt before our eyes, and a person loses up to 10 kg of excess weight a week.

Despite the fact that the weight loss scheme is very simple, but there are strict rules, adhering to which, you can not only quickly lose weight, but for many years not to return to it.

The duration of the protein-protein diet should not exceed 2 weeks, the intake of the vitamin complex is mandatory.

It is not allowed to carry out this method of losing weight for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, as well as for those who have an individual intolerance of the main components of the diet.

In any case, before losing weight, a doctor's consultation is required, because if the food is not right and too limited, you can expect the problems that have arisen not only with the digestive system, the kidneys, liver, heart will go to work, the structure of the hair will change, the nails will crack, and the skin is peeling off.

But whatever this happens, you need to follow the clear recommendations of the dietary intake.

  1. During the diet, you must consume at least 2 l. fluids
  2. For 30 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of clean water
  3. Fractional power, 4-5 times per day
  4. Before going to bed only water
  5. It is advisable to avoid boiled sausages, sausages and smoked products
  6. We accept multivitamins
  7. Regular physical activity
  8. Staying in the fresh air, having more rest and thinking positively
  9. Do not overeat, even if the product in the menu can be eaten in unlimited quantities
  10. Do not violate the timing of the diet.

Dietary Protein Food:

Protein diet for the day

Breakfast: boiled chicken fillet, cabbage and cucumber salad, tea

Lunch: salad dressed with lemon juice and olive oil

Lunch: pork, braised with mushrooms, salad of cucumbers and radish, coffee

Afternoon snack: boiled meat, cauliflower salad, eggs, tea

Supper: salad from vegetables, greens, eggplant and mushrooms, beef broth, a cup of tea

Before going to bed: a glass of water

We remember about the vitamin complex, it is also allowed to cook oatmeal or buckwheat porridge, plenty of drink, especially at bedtime and before each meal.

Protein Dietary Reviews

Christina, 25 years old.

Before the beginning of the summer season, I decided to bring the figure in order, tighten the stomach and sides. Gave preference to the protein-protein diet. The result is satisfied, in just 12 days minus 8 kg! But it was difficult in the early days, dizziness, nausea, fever. I began to eat more greens and vegetables – everything went away. I got a beautiful slim figure, a tight belly and a lot of positive emotions.


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