Pyramid – 50 exercises, 12 weeks, 1 transformed body – yours!

Yes, your body gets used to the changes. No, you do not need to constantly add new, difficult approaches to your workouts. Use the classic load, change the exercise series and weight, and you will get great results!

Author: Frank Sip

A call to all the startled newcomers: want real muscle development and real results? Then you need to stop watching advertising and informational videos – the latest high-tech simulators are just the strings for which you are being pulled, and broken promises that you do not need.

You can get hands like Marines, legs – champions in martial arts and press superheroes, performing 50 basic exercises.

No, I'm not a scammer, and I did not say 500 exercises, but only 50. If you correctly combine them and use one secret strategy in weights, these 50 classical lifting exercises will transform your body. What is this secret weapon? The principle of the pyramid.

If you are just starting out, do not let the terminology knock you off the track. The pyramid works like this: start the first set with a weight that allows you to do 12-15 repetitions of one exercise. In the second set, choose a heavier weight, which allows you to do only 10 repetitions. And, finally, in the third set, take even more weight with which you can only do 8 repetitions.

Pyramid sets are instinctive. With each set you will become more and more inflated and want to go even further. And you will have the opportunity to increase the weight of the load a little more.

By the time you start your third set of deadlift, you can only do 8 repetitions, although using the same weight as in the second set. The whole point of the pyramid is to get to a new territory and blow up your muscles. No matter how much weight you use, follow the recommended number of repetitions for each exercise.

I have grouped 50 basic exercises into 12 weeks of workouts that will change your life. This is the most simple program that you have ever had to perform, and the most effective, especially for beginners.

Before you start, you need to read 6 simple rules, and then move on to the 3 training phases. For each phase, you need 4 weeks. And I have nothing more to add, talking about the program, just the fact that it works. And in 12 weeks it is quite possible you will need a new wardrobe that suits your new muscles.

Rule 1: Preheat before starting to lift weights

Option 1: Give 5-10 minutes for exercises that strengthen the cardiovascular system, such as light jogging, exercise bikes or classical aerobics (exercise "raznozhka", high knee lifts, push-ups, squeezing, squats with jumping, etc.).

Option 2: Do one set of exercises for each part of the body that you work through every day. Use a weight that you can lift with a small or medium voltage, and make 15-20 repetitions. For example: the day you work on the muscles of the chest / biceps / triceps, perform one set of bench presses with dumbbells, one set of bending hands with dumbbells and one set of press triceps with dumbbells. Complete these sets with little rest or without it before moving on to training.

Rule 2: Focus on the correctness of the exercise

It is not organic chemistry or heart transplant surgery, but in the world of fitness, the correctness of the exercise is crucial to survival in the gym. The most basic: do not swing the load, work out the specific muscles in each exercise and remember the breathing.

Rule 3: Train with a partner or ask someone to hedge you

Training with a partner is not only safer, but also ten times more fun and a hundred times more effective. You will end up being able to exert more effort, and rip the signal tape that limits your security zone. More effort = better results, immediately.

You have to raise enough weights to make you want to rest, but do not abuse the breaks between sets. Do not rest for more than 90 seconds between sets, but try not to go beyond 60 seconds.

Rest days are another opportunity for you to recover. Use them wisely, eat right and let your muscles rest. Restoration is the basis of musculature development.

Rule 5: Do exercises that strengthen the cardiovascular system, 3 times a week for 25-30 minutes

And you decide what it will be exercises, moderate or interval training. Try to separate the exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system from your training with heavy weights, since you need the maximum amount of energy when you work with iron.

Rule 6: Include a diet in your daily routine

Even as a beginner, deep down, you realize that diet will be a decisive factor in achieving the results you need. Therefore, keep to a diet. Eat more natural products. Eat or snack every 3 hours. Consume less sugar. Increase the amount of pure protein consumed in the meat of chicken, turkey, protein powder and fish. Each meal should be balanced and consist of vegetables, fruits, whole grains / complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

This is a traditional healthy diet. Calculation of calories is not so important for this training plan, because this is not a weight loss program. When you eat healthy, unprocessed food, you can actually eat more and still not get well.

Monday: chest, biceps, triceps, press

Wednesday: back, shoulders, press

Monday: back, press

Monday: back, press

Relive your regular workouts with this rich program.

Perform one approach in 10-12 repetitions for each exercise without stopping for rest. When you do all the 10 exercises, relax 2-3 minutes and repeat the program 2 more times.

Circular training on all parts of the body

Your musculature needs development

The program of effective training should not be complicated or cluttered with hundreds of different exercises. You can use the same 50 exercises throughout the entire period of your strength training. The key to success in changing your monotonous training in the gym and daily achievement of new heights. That's why the pyramid is ideal for achieving your goals.

The fitness industry can evolve over the years, but one thing will remain unchanged: weight training is absolutely necessary if you want to get an eye-popping physique.

And how much rest between exercises?

A circular where, when to add and how much to train on it?

Thanks for the program, passed the first phase, there is a result

Guys, explain, there must be 28 days of pure workouts, or for example 4 weeks (as it is written) and perform for example mon. – this will be counted for a week?

Well, look one week = 7 days and so 7 days multiply by 4 = 28 days, everything is right there.))

This program will burn muscles, especially the 3 phase. This program goes more on drying than on mass)

Guys tell me how many days must pass one phase of exercise? Written 4 weeks and phase 28 days (

Thank you for the program! I work on it, the result is good!))) but about the days do not worry the main thing to do and observe the technique! for three months passed three phases, made a two-week break during which he was engaged in a circular training mixed with super sets, and now started again only from the second phase))) thanks to all the luck!

Good evening. I have a problem. No one can give an answer. Is it possible to combine this program with boxing? If so, how best: one day all together and one day break, first boxing or vice versa; or in one day boxing in another simulator?

If you want to gain weight, then you will not be able to combine with boxing, because the muscles will be broken and will not grow. If you want to lose weight, you can do it yourself.

What if there are no simulators?

The program is good, all phases have passed. I typed decently so, in kilograms it is insignificant, but here all is remarkable visually. Yes, and the power came back.

I started studying this program, but I had questions. Tell me, please, to the newcomer:

1) Each exercise is scheduled according to the approaches and number of times in the approaches. Is it worth every approach to take such weight that in every approach (for example 12 times) the last time (the twelfth), I will do the last effort – barely? If so, how can I do the right amount of repetitions with a lot of weight in the next approach, if the previous weight exhausted me?

2) Between sets (approaches) rest should be no more than 90 seconds (60 – 90), but how much should there be a break between exercises for mass gain? The same (60 – 90) or another?

3) Now I pull up a little (3 – 4 times), this is due to the fact that before the pull-up is another exercise, and tired forearms, if the first did pull-ups, it would be more (6 – 8 times). The question is whether I should add an additional exercise to the back of the 1 (on Wednesday) on the back of the simulator (for example – the traction of the upper block with a wide grip) for better working back and increasing the number of pull-ups? Or is it better to do pull-ups with the first exercise, and not with the second?

4) When is circular training done on all parts of the body at the end of each phase, at the end of all phases . or when?

5) When the day of rest, it is written – Cardio (optional) 25-30 min. Is it possible to work out on the simulators this day (I do this) – run on the path (15 min), bike (12 min), ski (12 min) and ladder (10 min), I want to throw off my stomach, but it takes about an hour. Or is it better to reduce it to half an hour, otherwise it will not gain mass of muscles?

Good day. I started studying under the program from today, the exercise on fit-ole was very enjoyable, for I felt the work of the muscles of the press. But I can not do the correct exercise "bicycle". Can I replace it with two different exercises on the muscles of the press?

Try yourself to look in the press section, see what additional minds are involved in the fit-bol, for the same additional and your replacement in the presence of =) not the terrible thing should not happen for sure =)

Is it possible to replace jogging with jumping rope?)

Listen to my weight 90 kg, the growth of 176,

I want to put my body in order

Tell me please, how do you think this program will work?

After passing through all the phases except the circular one, can I start the program first? Is it effective to warm up the muscles with performing all the exercises with low weight?

It is possible, why not. I need to warm up the muscles, I take one exercise for each muscle group and I do 15-20 repetitions with low weight. How are the results after the passage? Does the program work well?

I liked) moderately severe, about the results so far only lost weight. I think the result will be more if 2 times to pass it and make measurements before and after

Also want to try, I think right from the second phase to start, and then the first one is quite light.

180 cm, I have a weight of 84 kg.

Do I need to lose weight before the program?

Hello. develop my doubts. this program really helps to gain muscle mass or just strength. And then the comments say that the masses did not gain, but only force. Is it worth it for me to use it for a set of muscle mass or is it just for strength? THANK YOU VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE.

On 8-12 repetitions in the approach just goes to mass. Here, both mass and strength will increase.

Do you think it is worthwhile to sit with the barbell and become craving for one workout?))

I 16 years, the weight of 53, the growth of 163, can I be engaged in this program to grab muscular mass?

Go learn the Russian language! Do it together 🙂 🙂

I greet here I decided (in the hope (perseverance) to restore my body) was engaged earlier with 15-21 year the weight of 52 was) was happy and all that, but when doing something about this schedule, the mass did not grow but only strength (some mistakes) now to me 31 year and the weight of 72 decided to tackle themselves)) pumping all the way to the body for beauty (what's needed?) small weights and many approaches or so and leave the 3 approach?

small weights and many approaches develop endurance (this is how skiers work, for example), but on the contrary you need more weight – fewer repetitions

was engaged earlier than the period of 15-20 years .. there are certificates of weight 52 kg. (club-area) now 31 year I have been drinking . (for the holidays I typed 5 kg (scary myself) (((found your site, the graph vchechatlil (super) before about the same involved but muscle growth nebylo only vigor.zavis probably from the age? Question: I want to just pump up the muscles (the mode of approaches 3 but repetitions more with low weight is better?

And I also wanted to know how much to rest between approaches. Here it is written only about sets.

Hello, I'm 16 years old. Can I study this program? A little experience in training is.

Hello. I decided to start forming my body using this technique) 7 minutes on the treadmill is enough to warm up the muscles? And how much to add kg with each repetition?

7-10 minutes is usually quite enough, but any coach would advise to warm up 15 minutes. And as for the addition of burdens, it's hard for you to advise. Weight you must choose themselves based on their own power capabilities. The main thing is that on the last iteration, there was almost no strength left.

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