Protein when losing weight

When losing or drying, there is a need for protein intake for the following reasons:

1. First of all, losing weight means taking low-calorie food. This leads to protein deficiency, which can not be tolerated, since it can cause many diseases. In particular, the immune defense of the body decreases, there is a violation of the synthesis of proteins of the connective tissues of the dermis, as well as its appendages (the skin loses its elasticity, becomes flabby and dry, premature wrinkles appear, the hair grows poor and thin). The menstrual cycle is broken. There is asthenization (psychological problems).

2. Feeling short of protein, the body activates adaptive reactions, which are aimed at the synthesis of vital polypeptides (biogenic regulators, enzymes, hemoglobin, receptors, etc.) from less important decay products. In this case, first of all, the contractile proteins are destroyed, which means that muscle mass is lost.

3. Fatty acids are degraded. β-oxidation occurs with the participation of a huge number of enzymes, that is, proteins. In other words, fat is burned only with the participation of proteins.

4. Assimilation of proteins requires 30% more energy than digestion of fats or carbohydrates, because in reality the caloric value of proteins is about 3 kcal per 1 g, not 4,1 kcal. In order to compensate for the increased energy costs, the body uses its own energy reserve – the fat depot (a specifically dynamic effect of food). At the same time, costs are increased by 30-40%. Under such circumstances, fat tissue is actively consumed, compensating for the needs of the body.

5. In conditions of weight loss, the body tries to maintain homeostasis, that is, when nutrients arrive, it tries to create energy reserves under the guise of fat. The incoming amino acids do not cause accelerated formation of adipose tissue, in contrast to carbohydrates.

6. The protein needs more time for complete digestion, while it slows the absorption of carbohydrates. This lowers the total glycemic index of food intake and makes it possible to maintain the level of sugar in the blood for a long time without insulin changes, at a sufficient level. This makes it possible to effectively and without effort cope with the feeling of hunger.

A randomized prospective study conducted in 2000 was called "Protein Effect on Body Composition with Regular Exercise and Low Calorie Diet." For 12 weeks, scientists compared the results of weight loss diets with the use of fast protein (whey) and casein (slow protein). People were divided into three groups.

  • The first group adhered to only a diet (10 person).

In 2006, another study was conducted that compared the effects of proteins: whey and soy. Subjects were divided into 3 groups, one of them did not use additional proteins (the calorie intake was the same as in the other groups, due to the use of carbohydrates), while in the other two groups, whey and soy proteins were taken at a dose of 60 g / day. Scientists evaluated the result after 6 months.

There is a point of view that supplemental protein intake does not matter much, because all the necessary protein can be obtained from food. It's no secret that meat is one of the best sources of protein. Therefore, scientists of the companies Damien and Belobrajdic conducted a comparison of whey protein and meat when losing weight.

The general conclusion: It should be used in the diet of fast or complex proteins, their amount can reach 50% of the total amount of protein consumed per day. The remaining 50% should be obtained from food.

The undoubted leader among the proteins for weight loss is hydrolyzed whey protein. It is found in products such as ISO-100 from Dymatize or Platinum HydroWhey from ON. These proteins are characterized by a high rate of absorption and a high content of amino acids with branched chains (BCAA), which contributes to additional protection of your muscles with a low-calorie diet. The only downside is the relatively high cost.

Among the more readily available analogs, Gold Standard 100% Whey from Optimum and Elite Whey Protein Isolate from Dymatize. They are slightly more slowly absorbed and contain less BCAA, but nevertheless remain very effective in losing weight.

In the morning, after waking up: 1 measuring spoon of protein cocktail + multivitamins (Opti-Men or Opti-Women). Why? Protein in combination with vitamins and minerals allows the body to more effectively utilize fat deposits. And it will also provide you with all the necessary micronutrients, which are often not enough with a limited diet.

After training: 1 measuring spoon of protein cocktail. Why? At no other time during the day, your muscles are not as sensitive to nutrients as after a workout. Quickly digesting proteins provide the presence of building blocks for the recovery and regeneration of muscles.

Before bedtime: 1 measuring spoon Gold Standard 100% Casein. Why? Athletes who want to lose weight and not lose at the same time hard-earned muscle mass, need to protect the muscles not only during the day, but at night. Rapid protein digestion benefits the day when you are active. But at night it is preferable for a slower absorption. Casein, the longest digestible protein, will provide your muscles with nutrients throughout the night.

Good afternoon! Good article, I've read everything and all the questions and answers too. But what can you advise me personally, which protein is better? I practice 6 once a week at home, power alternating with crossfit. Cardio after training, running for 20-30 min. The food is right, 5-6 once a day. I am engaged only in the evening, in 21. 00 usually ends. The growth of 170. Weight 58, I want to lose another kg 3 and find a beautiful terrain.

A familiar article, when I started to lose weight, too, I was looking for a lot of information on how and what to do better, because the weight is big, and I also enrolled in the gym, plus the proper nutrition. Here are all these indicators for the reception of protein and read just in Wikipedia. Of course, yes, complex proteins need to be taken with weight loss, here I completely agree. But I also drank glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen, took Niaches Bounty tablets, they work well under intensive physical exertion, especially fatty as I am useful for supporting joint health)).

Hello! It is said to take 2g protein per 1kg of weight .. with 3 one-time protein intake per day, the protein is typed more than necessary. Drink for weight loss. Question: drink 2 times or still 3? And, if all the same 2, then what time: morning after training, morning-evening, after training-evening? I do not know how more competent ..

drink 1 once a day, this will be enough. On training days, drink immediately after training, on rest days for 2-3 hours before bedtime. The main thing is, do not eat for 4-5 hours before bedtime. Protein perfectly suppresses the feeling of hunger and nourishes the muscles. The main thing – do not get drunk on training and plow until the seventh sweat

Hello, I take protein 3 once a day, in the morning and after training, whey and before bedtime casein, also eat egg whites and chicken breast, in the amount of about 100 gr. Protein per day. Weight 54 kg growth 162. At me such question, I am engaged in the house aerobics with syndi crawford and dzhilian majkls, I alternate or interleave them in day. Will the effect of these exercises as there is no opportunity to go to the hall, I sit with a small child. Thank you

Thank you very much! Excellent article, everything is detailed, clear and understandable. Super!

Kind time of the day)) read your information about proteins, in general, understood that the protein for weight loss is necessary. Please tell me the direction: 23 year, the growth of 170cm, for 6 months lost weight from 78 to 63 kg, I would like to throw more 10 and make the muscles more relief . What kind of protein advise whether the right reception and whether you can stop taking fat burners or still better to take in conjunction with protein. For the previous thank you))

Good Day! Tell me please what is better to take Arnold or Kosein For a girl, I want to lose weight, the hall 3 times a week for 2 hours Thank you

Tell me please. I took, in view of the lack of choice, the protein Maksel Heath Proteus. I drank two days an hour before training and an hour later. In accordance with the attached instruction 8. Tablespoon on a glass of water. The stomach for some reason immediately outraged – the bubbling, loose stool, bloating. Tell me, what is this Maksel Heath and why is this a stomach reaction. For understanding: I'm doing trisets on your technique 30 min., On relief and burning fat. Thank you in advance. And many thanks for the quality information on the site.

Can I take casein + fat burners + BCAA? And if you can then how?

Hello! Usually I wake up, drink 2 glass of water + 1 st. a spoon of linseed oil aminki + vitamins, then after 30 minutes I have breakfast (oatmeal on water + not a lot of fruit), tell me please when is it better to drink protein in the morning? immediately after awakening (for 30 minutes before breakfast), or already with breakfast? Thank you.

Protein is advised to drink right after waking up. However, 30 minutes do not play a big role, so drink as you like.

Hello, I have creatine monohydrate, how to take for a set of mass read, the question has emerged: is it possible to consume 5 grams of creatine a day to lose weight without losing the typed muscle mass, that is, creatine it after all for mass gaining, but taking it to sit on a low-carb diet , and exercise every other day for weight loss? thanks in advance

Good afternoon! I want to lose weight on 12-15 kg. Now the weight of 82 with the growth of 172. Having explained the situation in the store, I bought syntrax nectar whey protein lsolate. Now I work without days off the whole month for 12 hours. There is no way to eat right. There is no time for training (how to properly replace the food on the insulator and not gain weight? How many times a day can I take it a day if there is no time for ordinary food, I can only drink water. And when the last time the insulator is possible . Thank you in advance)

Tatiana, without a balanced diet and training isolates you will not help, you can not even hammer your head.

Hello! I drive all, combine force and cardio. I feed 5-6 once a day. I train on 4 times a week. Usually I end in 22: 30. The question is which protein to drink after training casein or isolate? Given that this is the last meal before going to bed.

Casein, since a slow protein will support anabolic processes throughout the night.

Tell me please, I can not decide the growth of 167 the weight of 103 it is possible to drink for the night whey protein 70% for weight loss since I sat on a protein diet?

Tell me please, my height 170, weighed 64 for two weeks, threw off to 61, I want to lose another 9 kg, I practice 4 once a week with fitness and every day yoga, I eat only tomatoes, cucumbers and boiled chicken breast, I take BSN Thermonex and carnitine, for a week has thrown off 3 kg, advise what protein to buy me, what brand? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Good evening! I'm generally new, and I do not have chooes such a protein and with what it's eaten ((I'm now on the drying line, and I constantly re-read the various articles where they talk about some "protas." Please give me an answer-do I need to take these protein shakes? I do at home, the nightly ritual basically ((in general, recommend me how to properly use this business and whether I need it. Thank you in advance.

Good afternoon! please tell me when to properly use the protein matrix syntrax if you want to lose weight and in volume including . (I drink it as a sweet substitute))))),) training twice a week boxing and twice a week TRX! I shall be grateful to you for the answer!

You can replace them with food, or take between meals.

Kind time of the day. Growth 173 weight 69 age 24 Started attending Thai boxing training on non-training days. I want to clean my stomach and bring it to the press. I decided to use carnitine. What else would you advise me?)) How and what to take to gain muscle mass and lose weight in the abdomen and pump up the press ?? I understand that fat is burned throughout the body. Thank you in advance))

Hello, we need a consultation. Growth 168, weight 95. Decided to pull myself together, began to eat right (5-6 once a day: a full breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner + 2-3 a liter of water a day). I cut flour, I try to eat protein food 45-60 gr per day, it does not work any more (cottage cheese 0%, eggs, breast, fish, brown rice, many vegetables I watch for GI.) Last reception at 7-8 pm, sleep in 12 or 1 nights. I go for a walk with a dog, I try to study at home, I do not have the opportunity to go to the gym yet (a small child). For a month she threw off 4,5 kg. I know that in addition to animal protein, a vegetable is needed, i.e. protein just missing 50-60 gr per day . What can you advise.

Hello! I want to remove fat by summer, now on proper nutrition, I go 3 once a week to the gym, and here I came across your article about protein.

Which is better advise from these two: Dymatize ISO 100 or Dymatize Elite Whey Protein?)

Thanks in advance for the answer

Iso100 certainly, but unfortunately recently a lot of fakes and because of the cleaning is not very tasty. In general, when losing weight, better complex protein or casein)

Which is the best protein to choose for weight loss whey or isolate?

advise which protein is better to choose in order to reduce weight and fat, allmax isoflex or allwey or better from the optimum 100% gold, thank you in advance for advice)

Good afternoon, there is the same article only one point is more developed:

Conclusion: The group that observed only diet reduced the percentage of fat only by 2%, without changing the strength indicators. The best results for reducing the body fat percentage were obtained in the groups taking the protein. Casein allowed to reduce the percentage of fat from 26 to 18%, whey protein reduced the fat percentage from 27 to 23%. From this it follows that in the group using casein, the best indicators for fat burning have been achieved. In addition, the power indicators of pectoral muscles, shoulders and legs increased by 59% in the casein group and by 29% in the group receiving serum.

From which it follows that the protein from caseins is better when losing weight and is more effective in terms of muscle mass, why then do you recommend taking whey protein as a basis?

The effectiveness of whey protein in weight loss is confirmed by dozens of studies and the mechanism of its action is thoroughly studied. What can not be said about casein. Studies confirming its effectiveness are few. Therefore, many Western nutritionists recommend losing weight whey protein.

HELLO, MY GROWTH 172 CM WEIGHT 58 KG want to lose a kilo so 3-5 and put in order the stomach and thighs (cellulite on my legs) plan to go to fitness I want to try with protein. The problem is that I love to eat delicious and strongly adhere to the diet just can not! What kind of protein do you recommend me? And how often should it be taken? Thanks in advance for the answer!

Good evening. Really interesting information. But I would like to ask my question. Please tell me over the past few months, there has been an increase in volume and in scales. I've been doing sports for 13 for years now. I am engaged in athlet hall (powerlifting), for myself. But over all these years, weight slowly, but fell (from 78 to 55 with an increase of 164 cm). And a couple of months ago, she changed the room to a power stap aerobics. Three times a week, for 2 hours of training. In nete I read about the protein I decided to buy. I consulted with the trainers, they approved. I asked my brother to buy it for me, since he always sits on it and understands them better. He bought me a protein firm Atlant protein with creatine. When asked why he stopped at this firm, he replied that expensive proteins are only brands, and the composition is the same. So why pay more to pay. I would like your opinion about this protein, whether it will help me lose weight. Since the reviews about him are different. Thank you in advance.

It is not true to say that all proteins are the same in composition. At least there is a difference in the origin of the protein and the degree of its purification. For example, CFMF (Cross-Flow Microfiltration) technology, which gives the highest quality protein, is very expensive and is only available to some large producers. Add here the presence of digestive enzymes, medium chain triglycerides, healthy fats, CLA, ALA, BCAA and other ingredients, as well as a difference in taste. This is all and will distinguish cheap protein from expensive.

As for the Atlant proteins, I have never used them, but something tells me that at such a price it is difficult to get a product of acceptable quality.

Good evening! Go to the gym 3-4 times a week. The goal is to lose weight.

I was recommended by the trainer to buy whey isolate BSN, I'm interested in the question, except that they can be replaced by some meals, can I take it for the night, that is, replace the dinner?

As a rule, the last meal is replaced with casein, a slow protein that feeds the muscles throughout the night. But the isolate may well come up if you do not want to bother with different kinds of protein.

Hello! Tell me please what will be better? My weight 84 kg height 177 cm 17 years that it would be better to dry out to lose weight since most of the fat mass and then gain muscle mass or immediately work for a set of muscle mass?

I understand that the goal is to gain muscle mass after all? Of course you need to gain muscle, well, and properly eat, of course – in the first place, less fat and carbohydrates. The muscles that pump up, themselves after a while burn most of the excess fat.

Good afternoon! A lot of interesting information on your site. Help, please, to understand. I want to lose weight-weight 85 kg, the growth of 170. 2 times a week I practice power, 1 times pilates and 2 times cardio (orbitrek), I think to buy whey protein to replace the last meal and perhaps snack to reduce the amount of calories consumed. Will there be an effect? Or is it better to drink fat? Thank you)

Protein is certainly a good helper when losing weight, but the fat burner will show the best result. Better yet, use the complex. Many athletes use a bunch during drying: fat burner + carnitine + BCAA + protein + omega-3 + multivitamins.

Hello, tell me please, what protein is better for losing weight: whey or casein?

Serum for casein digestible for a long time

Hello and thank you for the most useful stuff! Tell me, please, individually: Growth 168, weight 60. In the hall I go three times a week: 40 minutes of power + 50 minutes of kari for every workout. I try to eat properly (carbohydrates for breakfast + a little lunch, then – protein). What to do with proteins? Immediately in the hall, after training, I drink one stingy protein, pure. Sometimes I drink a cocktail during the day, when I attack "zhoriki", and there is nothing useful at hand. The goal is to make the relief, while dropping five kilograms. I'm engaged in a month, the weight stands still. Where is the error, and is it there? what do you advise? thank you in advance!!

Olga, hello! In fact, the weight is not quite indicative. With fat burning and simultaneous recruitment of muscle mass, weight can stand in place, and volumes will decrease, because muscles weigh a lot more fat. In this case, it is better to measure the girths of the waist, hips, etc. or, if there is a caliper, measure the percentage of subcutaneous fat.

But if the volumes are in place, then we need to look for the cause. Most often this food. Well, plus, everything, a month of training is still a very short time, so that noticeable results appear. Continue to train and do not despair, it's sure to happen 🙂

Good afternoon. tell me, is it possible to drink casein at night for women who are trying to lose weight without losing muscle mass. If you consider that training ends in 21.00

Yes, you can. In addition, I would recommend still taking amino acids before and after training.

Good afternoon! I had another question, I'm frightened by the cholesterol content in the protein does it affect the level of cholesterol in the body and will there be unpleasant consequences with health?

Veronica, there's nothing to be afraid of. 15 mg of cholesterol in one serving is very small. For comparison, in 100 g of chicken breast without skin contains 85 mg of cholesterol ( And the daily intake rate

250 mg, the main thing is not to exceed it and with health everything will be in order.

Pleases your responsibility and responsiveness of the answers!))

Good afternoon! Tell me, please, how to choose a protein for weight loss? I go to cardio workouts every day! With the growth of 165 I weigh 65 kg, I would like to lose weight on 10-12 kg, I sit on a low-carb diet . in the morning curd and 1% kefir, lunch baked or boiled meat (beef or chicken breast) with vegetables, evening vegetable salad and 1% yogurt 1 st. snacks – green apples 1% kefir, tea, coffee without sugar with stevia. Is it real to lose weight on such a diet and do you need a protein, if so, which one?

I recommend taking or As studies and experience show, people who take fast protein lose weight faster. Try it, with such a diet you should get it.

Many thanks!) You gave me hope))

Hello, I want to go to the hall 4-5 once a week, the growth of 182 weight 71 kilogram, I want to lose weight and even more muscular mass, what kind of serum would you advise? Thank you in advance.

Added some recommendations on the choice of serum in the article.

Kind time of the day, excellent article. But this question is at the stage of losing weight at the moment 117 kg (was 143 kg) with such a mass of what protein advise? thank you in advance

I would advise a pure whey protein, for example: Dymatize ISO-100 or 100% Whey from ON.

Hello. I go to fitness 2-3 times a week. Weight 88,7, the growth of 174 – accordingly you need to lose weight. Fitness instructor advised to buy protein, which one can you advise?

I would recommend one of the whey proteins. For example: Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey or BSN Syntha-6. They are about the same in quality.

Hello, I'm at home and in the hall, I can not decide on the protein, I'm afraid to get well, now the weight is normal, I would like to build a dry muscle mass that is better to choose-whey protein isolate Nectar or LadyFitness 90 Whey Protein, or maybe something else ?

If you want an isolate, I would recommend BSN Syntha-5 Isolate, if it's just whey, then 100% Whey from ON

I can not understand how it is better to be: when drying, after a train with iron I go to the cardio room (to sink fats) – in cardio intensively I spend 40min., And so 3 times a week. And also 2 once a week, only cardio for 1,5 hours (total 5 once a week train). Food is high protein, low carbohydrate (only complex) and minimal fat. Whatever burn meat, I think I should add protein. And here is the question: when is it better to take it? It seems like after a cardio 2 an hour you can not eat, you can not eat for 2 hours before a shoe, how to be?

Good afternoon. Tell me, will wheat protein help me when losing weight? I was advised by the manufacturer to try. I bought wheat protein isolate ultimate nutrition. Or is it better to buy whey or soy? Thank you.

Conclusions of the article are interesting, I do not know who made the studies – but with practice they strongly disagree. Tried to "lose weight" in both whey and egg and casein, the best result was a soy isolate – even those who have nothing to lose weight – dry, lean athletes, powerlifters (among the three strongest in Russia) lost weight. So for weight loss a combination of pure BCAA + soy isolate is the most successful. By the way, a single dose of 10-15 protein is nothing, the body will not feel it . are not you funny to write such things yourself? )))

Hello, advise please the protein suitable for weight loss. I also would like to know if there are any fat burners or supplements that help to lose weight without training (there is no possibility to engage at the moment).

Marina, you can lose weight without training only on a tight diet and starvation. And supplements help only with sports, in other cases they are useless.

hello, please tell me which protein to use for weight loss and for relief? Thank you.

In which the least amount of carbohydrates is, for example, whey. And best of all for weight loss fat burners take, protein only helps the muscles to protect when losing weight.

Hello, 2 days ago I bought a Whey Protein Cocktail Power system Triple Whey, tell me if it can cause cellulite? It seems to me that he seems to appear. I am engaged in fitness-strength exercises in a day for 2 hours.

Hello, I would like to know how to eat protein if I eat twice a day. Occupy

on simulators three times a week and between them I combine cardio trainings

Eat at least 6 once a day! Twice it is very small. When switching to frequent nutrition, the metabolism is accelerated. which helps to burn fat.

tell me please 100% Egg protein Gold Standart is a slow or fast protein?

This egg albumen (albumin), for the rate of assimilation, it is somewhere in the middle between fast and slow. It has the highest amino acid content and is very suitable for losing weight.

I was told that proteins help to lose weight and relief. I went and bought powdered Mega Blast Super Protein Max, but when I decided to learn more about protein supplements, I came to a dead end . some for weight gain and no weight loss in losing weight .. Tell me the correct all the same protein powder bought or not? Or will I just gain weight and the result of the desired will not be achieved? will not it be worse for me from this protein powder Mega Blast Super Protein Max?

Natalia, the protein in losing weight in the first place should be taken by athletes, to maintain dry muscle mass. And also to those people who, due to the diet, consume inadequate amounts of proteins.

In your own protein contains quite a lot of carbohydrates and it is designed specifically for mass gain. If you get enough protein from your food (at least 60 g), then you do not need to take extra protein.

Hello! Tell me, which is better to take protein when losing weight and work on the relief? What firms will advise for a beginner?

Try 100% Whey from Optimum Nutrition.

Hello. You have a very good site. I learned a lot of useful things.

Tell me please, if training takes place in the evenings, then you need to take 3 times during meals, and for an hour and after training, too? my training falls out on 21.00, how do I eat best during the day and before and after training?

You wrote what other fast proteins are the most useful, very good article, where were listed which firms should be taken, and there is a similarity to this about Multivitamins / Minerals? what should I take and what are the optimal firms for losing weight?

During drying, if you take complex protein together with L-carnitine, without aerobic training, but good intensive anaerobic can it be successfully dried? If so, which scheme should take this sport.

It is difficult to say unequivocally. Someone can dry out without aerobic training, and some do not. Much depends on genetics. It's better to look at your personal experience.

L-carnitine can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, and on training days, also for 30-40 minutes before classes start. Protein is taken as written in the previous comment.

Hello, excellent article, but I have a question, do you need to take protein only on days of training or even on rest days? By what scheme?

When losing weight, it is recommended to take protein on rest days, in order to reduce the loss of muscle mass from catabolic processes. In days of rest, the receptions of the protein shake replace 2-3 food intake (when feeding 5-6 once a day).


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