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Raising the bar on the bicep while standing. Overview of the exercise

Raising the bar on the biceps – one of the best exercises for the development of muscle mass and the strength of biceps arm muscles (biceps hands). Despite the fact that with pure technique of implementation bending of arms with a barbell only the elbow joints work, the lifting of the bar to the biceps is often reckoned as the basic exercise for the biceps and is performed with the first number on the day of training the hands. Next, we will analyze the options and techniques for performing boom lifts on the biceps standing, and also find out whether this is the best exercise for the biceps.

How to perform lifting the bar to the bicep standing

The technique of performing bending of hands with a bar is very simple. You only need to take the bar in the hands of the middle grip from below, so that your palms are near the front of the thighs. Then take the starting position: standing, feet shoulder width apart, waist slightly bent, shoulders spread, chin lifted.

With the force of the biceps of the hands, raise the bar as much as possible, while exhaling. At the upper point of the amplitude, take a short pause, holding the peak tension of the biceps muscles of the shoulder. Gradually lower the bar down into the starting position, while taking a breath.

That's right, it's right to do lifting the bar to the bicep. Experienced athletes often use a partial amplitude to work with large weights and the load on the biceps was more uniform. Nevertheless, the classical variant of performing the bending of the hands with a standing post involves carrying out the movement along the full amplitude, minimizing the biceps at the upper point and fully bending the arms in the elbows at the lowest point of the amplitude, for the maximum stretching of the muscles.

Variants of carrying out bending of hands with a barbell

There are several basic variations of lifting the bar to the biceps. First, you can do arm bendings with a rod with a straight or curved ez-neck. Secondly, you can do the exercise standing up, and you can from the position sitting on the bench from the hips. It is also possible to lift the rod on the biceps with a narrow or wide grip. In addition, the elbows can be kept strictly beside the trunk, and can be retracted.

Very often, the pro is recommended to perform this exercise for the hands with large weights and with chitings (to help the biceps to overcome the dead point of the amplitude), saying that it is this technique of performing arm bending with the bar that is most effective for increasing muscle mass and the strength of the biceps hands. However, be careful, because this technique of lifting the bar to the biceps is very traumatic.

There is an opinion that lifting the bar to the biceps standing is the most effective and best exercise on the biceps hands. However, recent scientific studies have established that the best exercise for the biceps is pulling on the bar with a back grip on the biceps. Here the old school will agree. And this is not surprising, because pulling back grip is the most that neither is a basic exercise for the biceps and back muscles. Only pulling on the biceps is much more effective to perform with additional weighting than with its own weight.