Respiratory exercises for slimming belly, hips and sides

Get rid of excess fat on the stomach and sides is the most difficult. Often even actively trained people have a round tummy. And then what do those who do not have the opportunity to intensely engage in every day? Diets, too, not always bring the result, which I would like. There is a solution: breathing exercises for slimming belly. Adding her to her usual set of exercises and even doing just her, you can achieve an excellent result.

Why is this gymnastics effective?

It seems unreal: to breathe properly to lose weight. How is one related to one another? The essence of gymnastics in the return to natural, natural breathing. Infants breathe deeply, belly, using the diaphragm in this process. The lungs are completely filled with air and are also completely freed from it. Growing up, a person loses this ability, breathing in the chest. The diaphragm participates weakly in this, as well as the lower parts of the lungs. The air does not exhale completely.

But the saturation of the body with air is important, including, and in the process of losing weight. A full supply of oxygen to the cells of the body speeds up the metabolism, which burns excess fats. It improves digestion and helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Oxygen oxidizes fat, promoting its splitting. Another plus of such gymnastics for those who want to lose weight is that the correct breathing calms down, reduces the production of stress hormones and – on the contrary – increases the hormones of happiness. As a result, a person becomes calmer, happier, more harmonious, and he no longer so much wants to seize the stress.

Breathing exercises are useful for the whole organism. The advantages of the method:

  • reduction of hunger;
  • stimulation of digestion;
  • splitting and oxidation of fat cells;
  • additional energy for the body;
  • increasing the body's defenses;
  • detoxification, elimination of harmful substances;
  • soothing effect.

Two directions of respiratory gymnastics are popular: bodyflex and oxysize. The essence of both is in full breathing, but there are some differences. Both of them are held for 15 minutes every day. The essence of the first in delaying breathing after a deep exhalation is at 8-10 seconds. Exercises are performed precisely on delay. The essence of oxysize in short "dovdokhah" and "dovydokhah." That is, after a deep inspiration, three small dovdochas are carried out, and after a deep exhalation, three short pre-doses occur.

You can not deal with pregnancy, bronchial asthma, high intracranial pressure, glaucoma, certain cardiovascular diseases, after recent operations. In the presence of any illness, you should consult your doctor.

Convenience of the complex of exercises is that they do not require special equipment and uniforms, the presence of a coach, training in the gym. Gymnastics will take no more than 15-20 minutes per day. The main thing is to have the result, to perform the exercises correctly and to observe several rules for preparation:

  1. Exercise should be done regularly. In the process of losing weight – every day, then, upon the achievement of the result, it is enough three times a week.
  2. Do not practice immediately after eating. Optimal time – immediately after awakening, on an empty stomach. Drinking water during the execution of the complex is possible.
  3. Do better outdoors. To do this, ventilate the room, open the window wide. In the warm season it is ideal to go in for nature.

You should start with one exercise, which will teach you how to breathe properly. To do this, lie on your back, put your palms on your stomach, slowly inhale deeply and exhale. At the inspiration, the diaphragm should smoothly fall down (towards the legs), and the belly should be inflated as much as possible. On exhalation the diaphragm goes up (towards the head), and the stomach retracts. In the exercise, the stomach is maximally involved, and the breast remains practically immobile. Inhalation is carried out only through the nose. You can exhale through the mouth.

Do this exercise should not more than one minute, gradually increasing the time. The person who has become accustomed to breathe correctly at first can experience dizziness, weakness. Only after completing the preparatory stage and having mastered the principles of correct oxygenation, you can introduce other exercises into the daily complex.

Too zealously proceeding without preparation for the whole complex, it is possible to harm your body in the form of hyperventilation of the lungs, dizziness and even clouding of consciousness. To begin respiratory gymnastics is possible only gradually. And even one exercise, consisting of the right breaths-exhalations, allows you to lose weight. Fat begins to burn at the preparatory stage.

Exercises combine principles of correct breathing with the work of different groups of muscles in the press. Due to this, oxygen enters the fat cells, burning them, and the muscles get stronger, providing a decrease in centimeters around the waist.

Developed by Marina Corpan exercises allow you to achieve success in just two weeks. The author of the technique and book "How to clean the belly", Korpun at the time itself tried to get rid of extra pounds. Therefore, all the principles of gymnastics are tested by her, and their effectiveness is proved. Here are the basic techniques:

  1. Take a gentle breath through your nose, then two more short breaths. After a similarly long exhalation and two short ones. Try to "maximize" the stomach, and leave the chest as still as possible. Repeat 2-3 times.
  2. Breathe in through your nose, and exhale through your mouth, slowly and deeply. On an exhalation tighten a stomach or belly to a back, and on an inspiration stick out forward. Repeat 3-4 times.
  3. Take a deep breath, lower your head, strongly draw in your belly. Then, on exhalation maximally release the lungs from the air and hold your breath for a few seconds. Repeat 3 times.

Marina Corpan has exercises for different parts of the body. In addition, she recommends adhering to proper nutrition, avoiding fatty, fried, salty foods. Do not sit on strict diets and limit yourself to eating. It should be eaten fractionally: often, but in small portions.

This gymnastics was developed in the middle of the 20 century by Alexandra Strelnikova, a professional singer, as a means to restore her voice. Later, "side effects" of gymnastics were discovered. So, it helps with cardiovascular diseases, problems with the nervous system, gynecological and urological diseases and relieves many other problems, and helps to lose weight.

The essence of gymnastics is that the breath is carried through the nose, noisily, quickly and vigorously, and exhalation, on the contrary, through the mouth, slowly, without effort. In this case, the chest on inhalation contracts, and not vice versa. Gymnastic exercises are held on inspiration.

The complex consists of 11 exercises. Begin with the first three, gradually adding one new:

  1. Take the standing position. Bend your elbows forward with your hands. Conduct four quick breaths, rhythmically clenching the hands in a fist. Then drop your hands, rest 4 seconds and make a relaxed exhalation. Repeat 24 times.
  2. Standing straight, press your hands clenched into your fists. Breathing in the air, pushing your hands down, straining your shoulders. Then return your hands to the place, relax and exhale. Repeat 8 times, then relax for 4 seconds.
  3. Standing straight, lower your arms parallel to the body. On inhalation, lean forward and reach for the floor without touching it. On an exhalation to straighten up not up to the extremity or end. Doing at a fast pace – 100 times per minute.

Having mastered these exercises, you can proceed to others. Perform them should, like any other breathing exercises, with a good influx of fresh air.

Breathing exercises for the sides

To reduce the "sides" should be used in the exercises, first of all oblique muscles. A simple exercise from Marina Korpan:

  • set the legs to the width of the shoulders;
  • slightly bend your knees;
  • Put your hands on your hips just above your knees;
  • spend several equal breaths and exhalations;
  • after – a strong deep exhalation;
  • sharply inhale with your nose, inflating your stomach;
  • make a deep breath with your mouth, pulling your belly completely, and hold your breath;
  • while pausing with the abdomen drawn, place the elbow of the left hand on the knee of a similar leg;
  • straighten your right leg and pull it sideways, not tearing it off the ground;
  • the right arm or hand extend above a head, feeling a tension of lateral muscles;
  • hold for 10 seconds;
  • on inspiration, move to the main position, then repeat 3-5 again, after – on the other side.

Doing this exercise "just like that" without using breathing techniques will be useless.

Breathing exercises for the hips

Exercise for the hips is carried out sitting on the floor:

  • put your left foot on the right and bend them in your lap;
  • place the right palm on the left knee;
  • take the left hand behind your back;
  • in this position, exhale-inhale, after a deep breath and a sharp exhalation, strongly drawing in the belly as you exhale;
  • during a pause, pull your left knee to your body, and twist the body to the left;
  • Turning your head, try to look back;
  • feel the tension of the lateral muscles of the abdomen and thighs;
  • hold for 10 seconds and inhale;
  • repeat 3-5 times, then change the pose back and swipe the other way.

Misconducting any breathing exercises can lead to poor health, headaches and dizziness, and will not bring any results. The main essence of the exercises is in the right breathing. If it's hard for him to learn, it's worth watching the video or consulting a trainer practicing respiratory gymnastics.

Reviews of respiratory gymnastics are mostly positive, here are some of them:

Marina, 46 years old, Saint-Petersburg

Complex "Oxisayz" from Marina Korpan you will find in the following video:

It is important that while continuing to abuse fast food, sweets, alcohol and continuing to spend all your free time on the couch or sitting at the computer, you can hardly expect an excellent result. It is necessary to gradually change your way of life towards the right one, because gymnastics in itself is not a panacea. But just start breathing exercises, and they will give so much strength, energy and positive that you will hardly want to return to your previous bad habits, no matter how tempting they may be.

Respiratory gymnastics works very well, and in combination with diet is even better. The abdominal muscles become stronger and your stomach actually becomes smaller. More and absorbed oxygen oxidizes fat and thereby you lose weight!

Sometimes the stomach starts to produce an excessive amount of acid, which leads to damage to the mucosa.

All the same, the main thing in my opinion is to use less fluid, and there will be no swelling, but spices to edema.

I could not stand it on one water. Tried a diet, but I was only up until the evening. Although feel.

Slacker diets here are given, I was hoping to find here something like abc, ad and similar diets From the summer I.


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