Results and reviews of kefir diet

Kefir diet can be called one of the most stringent, but at the same time one of the most effective methods of losing weight. With her help, excess weight goes almost instantly. The base product is kefir, thanks to which it is possible not only to get rid of excess kilograms, but also to cleanse the body.

Kefir diet is used by many famous people. For example, she was repeatedly practiced by singer Larisa Dolina. The weight loss program based on this wonderful sour-milk drink was made for her by professional nutritionists. The singer does not hide the fact that she is obliged to lose weight by kefir diet. Larisa Dolina from time to time uses this technique for more than 30 years to quickly bring herself in shape. And it was thanks to kefir that she got rid of a total of 30 kg of excess weight.

Kefir is a miraculous drink. It is completely natural, as it is obtained from whole milk. Fermentation is achieved due to lactic acid bacteria.

In kefir there are vitamins A and B, it contains magnesium and calcium. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates from kefir are very quickly absorbed by the body and do not transform into fat stores.

Lactic acid bacteria of kefir produce substances that can not be found in any other product.

The benefits of kefir are determined by its unique composition:

Kefir is an excellent source of a huge amount of nutrients;

The drink has a low calorie content;

One portion of yogurt can quickly satisfy the feeling of hunger;

Kefir promotes the normalization of metabolic processes;

Thanks to kefir, the digestive organs begin to work at full strength;

Drinking the drink allows you to quickly remove excess water and salts from the body;

The biocenosis of the intestinal flora comes to normal;

Fats begin to split more quickly;

Toxins leave the body.

Therefore, kefir diet will not only lose weight, but also to restore their own health.

Kefir can cause harm only when it is used by people with such diseases as increased acidity of the stomach, kidney and digestive system diseases. In this case, you must refuse to take the drink in significant quantities.

Diet on kefir – reviews and results

"I adhered to the kefir diet 3 days. All my menu consisted exclusively of this sour-milk drink. For a day, I drank 1-1,5 l kefir, dividing it into 5 receptions. I completely gave up other food. In fact, it's amazing, but I did not feel hungry. This amount of kefir was enough for me to be full.

According to doctors, the kefir diet is strict, as the body receives vitamins and trace elements exclusively from a single product. Nevertheless, I managed to get rid of 3 kg for 3 days. Although, the final result largely depends on the individual characteristics of the organism of each person. "

Important! Rapid entry into kefir diet without preliminary preparation can provoke occurrence of by-effects. Among them, severe headaches, sleep disturbances, weakness and malaise, as well as muscle spasms.

"I drank only 2 l of kefir on the first day and did not eat anything else. This allowed to cleanse the body. The next day I ate vegetables. They can be cooked and eaten raw. The third day of the diet was meat. Meat I boiled. "

Important! Although the kefir dietary technique remains one of the most effective in terms of weight loss, it can be dangerous. This statement is particularly true for a two-week kefir diet. Her descriptions can often be found in various forums. Before deciding on such a long abstinence from food, you should always consult a doctor.

"Kefir diet fascinated me, I did not even expect such stunning results. I learned about it from my sister. For three days I drank kefir with 1% fat, my additional drink was the briar infusion. To sweeten neither kefir, nor infusion should not.

Over the next three days I drank kefir and ate other foods. I made myself light salads from tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beets. Still it is possible to cook soups from vegetables. Meat (chicken breast and fish) baked in the oven. Fruit salads I also really like. I used for their preparation apples, kiwi, oranges, grapefruits, pineapple. In general, a day you need to drink 1,5 l kefir and eat 0,5 kg of fruit or vegetables.

For an example, here's my one-day menu:

Breakfast: omelet, cabbage salad, kefir.

Snack: kefir and apple.

The main meal: chicken breast, baked in foil, steam vegetables and yogurt.

Dinner: bread, Greek salad and kefir.

For 6 days of my diet, I lost five kilograms. Of course, sometimes there was a desire to eat something sweet or fat, but I overpowered myself, and it was worth it. "

Important! Do not use grapes and bananas during the kefir diet. These foods contain a lot of fructose.

"I used a kefir diet to cleanse my body. I was very surprised how much garbage there was in it, although I try to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

My version of kefir diet is:

The first day you should drink kefir (maximum volume – 2,5 L) and there are bread crumbs of black bread.

The second day also needs to hold out on breadcrumbs, and kefir must be replaced with apple juice (maximum – 2 l).

On the third day you can abandon the crackers, replacing them with loaves. Supplement the menu with boiled vegetables and fresh cabbage with cucumbers. From vegetables, I used potatoes, beets and carrots.

Throughout all three days I drank only pure water.

The results of my diet look like this:

For three days I dropped 3,5 kg.

The waist was smaller by 2,5 cm.

The mood became better, physical activity increased. "

"I took a kefir diet a year ago. I managed to get rid of 5 kg in seven days. A year later I decided to lose weight again with this technique. On the second day of the diet, 1 kg left. I think that in five days it will be possible to reset 5 kg again. When I want to eat, I just drink kefir, and the feeling of hunger leaves me. Therefore, I recommend everyone to try it. "

"I spend unloading days on kefir, I can drink it once or twice a week. The main thing is to take a break, because it can be difficult to sustain two days. In general, I adhere to the principle of separate food. Refused from sweet, fatty, that is, from all harmful products. "

"I can say with full confidence that kefir diet really helps to get rid of excess weight, as I tried it on myself. And those kilograms that left, do not return back. However, you must adhere to the diet correctly, so as not to harm yourself.

If a strict kefir diet was chosen, then it should not be practiced for longer than three days. The drink should be high quality. Other foods can not be consumed, otherwise the results will not be achieved.

I use yogurt Bakdzdra for kefir preparation. In the store I do not take sour milk drinks, as I do not trust their quality very much.

You must drink water! And a day should drink at least 2 liters of clean water, despite any other recommendations.

It is very important to get out of the diet correctly. You need to start eating in small portions, you should choose foods with low caloric content. This will allow the body to adapt.

I weighed 50 kg, and thanks to the kefir diet, I managed to lose 2,5 kg for 3 days. Of course, many will think that my weight is so normal. However, each has its own zone of comfort and its preferences. I do not follow more kefir diet. I signed up for dancing, I have enough classes to keep my weight in norm. With health problems there are no and the mood is excellent. "

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The opinion of doctors about the kefir diet

Doctors have an ambiguous attitude towards the kefir diet. The conducted researches showed that the organism remembers the limitations in nutrition and in the future regains the kilos that were lost. Some people who lose weight with kefir diet indicate that they had headaches, dizziness, fatigue increased.

Doctors do not recommend practicing such mono-foods for longer than 2 days. You can diversify your menu with other products. There is a need often (up to 6 once a day), but in small portions. As practice shows, kefir diet, which is supplemented with other products, is much easier to carry by the body.

You can not practice kefir diet to people with kidney, liver and digestive diseases. It is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus. It is quite logical that pregnant and lactating women should abandon such a diet.

So, kefir diet allows you to get rid of excess weight, moreover, do it in a short time. The effect of this method of losing weight in all people varies. Until a person tries to stick to the kefir diet on his own, he can not adequately judge the results. In addition, there are many variants of kefir diet, so you can choose the most suitable program for yourself.

Doctors to the kefir diet are wary. However, they rarely approve of any methods of rapid weight loss. Like any other method of weight loss, kefir diet has its contraindications. If they are not, and yogurt is a favorite drink, then why not try using it to correct the weight. This is especially true for those people who want to get a quick result.

It is important to pay attention to the following points:

Do not stick to a diet longer than 3-6 days, despite the feedback from other people. Practicing a slimming program on this sour-milk drink is not recommended more often 2 times in 30 days. Otherwise, you can disrupt the immune system.

The kefir diet is forbidden for pregnant women, nursing mothers and adolescents.

To get out of the diet you need to gradually and gradually. Portions should be small.

Do not forget about physical activity.

Kefir diet for 7 days is an effective way to get rid of extra pounds with a tasty and healthy sour milk drink. And for 6 days you can drink not only kefir, but you are also allowed to diversify your menu with other products that have low calorie content.

The Japanese diet has long been one of the most popular weight loss schemes among Russians. This is not surprising, because to lose weight thanks to the Japanese diet can be done quickly and without too much money. Due to the fact that the menu is made correctly, the extra pounds leaving for a long time and do not return after the diet is completed.

Buckwheat is a useful food product, which contains a rich set of vitamins, micro- and macro elements. At the same time, buckwheat can quickly satisfy the feeling of hunger and prevent its early occurrence.

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