Radical diet is the best way to an ideal figure

In the struggle for finding the desired harmony one of the best ways is considered a radical diet. The best, but not very simple, is obvious from the name of this method of losing weight. The radical diet is quite strict and throughout its entirety there is a constant feeling of hunger. But the results of a radical diet justify such deprivations. If you follow it, you can lose up to 20 kilograms of weight for 2 weeks.

Features of a radical diet

In connection with the extreme diet regime rad Radical diet is quite strict and it is better to apply the entire diet to the diet on vacation days. Throughout the diet, the diet is severely restricted, which provokes an almost constant feeling of hunger. Low caloric intake of food can cause dizziness and general weakness of the body, which almost completely excludes active physical activity.

A radical diet can be used in two versions: 12 days or 2 weeks. Whichever option you choose, it is advisable to consult the doctor beforehand about the possibility of using such a diet. In the presence of any chronic diseases or with a general weakness of the body, the use of a radical diet is contraindicated.

In the early days of the diet, weight goes fast – 1-2 kilograms per day. In the second week, weight stabilization occurs, but weight loss continues, although less intense. Repeat a radical diet can not be earlier than 2 months.

Menu on 14 days of radical diet

The menu of a radical diet, designed for two weeks, involves four meals a day. In this case, you can not replace products and change the order of days. The interval between meals should be 4-5 hours. In the intervals between meals, you need to drink as much as possible a different liquid: water, green or black tea, herbal infusions.

Exit from a radical diet

To consolidate the results achieved, the correct way out of the radical diet is necessary. Since the caloric content of the diet with the diet is quite small and does not exceed 800 Kcal, then the way out of the diet should be gradual. The duration of the release is four weeks.

The results of a radical diet

Directly from the correctness of the way out of the diet depends the results of a radical diet and reviews about it. If after the process of losing weight immediately return to the usual diet, the lost pounds will return pretty quickly.

Reviews about a radical diet from people who use it converge in one. Losing weight is really radical. In the absence of control over the newfound figure, weight fluctuations may occur. To prevent such a jump in weight, you need to engage in fitness, jogging or other physical exercises.

To prolong the duration of a radical diet longer than this time is strictly not recommended. In two weeks of limited nutrition, the body will not be irreparably harmed, but with increasing diet, losing weight can result in unpleasant consequences and complications.

Radical diet is a rather effective method of getting rid of excess weight and improving the body as a whole in the absence of contraindications.


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