Recipes of fat-burning cocktails for weight loss

If we are talking about the fight against excess weight, then women often agree to the most insane and incredible adventures to achieve the desired and find a slender figure. In the course are exotic diets, folk remedies, miracle cures, starvation and other experiments on their own organism.

Is it worth it to torture yourself if there are much more gentle ways to significantly reduce weight? You can lose weight by using special cocktails, the recipes of which were developed by leading nutritionists.

For slimming cocktails what to eat and how to cook them at home?

The most popular fat-burning protein drinksAnd fruit smoothies. Excellent reputation protein cocktail (it can be chocolate, strawberry, banana – for every taste), as well as special herbal mixtures. All these drinks combine one thing – they can be prepared at home using a blender and products that are at hand.

Their recipes are quite simple, and the cooking process takes very little time. The benefits of these cocktails is that they replace a full meal, without overloading the body with calories and at the same time supplying it with all the necessary vitamins and microelements.

Recipes for weight loss cocktails

Losing weight at any cost became the obsession of many modern women. In pursuit of a thin waist, ladies are ready to use the most incredible mixture, although in fact you can use for this purpose quite edible and even delicious fat-burning cocktails. To make such a drink, you need a blender, a recipe and a set of some products. You can make a slimming cocktail at home, even without special culinary skills.

Cocktails, protein

How to prepare a protein cocktail for home slimming? First you need to find out what kind of drink is called protein. Cocktail protein is high in protein compounds, with the addition of complex carbohydrates and some useful microelements.

Protein cocktail is a favorite drink of bodybuilders and bodybuilders who seek to build muscle mass by getting rid of subcutaneous fat. Protein or protein drinks perfectly cope with this task.

For slimming, protein cocktails – recipes at home:

A simple recipe: take a blender and mix 100 g skim milk, with 100 g skim curd, until smooth consistency. To get a chocolate drink, you can add a little cocoa to the container. Improve the taste will also help a small pinch of vanillin.

A recipe for a rustic protein cocktail: using a blender, carefully mix two raw eggs, a glass of low-fat milk and finely chopped greens (fennel, parsley or coriander will do). This healthy drink is an effective fat burner. You can eat it in the morning instead of breakfast, and also in the evening for dinner.

Energy Diet Cocktails

Very popular are also ready-made Energy Diet cocktails, which you can cook in minutes – you just need to pour a portion of this product into a container and mix it with milk or water. This drink is delicious enough, it happens chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and so on.

The advantages of the Energy Diets are that they are already sold almost ready. Numerous reviews of people who tested the product on themselves, confirm that the drink is quite effective – but provided it is regularly consumed, strictly according to the instructions. This composition does not replace a full-fledged meal, but is used as an addition to a healthy diet.

  • provides a gradual decrease in weight;
  • provides the body with all the necessary nutrients;
  • fills with energy;
  • gives strength;
  • tones muscles and strengthens blood vessels;
  • helps to change the diet for the better.

All the useful substances that enter the body with the Energy Diet cocktail are well absorbed, while the extra calories do not accumulate and are not deposited on the body as fat.

Herbalife slimming cocktail

Once a very popular cocktail Herbalife, designed to restore the energy balance in the human body, balancing the amount consumed with food and consumable calories. Due to this, there should be a decrease in weight, while the body does not lack a trace element and vitamins. To achieve the desired effect, use this protein drink, you must strictly follow the instructions.

Herbalife will not be able to provide a stable weight loss if its use at home is uncontrolled. The fat burning properties of the mixture are also due to its ability to improve metabolism and accelerate metabolism. The main component of the drink is protein (protein), as well as complex carbohydrates.

It is worth noting that fast weight loss, when using this mixture, is not worth waiting for, this process is rather slow. You can prepare an effective cocktail at home in just a few minutes, just mixing the Herbalife powder with milk, juice or water. It can have chocolate, banana, strawberry, vanilla flavor, the recipe is on the package.

Cocktail Siberian Health

Slimming Cocktail Siberian Health is nothing more than a regular protein cocktail, which has fat burning properties due to the fact that fast carbohydrates and fatty foods are replaced by protein and complex carbohydrates. Drink Siberian Health is quite effective if you use it as an addition to a healthy diet.

With an excess of calories in the diet, additional use of such a cocktail will lead to an even greater set of body weight. To avoid this, it is recommended to revise your diet. Siberian Health is an excellent mixture for athletes, as well as for people who lead an active lifestyle.

It perfectly replaces a full meal, while the body does not lack vitamins and other useful substances. Each package of the Siberian Health Cocktail contains a recipe, so it will not be difficult to cook it at home.

Chocolate drink

At home, you can cook a great chocolate protein shake for weight loss. The fat burning properties of such a drink will depend on what ingredients it will consist of. To prepare such a mixture at home, you will need a blender – for thorough whipping of all ingredients.

Chocolate Slimming Cocktail – recipes:

  • 200 ml of low-fat milk, mix with 25 g grated bitter chocolate, add a little cocoa and ice, all beat well;
  • 300 ml of low-fat kefir, mix with 25 g cocoa, add 120 ml of water and 1 grated bitter chocolate, beat with a blender and pour over the glasses;
  • 200 ml of low-fat milk, mix with 40 g chocolate powder, 20 g honey, 15 g coconut shavings, add vanilla to taste and whip blender.

Such cocktails can be quickly prepared at home and if combined with proper nutrition, low in fast carbohydrates, then a gradual weight loss is guaranteed.

Protein drinks

Athletes have long known that it is the protein – the best assistant person, who seeks to lose weight and remove excess fat. That is why specialists advise protein shakes for weight loss for those who want to lose weight or just maintain weight with the norm. Even a single reception of a protein drink a day, instead of the usual high-calorie carbohydrate food, will help to gradually lose weight. It is not necessary to buy expensive beverages, such as Herbalife.

A useful, tasty and effective protein drink that will provide a fat burning effect can be quickly prepared at home. The responses of professional athletes confirm that such protein drinks can become an excellent analogue of expensive protein mixtures.

For cooking at home you can use this recipe: a packet of low-fat cottage cheese put in a blender, add 2 art. spoons of cranberry berries (you can also use any other berries), and 2 art. Spoon the sprouted oats, add a glass of water and beat thoroughly. The protein cocktail is ready for use.

Fat Burning Slimming Cocktails at Home

Excellent fat burning properties, demonstrates the lemon, so on the basis of this fruit, you can prepare effective beverages to lose weight. In lemon in large quantities contain substances that promote the removal of salts from the body and the splitting of fats. The drink from the lemon turns fresh, tasty and healthy. If you drink it regularly during the day, the result will not be long in coming.

Fat Burning Slimming Cocktails – Recipes:

It is very easy to prepare a lemon drink: squeeze out the juice of one fruit, mix with cold boiled water in equal proportions. It should be eaten, about 20 minutes before meals, and before bedtime.

Another recipe for a lemon drink: brew green tea, cool it, add 2-3 art. spoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice. It is recommended to drink it in the morning, immediately after breakfast. Such a cold lemon tea, promotes good digestion and the breakdown of fats.

Recipes of smoothies

Many women are interested in what are the weight loss recipes with the maximum health benefits? Vegetables, fruit smoothies, as well as smoothies, made from fresh greens – is an effective way to combat excess weight. To make delicious and useful smoothies, you will need a blender, as well as a set of necessary products.

Recipes for smoothies and cocktails for a blender for weight loss at home:

  • clean apple, cucumber and celery, cut into cubes, add spinach and a handful of sour berries (any), take a blender and thoroughly grind everything, the mixture can be diluted with low-fat kefir or water;
  • collect a bunch of greenery and grind it in a blender, add the juice of one grapefruit and chopped banana, beat to a homogeneous consistency;
  • cut the diced radish, carrots, beets, add a little parsley and a clove of garlic, beat to a homogeneous mass, dilute with water or kefir.

Detox for losing weight

Nutritionists recommend to all those who are trying to lose weight, first resort to cleaning the body of toxins and wastes, which accumulated in it for many years. And only after this should follow a reasonable diet, which will contribute to weight loss. For the detox, the protein (aka protein) cocktail does not work.

Smoothies, cooked houses made from fresh vegetables and greens, are excellent for this task. The main thing is not to use sweet fruits (banana, grapes), which increase the caloric content of the product. You can drink such drinks at any time, but if acid is present in the smoothie, then in the morning on an empty stomach to consume such a drink is not worth it.


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