Red beans for weight loss

In order to get rid of extra pounds, it is not necessary to make a daily diet exclusively from overseas food or to declare an absolute hunger strike.

Thanks to many popular products, you can cope with excess weight and lead the body into tonus without significant costs, and also improve the complexion. It is often used and red beans for weight loss, which is due to many of its useful properties.

Red beans are a dietary product

Red beans are full of a lot of starch and a lot of lemons. By the amount of protein beans can be safely compared with meat. In addition, a feature of the vegetable protein is its easy digestibility.

An important feature of red beans is its low caloric content and low percentage of fat, which is at the level of 1-2%.

In red beans, you can find enough useful vitamins, carotene, organic acids, copper, zinc, sulfur and iron.

In view of the content of the above components, red beans can be safely referred to the list of dietary products designated for use by patients with tuberculosis, gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, chronic rheumatism, heart failure, kidney and liver diseases.

Diet on the basis of decoction of red beans

The diet for red beans has almost only positive reviews. And this is not surprising, because more and more women every day confirms its effectiveness.

On the question of how to prepare red beans for weight loss recipes presented in such a large number, will answer for themselves. Red beans form the basis for the preparation of many soups, cereals and side dishes, but for the purpose of reducing weight it is recommended to use it only as a decoction.

How to cook red beans for a diet?

To prepare a dietary broth, red beans should be soaked for an hour, and after boiling until ready. The resulting broth should be expressed in a separate container, and the boiled string bean can be used as a garnish if desired.

The whole essence of the diet is the daily use for 3 weeks of the decoction obtained in the volume of 1 glass instead of dinner. Together with the decoction you need to eat one fruit, chosen depending on individual preferences.

Such a method of combating excess kilograms will have positive results only in conditions of rationalization of nutrition and the exclusion of fatty foods.

Bean Diet: how to make an approximate menu

According to the developers of the sample menu of many bean diets, designed for 7-14 days, following the rules will allow you to reset 3-5 kilograms for a week.

The combination of such a diet with physical loads will pleasantly surprise the results. In order to quickly lose weight on the bean diet, you can use the developed menu of a daily diet or make it yourself.

This diet is based on daily consumption of beans. Depending on individual preferences, the choice can be stopped on a canned or boiled product.

It is recommended to consume red beans for lunch and less often for supper. An excellent addition to the dish will be a vegetable salad or sauerkraut. It is important to remember that vegetable salads must be filled with only a small amount of oil.

As a breakfast, it is better to choose a hard cheese, low-fat kefir or yogurt. Dairy products are recommended to be supplemented with toast, but it is important not to overdo it with their quantity.

What do experts say?

Bean diets restrict, but do not exclude the use of meat and fish dishes. So, beans can go in combination with fish or meat, but you need to adhere to certain cooking conditions. It is better to give preference to meat in baked or boiled form without adding a huge amount of spices, as well as boiled fish.

If a person is suffering from severe hunger during the diet, fruit, berries, dried fruit or a small amount of kefir is allowed in the interval between breakfast and lunch, and after dinner. Also with a sense of hunger will help to cope with tomato juice.

Nutritionists recommend refraining from the daily use of coffee, and preference to give tea with a minimum amount of sugar or freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Correctly make up a menu for losing weight and do not harm your body with thoughtless ways of losing weight!


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